Responsive Mobile Web Design is Important to anyone that owns a website

Responsive Mobile Web Design is Important to anyone that owns a website2019-07-12T15:31:01+00:00

We’ve all had this experience. You are on your iPhone or Android device and wanted to look up something of interest; say, today’s news. So, you tap in your search and arrive at a link that looks interesting. The problem is: it became frustrating. You are pinching the screen, horizontally scrolling, doing whatever it is you need to do so you could attempt to read the headline. 

Chances are you clicked the back button and went to another source. Responsive mobile web design is the answer to this problem. 

Did you know there are millions of people in Canada that have a wireless subscription? Whether it be Bell, Telus or Rogers, Canadians are a device carrying lot. And out of all these people subscribing to these cellular plans, 86% of them as of November 2018 are smart phone holders. That number is projected to climb from 25.4 million to 26.6 million in 2019. That is 1.2 million new smartphone users. 

Each day, people get up and go to work or school. To pass the time, some of these smartphone users will use their devices to text, watch viral videos or perhaps do some reading. Others will start searching products and services they might need for a party, or perhaps its a new car. Whatever the reason; its an inescapable fact that E-commerce is here to stay. 

Is Your Business Being Left Behind?

Chances are that if you are reading this, you might be seeking answers to this question. The answer is “responsive” web design or RWD. In simple terms, responsive design is being able to open a link on a smart phone, phablet, tablet, desktop and/or laptop, and the site not only works, but is adaptive in all formats. Therefore, it’s a simple fact that mobile web design is important. 

Using HTML and other forms of code, web designers such as the experts at Ad Army Group Marketing Services ensure that a properly executed site will have easily readable text on any device without having to adjust the screen, enough space for people to comfortably tap elements on their screen as well as the benefit of not having to scroll from side to side to view content. Also; in 2015, Google, the world’s most important search engine rolled out a set of algorithms that determined search ranking based upon a website’s responsive web design. 

Something to consider…

Bad Code = Lost Business

It is the new reality that business on the web will continue to become increasingly tailored to smart phones and tablets. Its also a fact that a lack of virtual curb appeal can kill a business in short order. This is one reason so many companies are folding. Lack of web presence or a poor presentation are often the reason for this. 

Who enjoys arriving at a less than functional webspace? A dead radio button or faulty link on someone’s commute will havethem navigating away faster than an incoming text. Some of this could be bad coding. Often though, the site likely lacks responsive design that would have worked perfectly on a smart phone. 

Are you making a great impression? Or is your website simply there? If your web traffic is negligible; perhaps its time to call in the professionals. 

Are You Ready to QR Yourself to Success?

You see some of the print ads in magazines and newspapers with these odd-looking squares printed in with the advertisement. Most assume its some sort of bar coding like the kind you find on product packaging. Well, the principle is not all that far off. 

A QR or Quick Response code is a way of leading a potential customer right to your website. Businesses are increasingly using these scan codes to offer discounts with online purchasing. Traditional print ads in newspapers, flyers and magazines are, but some of the methods used to promote products and services. A smart operator will use these codes to entice new and existing clients to visit their website; much the way a brick and mortar store will use sale items or “door crashers” at the front of a store to lure in purchasers. 

Anyone with a smart phone or tablet can use the appropriate app. You simply scan the code, and it will instantly bring them to whatever special or coupon they found in the ad. By design, they have just boosted their web traffic; and the possibility of customers sharing your website with others. 

This is another reason that mobile web design is important. It builds customer loyalty through effective use of a smart phone app. 

If you’re ready to grow your business through responsive web design,  Ad Army Group serves Toronto, Markham, Pickering, West Hill, West Rouge, Scarborough, Toronto, GTA, Whitby and Ajax. Or check out the wide array of services available through

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