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There is a paradigm shift of sorts occurring on the World Wide Web. Its function and form are seemingly in a constant state of flux. From its genesis through the BBS or bulletin board system to our must-have smart phones; it’s safe to say the internet is the most dynamic invention in human history.

In our modern world, the latest and greatest devices require a few things to keep us in the know. One of them is functionality. Another is connectivity. Finally, there is content. And…the king of that hill is WordPress; providing us with a whopping 34% of the www’s content. So, for those considering a place for their business on the web, WordPress just makes all kinds of sense. 

There are a few things that you will need to develop your WordPress website templates. One important group are the plugins. Without them; your viewers cannot see video, enjoy your podcasts if you made them or even take advantage of popup screens for purchases. Then there is Yoast SEO. This WordPress plugin is what brings customers to your webspace. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is vital if you want to be found in search engine queries. The better you program this plugin; the higher your ranking (closer to the top search) your site will have. A really useful plugin called Bootstrap that will take care of this for you. 

How to Get a WordPress Website? 

For the layperson; building a website might seem daunting. In fact, it can confuse and frighten many poor souls. Relax, you’ve got this! First, you need to sign up in order to get started by visiting 

Once you’ve done that; you can start building your business website with the built-in tools provided through WordPress’s webpage builder tools. 

The beauty of WordPress is in its simplicity. You sign up, you view some tutorials on the web, choose a theme, and then execute it. Sounds simple enough. Yet; for small business or brand promotion, it requires a bit more care and attention. The reason for this has less to do with design than it does implementing and scripting the essential elements that are crucial to a website’s success. 

You should start with your homepage; a great place to use a company logo, information, and hyperlinks for customers to use to contact you. Additional pages can include your services, customer testimonials, video and even a blog site if you so desire. Engaging a Marketing Consultant to walk you through everything is a good idea. 

CSS, HTML and PHP are Programming Codes Website Programmers Use!

When you go to develop your WordPress website templates, these three basics are musts. CSS, HTML and PHP programming codes. What’s great about WordPress is that its basic webpage builders include all three elements; so, you don’t need to have a programmer’s knowledge in order use them. Everything you need to make a great set of pages that work in tandem with your home page are all there in the menus. There are even basic tutorials available if you need them. 

CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets is a code that determines the look of your website. From the background colour to the types of buttons customers will use; CSS basically represents a page’s look and form. 

HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is responsible for providing the imagery customers will see. From hyperlinks to images; HTML coding simply put makes your content possible.  

As for PHP…it once stood for Personal Home Page. These days; it means Hypertext Preprocessor. What it does is to make a page’s elements; such as widgets (or radio button menus), links or any other functional content work. Think of this the mechanical end of a site. 

While WordPress does include pre-built pages to its subscribers, it also has programmed its interface for customization. This is to ensure that businesses or private individuals are able to tailor their site to suit their particular needs. 

How a WordPress Website can Help Your Business

With their easy to use page builder; there are a few tools you can use that will ensure customers have a good experience with your site. One of them is Bootstrap. This user friendly app will help ensure your pages function as they should on all devices. it will also help generate customer web traffic to your site using its search optimization programming.

One thing that is essential for any webpage today is responsiveness. This in simple terms means that you must have a webpage that is easily readable on any sized screen. It would be a little foolish to think that a webpage configured to fit a 24-inch computer screen would be easy to read on your average Galaxy phone. 

That same logic applies to how it would look and feel on an iPad. It simply isn’t practical; and customers wouldn’t likely try and read your content. That’s where Bootstrap comes into play. An open-sourced program developed by Twitter; Bootstrap coding allows a website to be easily viewed and navigated on any device. It automatically will scale your content to fit whatever screen it is populating.

How to Get Google Search to Work for You

OK, so you’ve managed to build your business portal on the web. Now…to send out the invitations. It’s easier than you think. Using the great WordPress tools to help you along the way, you’ll be ready and able show customers where you are on the WWW. Included with the webpage builder are a few things that make this possible without any complex programming.

With them, you can write up your snippets, meta-tags and social media tie ins. All of this might sound complicated, but with WordPress, it’s literally as easy as writing a paragraph about your business.

WordPress includes a program that embeds a snippet into your web address. This is where you get to add a tag line that shows up underneath your web link when Googled. It lets the customer know a little about what you do and have to offer. The meta-tags tell the search engine what key words describe your website’s reason for being. Social media sites like Facebook or Instagram tie ins are important, and with most successful marketing strategies, essential. 

Sounds like a lot of work. Well, it depends on how appealing you want to be a potential customer. 

Contact a Marketing Expert

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