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One website platform that works beautifully on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Widows as well as Android tablets and phones is WordPress website templates. Some of the best blog posts on the planet are based on WordPress template blogs. Business and news sources use this to push their Google search rankings upwards and onwards. This is by design. Learning how to successfully propel your business using major search engine web crawlers is a daunting task. Not so if you have the knowledge and ability to make it all happen. That is where Ad Army Group Marketing Services can help. With a roster of happy clients that benefit from their available services; Paul Cookson has made it his mission to build your business through the internet through proven and effective methods.

There is a definite advantage to a business when you have a far-reaching presence on the web with a high quality WordPress website template customized to your companies needs. Currently, people swipe their smartphones when travelling to work, on break and during times of leisure. What most consumers look for are great deals on products they are looking for as well as smart, easy to navigate pages.

Blogging Your Business Towards Success

Using WordPress websites; major corporations such as Samsung, eBay, Sony and GM to name a few are enjoying an increased awareness of their products and services. They post carefully worded articles; designed to capture consumer attention on the Internet. They also use methods that link their businesses through the all-important social media apps; ensuring that their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings are upwardly scalable with Google, Yahoo, Bing to name a few.

The team of experts at Ad Army Group Marketing Services can make this happen for you as well. From stunning and highly effective graphic design to advertising events and commercials, Paul Cookson can take your business to places you’ve only dreamed of; potential customers device screens. So why not give the experts a chance to show you where they can take your product to by visiting them at www.adarmygroup.com. You can also discuss your needs by contacting Paul Cookson at 416-271-7994.

Ad Army Group proudly serves West Hill, Scarborough, West Rouge, Toronto, Pickering, Markham, Whitby, Oshawa, Ajax and the GTA.

Podcast Your Way to Success via WordPress Websites

Paul Cookson, a highly successful entrepreneur in his own right, has a handle on how to make things happen. He also has an expert eye when it comes to knowing how to generate that all important “curb appeal” for the clients.

One successful method he employs are podcasts. These are live or pre-recorded video or audio broadcasts. They are an effective tool used to capture the interest of potential clients “Googling” services or consumer goods. Used in tandem with WordPress websites; these embedded podcasts are very carefully coded to generate wide-scale visibility within search engine rankings. There are some excellent audio podcasts Paul has produced to help show the benefits of growing one’s business using web, radio, TV and hard copy print campaigns. Paul invites you to take a listen at https://adarmygroup.com/podcasts/, where you too can discover what Paul and his team can do for you.

What Kind of Content can I Post in WordPress Websites?

In short – anything!

There are definite benefits that come from advertising on the www. However; you might be less than technically savvy when it comes to tech speak such as URLs, web crawlers, rankings, etc. The experts at Ad Army Group Marketing Services completely understand; and will take you through what you need to know in plain language so that you can fully understand the benefits of working all the right angles through WordPress websites.

Agencies using WordPress are able to tailor their web addresses and sites to fit the specific needs of their businesses for their clients. Paul Cookson and his team will work with you to create an effective and perfectly customized graphic design. Your page will pop, it includes simple yet perfect navigation and fit on any device or computer.

WordPress websites can include graphics, links, podcasts, YouTube videos, logos and specialized social media tie-ins. With that; it’s also incredibly search engine friendly.

Paul Cookson and his team at Ad Army Group Marketing Services know how to build and grow a business utilizing these tools. You could soon enjoy brisk cyber-traffic with a well-engineered web space. Paul will make sure it adds style, impact and renewed lustre for all your products and services. In short; it gives your company the opportunity to not only shine on a Pixel 3, iPad or a Samsung Galaxy S10. It also sends a message that your business is not only interesting; it’s also approachable. You can’t buy better marketing anywhere.

The experts at Ad Army Group Marketing Services can absolutely make that happen! Why not give Paul Cookson a ring at 416-271-7994? Ad Army Group proudly serves West Hill, West Rouge, Scarborough, Toronto, Markham, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa and the GTA. Or check out the wide array of services available through www.adarmygroup.com.

Reach out and touch your potential today. You’ll enjoy the increase in revenue; as well as all the happy clients you’ll meet.