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Your company has it all. Your merchandise is polished, detailed and gleaming. The Toyo tires were tested, rated and come as standard equipment. The Wi-Fi means mom and dad can have a little peace while they trundle down the road with their teenagers.

Your company has it all. Or does it?

You’ve taken a look at your cyber-corporate selves and notice that your presentation is a little underwhelming. Knowing that word of mouth advertising isn’t nearly enough in this internet age, you know you’re in need of a little professional help. Why not call upon the expertise of a car company web designer?

How Do I Build a Better Website?

You first have to take a moment and write out a checklist of what you want versus what you need. It’s probably daunting to the average executive. First and foremost; you will need to implement SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. In order to do this; you must design in the limits set out by major search engines such as Google or Bing. You can achieve this by simply by making your website responsive. Simply put; a responsive website will adapt to each device. You cannot expect a cell phone to load a functional page programmed to work on a laptop. By design, writing responsive code into any website automatically generates that all-important SEO factor.

What Can I Do to Improve My Website Layout?

Well, for one thing; you can make your homepage portal sizzle. It’s all in how you present your company, and its product. This will make sure that people seeing your lineup for the first time are left with a hunger for more. A car company website designer will recommend taking the sexiest photos of your cars and SUV’s possible. After all; a family hauler isn’t often that glamorous, even if it’s essential to most busy parents on the go. Sexy doesn’t always mean attractive women laying on the hood. Sexy in car speak is its option list. By setting the tone with great lighting and backdrops, you can take a basic soccer hauler and have the viewer dream themselves into that all-important driver’s seat. This is achievable as well by building an interactive website that shows off your product’s best features. People will often play around with a tablet or iPhone, and by making the site engaging; you’re doing just that.

How Can I Get People to Visit My Website?

Well, that’s easily achievable. As any car company website designer knows; a responsive website is the most important thing. By building responsiveness into the code, you stand out with spidering, or web crawling software. All search engines use this programming to build their web result rankings for the people seeking information with their results. Another important facet in ensuring great SEO is to write a great snippet that gives people information about what your site is about. This is found in any search under the URL that comes up. Important as well is to write the proper meta-tags; so that people search specific words are more likely to find you.

Web Rankings, what do They Mean?

Ever think about a search you’ve explored in Google? Each and every search comes up with a list of websites that are in line with the topic you’re interested in. The order of these results are no accident. It also does not imply oldest to newest, or vice-versa. This is a web ranking. You’ll see paid for ads interspersed across the top five or six search results, but each pure result comes from a website that knew the elements to get them there. Most people are more inclined to click on the first couple of links. You should set your goal to count yourself among them. The words, semantically linked phrases and type of content all come into play when working on building your SEO wow factor.

Let’s touch on semantic phrasing. If you went to the bottom of a search page, you’ll see “Searches Related To (your search words here)”. Under that you’ll discover semantic phrasing. It simply means that particular search word strings listed there might yield a stronger search result. Your website needs these sorts of word strings peppered throughout to raise your rankings through the website’s SEO factors.

Bring in a Web Design Expert

With years of expertise, and an impressive roster of clients; Paul Cookson knows how to get the best results on the web. His team of professionals go beyond being your car company website designer; they bring in the traffic. At Ad Army Marketing Services, Paul Cookson and his team will discuss your needs, and build a highly responsive website that will maximize your SEO.

So why not call our CEO Paul Cookson of Ad Army Group Marketing Services at 416-271-7994. Ad Army Group works with businesses in Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, West Hill, West Rouge, Toronto, Scarborough, Markham and the GTA. Or check out the wide array of services available through