Five Ways Company Review Videos Help Your Marketing Efforts

Five Ways Company Review Videos Help Your Marketing Efforts2019-08-26T16:43:33+00:00

In a competitive world, an experienced marketing consultant that understands how to give your company the competitive edge is your greatest ally. A worthwhile marketing consultancy team will work with you to develop a smart, multi-faceted content marketing strategy that will grow your brand’s value. At Ad Army Group Marketing Services, we understand how to leverage all the marketing tools at our disposal to create that marketing plan that meets your needs. One of our most effective and powerful tools? Company review videos. Read on to learn five ways company review videos can help your business’ marketing efforts.

  1. Improve your SEO ranking

    If your audience can’t find you, they won’t become your clients. This is one of the simple but painful truths of running a business, and often the hardest to overcome. Even the smartest product with the most beautiful website can’t deliver business success if people can’t find it and don’t know the company exists. Enter: SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is the insider secret, the set of tools and strategies to help your website make the front page of Google’s search results. While there are numerous techniques and tweaks a great marketing consultant can deliver, one of the most effective tools is adding video to your site. Video has become the content that people prefer to consume, and search engines index websites accordingly. Adding company review videos to your site is a great way to help your marketing efforts and build brand awareness.

  2. Create a more dynamic website

    Company review videos also help your marketing efforts by creating a more dynamic website. Reading through a wall of text gets boring, fast. While working with a marketing consultancy team with an experienced graphic designer on board can help overcome this to some extent, ultimately you’re still risking triggering glazed-over eyes scrolling through pages of text. Adding video to your site, including company review videos, will make your site more engaging, dynamic, and modern.

  3. Get more bang for your buck with cross-platform marketing

    A well-developed marketing strategy in the digital age should be active across several platforms. While a written company review is ideal for some forms of media like a print ad or service brochure, the cross-platform marketing potential for video content is huge. Company review videos help your cross-platform marketing efforts immensely. A single company review video can be effectively featured on your brand’s website, posted to your Instagram, shared on your Facebook page, and more! While the production value involved in creating professional looking video might seem off-putting, the versatility and impact of video is undeniable!

  4. Develop brand authenticity

    Company review videos help your marketing efforts by showing prospective clients that your brand is authentic and trustworthy. Consumers trust other consumers, and hearing a positive experience from a satisfied client is an incredibly effective way to build confidence, trust, and authenticity.  Adding video to your marketing arsenal is a no-brainer if you want to empower your audience to understand and trust your brand’s value.

  5. Advance your brand identity

    Video is storytelling; a company review video shares the story of your client’s experience. With the help of a well-planned and professional production experience, you also empower your business to shape a video’s narrative into one that reinforces your brand identity. Visuals, music, editing, and every other element and step along the way can work to convey a specific tone that aligns with your brand. A two sentence Yelp review copy/pasted to your site does little to convey your brand’s story and values. A well-produced company review video by contrast can show your brand’s professionalism, respect for clients, commitment to authenticity, and more.

Contact the experts at Ad Army Group Marketing Services at 416-271-7994 for all your company review video production needs. With years of experience delivering polished and professional company review videos, you can trust our team. We will work with you to build a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to your business’ needs and budget. Our team of experts include experienced videographers, voiceover artists, sound technicians, musicians, graphic designers, marketing specialists, and more. We have the know-how to deliver company review videos that will help your marketing efforts. Our incredible team of web video & marketing leaders has helped clients in GTA, Oshawa, Ajax, Whitby, Markham, Pickering, West Hill, West Rouge, Scarborough and Toronto grow their businesses.