Podcasts are a great way to describe your services and show what makes you unique to your target audience. We created this podcast called “Marketing 411” where we give Marketing and Advertising advice. Think about what theme and angle a podcast could have to promote your business and engage visitors to your website. Contact Paul Cookson at 416-271-7994 for details on Podcasting.

Marketing 411 Podcast

The Ad Army Group ad agency now offers free marketing tips and advice via podcast at Marketing411.ca. Paul Cookson, the creative force behind The Ad Army Group and Ad Army Group, provides insight on a variety of marketing podcast topics. With over 20 years in sales and marketing, Paul is a insightful voice in the Canadian advertising industry. Paul shares his expertise in Internet marketing strategies, SEO and other hot marketing tips with other business owners. Each marketing podcast is offered free of charge on Marketing411.ca, compliments of The Ad Army Group, a Toronto Advertising agency. Enjoy each brief marketing podcast for the latest in news and information about topics all related to marketing.

Listen to a Marketing411.ca marketing podcast anytime, anywhere. Marketing411.ca offers a podcast player on the site. Access the player right from your browser on any device. Just select a title and then click on the podcast listing to listen. Click the “Pause” button in the upper left corner of the player to pause the audio. You can also adjust the volume on the player.

Check Marketing411.ca regularly for new podcasts. Each marketing podcast will cover a specific area of Marketing and are full of valuable insight. Whether you are a business owner, an individual or an SEO marketing professional, marketing tips from The Ad Army Group and Marketing Expert Paul Cookson provide to be a valuable resource for marketing your product or service on the Web.

Marketing podcast episodes include topics, such as:

Fix your business before you advertise

Marketing expert, Paul discusses talks about how important it is to polish your business before you advertise it. Being ready for the market is an important thing that many small business owners overlook because they are in a hurry to get started. Listen to the podcast and learn valuable tips.

Advantages of Radio

Marketing experts talk about the advantage of Radio advertising. It’s not suitable for all companies but it can be a very effective tool for others.

Advantages of Newspaper

Thinking of running a newspaper ad campaign for your company? Listen to this podcast and gets some tips and advice on newspapers.

TV Listings Advertising

Tv Listings advertising is another ad medium available to small companies. Hear Paul Cookson and Christine Green have an honest conversation about the medium, why it can be good and gain insight into this sometimes overlooked medium.

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Writing Content for Your Website

In this Marketing411.ca interview episode, Paul discusses the importance of written content and how major search engines utilize written content for page ranking. The marketing podcast discussion covers mistakes people make when creating a website by not fully understanding why fresh content is important. Website owners should continually update their site with value-added content for the user. When you sell a product or service online, you should become the leading expert for your niche. Provide users with how-to articles, top 10 lists and other web-friendly content on the website. The more often your site publishes new content, the higher the site will rank in search engine results.

Content needs to comply to some best practice standards, however. Content must not be over-saturated with a particular keyword or repetitive phrase. In fact, “keyword stuffing” will actually have a negative impact on page ranking. Paul continues in the interview to provide marketing tips for effective content creation for the Web. Check out the “Writing Content for Your Website” marketing podcast for the complete interview on Marketing411.ca.

Why Search Engine Optimization is Good?

Paul Cookson discusses the importance of search engine optimization for website owners in this marketing podcast. Marketing411.ca interviews Paul about the most effective SEO strategies and marketing tips for business. Paul describes SEO for business and how to drive users to your business site.

SEO helps users find your site in search engine results. Listen to this marketing podcast to discover how to develop an SEO plan for your business.

What is SEO?

This marketing podcast presented by Marketing411.ca defines SEO. Paul Cookson explains the role of SEO in business marketing. SEO is a necessary component of any marketing strategies. However, you can effectively market your business so you are easily found on the Web.

When a Google user searches the Web for a product or service you offer, do they find you? An effective SEO strategy will increase revenue and market your service or product to the online consumer.

Great SEO Writing Tips!

This Marketing411.ca podcast discusses how to write great SEO content. Paul Cookson offers marketing tips for serving up share-worthy content on your business site without over-use of keywords. The focus should always be on the quality of content. Paul advises businesses to avoid keyword stuffing in their content. With Google’s algorithm updates, the quality of content for SEO purposes is even more important. Paul advises that keywords should be kept under 2 percent of the total number of words in any article. Paul also discusses keyword placement within the content to maximize SEO potential. For additional marketing tips and useful SEO tactics, check out this marketing podcast.

