Add a Web Hostess to Your Website

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It’s happened to all of us at some point in time. You’ll go to try and find something specific on a website. Let’s say, for example, that you wanted a tax expert. You’d look through the search results on Google for accounting firms. Site after site leaves you baffled as to how and contact the company for more information, and hopefully a qualified tax accountant. It’s sometimes far too common an occurrence, and it accounts for missed opportunities with potential clients.

What if you could bring something extra to your web portal. Ever consider a Web Hostess?

Now, I know what you must be thinking, “he means Web Host, doesn’t he?” No, you read right. And I’ll tell you why you should add a Web Hostess to your website.

A Web Hostess Will Add Dimension

Unlike the web sites described; a Web Hostess is a live interface designed to simplify the user’s experience. She can direct them to experts that can custom tailor a client’s web portal via questions directed through your chat tool. Being that she’s interactive in real time, a potential customer is guided towards the appropriate services being offered through your firm’s portal. When you add a Web Hostess to your website, you invariably will add to your bottom line as well.

A Web Hostess Will Bring Repeat Visitors

Your web host will offer reports that show your statistics. WordPress, for one, has them posted day to day. This is so you can study trends in web traffic and modify your website according to what generated the highest visits. You’ll also see how many clicks you have, your SEO rankings, the list goes on. What your Web Hostess will do for your website is to create a positive customer interaction. There’s no question; a happy customer is a repeat customer. She’s experienced in the art of the sale, and knows how to perfectly direct a client in order to secure their business.

At Ad Army Group Marketing Services, Paul Cookson will take you through the benefits of having a Web Hostess tailored to your company’s needs. He’ll demonstrate what setting up a Web Hostess element will mean to your portal. Further, Paul and his team of experts will explain how it can bring an element of outreach that you currently aren’t benefitting from. With Paul’s extensive knowledge and experience, he can bring a level of accessibility to your own web pages that’ll please even the most resistant of potential customers.

A Web Hostess Will Increase Traffic

The finer points of why one should add a Web Hostess to their website will simply be presented as the right way to do business. Unlike conventional websites such as for example, where no Web Hostess are available, your website will have a live Web Hostess standing by during business hours (or 24 hours if you so choose). Every person that is directed to your site via search engine results will see her welcoming link. She’s inviting them to take advantage of her expert knowledge of your company, and its products. All they have to do is click the radio button, and she will take command of the situation. You can count on her to take great care of your clients. That experience is what generates positive product branding. As we all know, a company with great confidence from their community is a healthy one. That’s where your Web Hostess pays off; when a colleague recommends your services to a marketing manager… you get the idea.