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How and why video marketing will benefit your food-based business

Whether you’re a food blogger, a freelance recipe developer, or part of a food-based business, recipe videos for social media are a brilliant way to bring attention to your work. Nothing has overtaken our social media consumption habits quite like the rise in captivating videos of recipes and food creation. From short clips shared on Instagram to in-depth tutorials for your YouTube channel, professionally produced recipe videos for social media are your powerful tool for building your brand, growing your audience, and showcasing your skills.

Standing out in the food blogging world can be a challenge. Whether you’re new to the industry or have an established following, enriching your content with recipe videos is a smart step. Recipe videos on your blog help you demonstrate techniques, liven up the cooking experience, and connect with your audience on a more personal level. Blog readers often follow a specific blog not just for the quality of the recipes, but for the feeling of connection and investment in the writer’s story and style. Why not leverage the power of recipe videos for social media to show your personality and invite your audience in? An experienced video production team will work with you to understand, articulate, and realize your vision for tone, style, and cross-platform execution. Your blog has a unique voice and your video content should match and enhance that voice. With the expertise of a comprehensive video production team including marketing consultants, video producers, video editors, sound designers, and more, your creative vision will shine through. Build your social media presence with shareable, likeable, bingeable video content that shows what you can do.

As a freelance recipe developer, it can be a challenge to stand out among the crowd and gain attention. Social media is a powerful tool for building your reputation and showcasing your repertoire, as well as a way to open yourself up to new contracting possibilities such as live tv appearances and video content for your client’s own platform. Professionally produced recipe videos for social media will allow you to demonstrate your strengths and your range, prove that you are the expert, and garner attention. As a freelance recipe developer you clearly understand how to write and develop delicious and easy-to-follow recipes, but video content is an attractive way to enhance your content and appeal to a broader audience. Supplemental video content is also a great way to facilitate including some more advanced or hard-to-explain techniques in your recipes. Some readers may shy away from a multi-sentence explanation of how to execute a particular step, but being able to watch and see how it’s done–as your voice guides them through–will empower those recipe users and draw in the type of positive feedback that builds your credibility.

If you own a food-based business such as a restaurant, to-go foods shop, or any other establishment that specializes in food creation, recipe videos for social media are a valuable tool for building authenticity and trust in your brand. Customers love to know how and where their food is made. They want a peek behind the curtain of the creation of the foods they crave. By working with experts in video production, you can identify and build the narrative of your business, and leverage a powerful tool for building attention. Does your brand focus on supporting local farmers and developing seasonal menus? Why not use video to show where your ingredients come from and the care and attention that goes into your dishes. Are you a family-run business with a powerful story? Why not let your audience know who they’re supporting and what types of family and cultural histories are behind that unique dish.

Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or just dipping your toes into the world of digital marketing, your food-driven business can benefit from an online marketing strategy. Recipe videos for social media are an effective tool for connecting with your existing audience and reaching out to build a larger one, showing what makes your brand and business unique, and building trust and excitement in the food you make.

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