How SEO Is Changing

The way marketing companies do SEO has changed over the past few years. With Google updates and implementation social media strategies, marketing Web content has become a more precise effort. Quality content is always a key component in any successful SEO strategy. Marketing to the right audience is also important. Companies today are expected to have a Facebook and Twitter presence, in addition to the corporate website. The more a company utilizes social media, the more the search engine rankings will rise, as well. A successful SEO strategy must include quality content for users. In addition, businesses should develop effective social media marketing strategies to augment SEO efforts.

Paul Cookson discusses the importance of “white-hat” SEO as opposed to practices now considered to be unscrupulous. White-hat SEO strategies ensure that your site maintains page ranking based on the authority of the site and the quality content offered on the site. Paul discusses how to present content as authoritative, value-added information that the consumer can use. Content that is informative and less “salesy” is more likely to be shared on social networks and via email. These and more marketing tips and information you can use may be found in the “How SEO is Changing” podcast on Marketing411.ca. With the changing face of SEO, you need all the help you can get! Take advantage of the free advice provided by industry expert Paul Cookson during this marketing podcast.

E-Blast Marketing Advice

Many of our clients have requested a marketing podcast explaining how to execute email blasts. Marketing411.ca has heeded the call and created a marketing podcast stocked with email marketing tips. Paul interviews Anastasia during this podcast about how to target your sample population and send out an email blast that will maximize return. Marketing tips for managing an email blast are always a favorite on Marketing411.ca.

Anastasia and Paul cover how to avoid spamming potential customers and how to obtain an email contact list. Ideally, email blast recipients have opted in to receive email correspondence from your organization. Build your contact list by offering special offers or a regular newsletter for users who sign up with their email address. Anestassia and Paul discuss how to vet a list broker for obtaining potential customers’ email addresses and demographic information. Always utilize reputable list brokers to maximize your effectiveness.

Anestassia expands on the importance of providing a desirable offer in the e-blast that will drive new users to your site. Free items and extraordinary specials are the best for email blasts. Other marketing tips that Anastasia talks about include the best timing for email blasts. Avoid sending blasts on Monday morning and don’t send blasts during the lunch hour. Weekday mornings tend to be optimal for sending blasts. Studies have shown that email blasts sent on Sunday tend to have the highest response. Check out “E-Blast Marketing Advice” to hear Anestassia and Paul Cookson’s take on how to best leverage email for your business.

Direct Mail Marketing Tips

For direct mail marketing tips, Marketing411.ca provides an informative marketing podcast filled with professional suggestions and advice. Direct mail marketing is still a viable marketing strategy for business. Paul Cookson and Anastasia discuss how to use direct mail to market a business. “Direct Mail Marketing Tips” offers advice for creating a direct mail strategy and targeting the right demographic for the campaign. Marketing411.ca marketing podcasts cover all aspects of interest for those interested in marketing tips and tricks.

Check out “Direct Mail Marketing Tips” to hear Anstasia and Paul Cookson discuss effective direct mail marketing strategies. Maximize the return on your direct mail investment by implementing a few of these Ad Army Group strategies.

Marketing Events as a Marketing Tool

This Marketing411.ca marketing podcast is a discussion about using marketing events as marketing tools. Paul and the team discuss creating events to promote a product or service. Marketing events expand the customer base and raise visibility of the brand. Marketing events generate interest and can be used as an effective marketing tool. Listen to the team discuss marketing event strategies that they have used. Marketing411.ca provides you with inside information from the Toronto pros. Get marketing tips and information about event strategies that work, and those that don’t.

Marketing Podcast for Professionals and business owners

Marketing411.ca always offers a high quality, entertaining marketing podcast for various marketing tips and topics of interest. Marketing tips for SEO, direct mail and email blasts may be found in the current podcast titles. Marketing tips for all aspects of SEO and promotion of your web presence is discussed in a marketing podcast. Peruse the titles and check back at Marketing411.ca often for new podcasts.

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