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Why your business needs testimonial video production services

Do you read reviews and check star ratings online when deciding which product to buy? Do you ask your friends and family for restaurant recommendations? Do you seek out others’ honest advice and opinions when making decisions? Of course you do. We all do. We trust our friends, our family, and other real-world customers when making decisions.  We trust stories and reviews. Above all, we trust people and faces, not just usernames shrouded in anonymity. A smart content marketing strategy understands and leverages this. This is why your business needs testimonial video production services.

Consumers trust other consumers, so what better way to show your audience how great your business is than with high-quality, beautifully produced testimonial videos?  Testimonial video production services deliver testimonial videos, sometimes also known as customer story videos or case study videos.  These testimonial videos are tailored to your business and your audience, and are a valuable venue for sharing stories, experiences, and opinions about your business’ unique product or service offerings.

Testimonial videos attach a voice, a face, and a story to a business.  They can be a real-world connection to your brand and are powerful tools for building trust and drawing in skeptical potential consumers.  Testimonial videos can also be tailored to different audiences and demographics; customer stories from people who feel and look familiar and trustworthy to your desired audience are powerful and persuasive.  Videos also grab attention.  More and more users prefer to hit play on a video than to scroll and swipe through pages to read reviews.  Video is easy, accessible, and carries emotion in a way that a written testimonial simply cannot.  With the click of a button, potential customers and clients open themselves to persuasive marketing that speaks directly to them. Testimonial videos are an obvious and intelligent choice when your brand wants to connect and communicate directly with your audience.

Ad Army Group Marketing Services offers professional, polished testimonial video production services that will build trust and value in your brand.  We have seen firsthand what a powerful tool a well-produced testimonial video can be. With our team of skilled and qualified videographers, sound technicians, composers, editors, and marketing gurus, we guarantee high production value-level results that meet your business’ needs.  While just one tool in the content marketing strategy toolbox, testimonial video production services can be a cornerstone in a smart strategy to spread your brand’s message.  We can work together to build the type of trust and brand loyalty that will guarantee success and grow credibility.

Your content marketing strategy needs to be multi-faceted yet focused, intelligent but genuine. Above all it needs to ensure your brand doesn’t trade trust for traffic. Poorly planned testimonial video production services can run the risk of creating videos that seem unnatural, forced, and disingenuous.  Potential customers and clients can spot this kind of phony testimony from a mile away and it can damage your credibility.  Flat lighting, flatter delivery, and poorly scripted speeches can ruin a testimonial video.  Nothing is more harmful to a brand’s success than sowing seeds of distrust in the minds of your audience.  Your brand’s credibility and trustworthiness are key to longevity and success, and a good customer story can work wonders. When you’re creating and delivering content that is reaching directly to your audience, inexperience shows.  Your content marketing strategy can and will suffer from unprofessional work. Here at Ad Army Group Marketing Services we understand how to coach clientele into delivering honest opinions in a trustworthy way. With professionalism and expertise, we build an environment of ease and sincerity that gets the results your company needs.

With years of experience delivering testimonial video production services, you can trust our team. We will work with you to build a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to your business’ needs and budget. We will listen to you and work with you to deliver results. Our team includes experienced videographers, sound technicians, graphic designers, musicians, voiceover artists, marketing specialists, and more.  We have the know-how to create testimonial videos that will help you to connect with your audience.

Contact Ad Army Group Marketing Services at 416-271-7994 for all your video production needs.  As web video & marketing leaders our team has helped clients in West Hill, West Rouge, Toronto, Scarborough, Markham, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa and the GTA grow their businesses.  Reach out today to learn about building a smarter content marketing strategy and take the first steps towards your brand’s evolution.