Pro Marketer Paul Cookson Eats Sleeps & Breathes Marketing

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Paul Cookson is the founder and owner of one of the best ad agencies in Canada. He has decades of experience and knowledge of marketing and product development experience. In his early life, he knew that he had a flair and skill for marketing. Paul Cookson, the Toronto marketing consultant, did all the marketing courses

CEO, Paul Cookson Loves Marketing and Advertising

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From years, Paul Cookson who is an advertising expert has worked for many small companies also and helped them to turn out to be large companies. Some companies don't believe in hiring Small Business Marketing Consultants and they think that they are good in marketing but in real they know very little about it. That’s

Don’t Know Ads? Hire an Expert Marketer!

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There are a few business owners who put more stress on advertising. Traditionally, there are several types of advertising but most businessmen often avoid to get involved in the advertising industry due to its complex concepts. Don’t know ads. Hire an expert then! Obviously, if you do not know much about advertising then you should

Paul Cookson Cares – Marketing Consultant

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Toronto Marketing Consultant and Ad army group are created and managed by Mr. Paul Cookson who is himself a market strategist and advertising expert. He provides a combination of novel ideas for marketing, publicity, creating, implementing fresh business plans for reinstating brand value of your products and services. An endearing marketing strategy will boost sales


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The founder and CEO Paul Cookson of Ad Army Group is an experienced Small Business Marketing Consultant who brings into the world original inventive company turn around methods. Paul Cookson’s dream is not only to create a terrific website design for the companies but also to make the phones ring by the people who demand

Take out Restaurant Marketing Consultant

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A very common item of relish for most people in the world is food. This is the reason why a business in to food and eating can never run out of customers. This is what has prompted a lot of people across the world to open restaurants and invest into such a business of treating

Get the Facts of Marketing That Will Help

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While designing market strategies there are three parties that are involved-corporation, consumers and competitors. A well thought strategy means that marketing plan has a good foundation. Periodically a firm needs to revise its advertising and marketing strategy. A well sketched marketing arrangement has the following advantages: Increasing sales Optimum utilization of resources Recognition in global

Bad Marketing Hurts Businesses Because It Burn up Resources

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Marketing plays a major role in virtually all businesses. Regardless if you are a large company that appeals to a wide audience or a small business with a niche clientele, a Toronto marketing consultant can assist your company with expanding the reach of your brand without wasting your marketing budget. However, in order for marketing