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First Impressions are Important

In this busy world, getting the attention of your clients and potential new clients is important but even more important is making a positive impression the first time. Consumers are busy 24 hours a day researching and seeking out companies to do business with online. It is incredibly important to start off with your best foot forward.


When picking a web design company, a quick look at the work they did in the past will give you a good indication of what they could potentially do for you. If they don’t have an impressive portfolio then they will surely be unable to do impressive work for you. We encourage you to take a look at our portfolio and see our list of clients and the work we have done for them.

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There was a time when businesses could draw scores of new customers to their products and services merely by purchasing advertising time on television or radio, or producing clever print advertising campaigns with a unique slogan. While all of those methods are still in use among the biggest players in the marketplace, they are simply no longer the main ways that business draw large amounts of new customers to their websites, storefronts, and long-term improvements in profitability.

The Move to Digital Advertising and Design: A Major Shift in How Things are Done

In today’s digital economy, businesses need to produce a website that is just as inviting, as engaging, and as fresh, as anything they would have placed into regular rotation on TV or radio a decade ago. Websites must serve to build relationships with visitors, sharing a message and encouraging their trust. This takes a unique set of skills that can only be found at a select few web design firms throughout Canada and throughout the world.

At Ad Army Group, a Toronto web design firm that has those skills and more. Time and again, we are asked to complete stunning website overhauls for clients that span the spectrum from professional athletes to electronics suppliers to restaurants and so on. This is a challenge that we enjoy meeting with each new client we serve, as it allows us to show off just how much the Internet can transform a business from the ground up, and from the screen outward.

Web Development GTA Style: Design & Marketing Linked Together

One of the things that sets our designs apart from many others is that we understand the link between design and marketing. All too often, corporate clients and professionals choose one company to manage their website’s design and operations, and an entirely separate company to handle their marketing and advertising campaigns. While that might have worked well at the dawn of the digital age, it’s not a viable strategy in the second decade of the 21st century.

Today, a website is marketing, and good marketing always involves the website. It is this philosophy that permeates each job that we take on at our firm. We approach every website as if its task is not only to inform and build relationships, but also to persuade and bring new customers into the fold with relative ease. We consider this a holistic, well-rounded approach that will set businesses up for the best shot at success, no matter their age or experience level in any industry.

To that end, our website designs allow for content marketing, engaging imagery, and user interaction, that can take a business to the next level. We use bold colors, cohesive design elements, and well-researched marketing techniques, to ensure that each website visitor is inspired to interact, to buy, to call the business and ask for more information. Our clients have received this approach well, largely because it produces the desired results in a way that is fresh, unique, and quick to happen.

Ad Army Group : Trusted by Professional Athletes

It’s often been said that, in Canada, hockey is life. It would be hard to find any other country that is as dedicated to its many hockey leagues as Canadians are, and that’s something that we’ve embraced as an advertising, marketing, and design firm dedicated to Toronto web design. Because we offer a unique approach to web design that links it together with marketing and advertising, we’ve been trusted by some of the biggest names in Canadian ice hockey to build their websites.

Canadian hockey stars like Darcy Tucker, Eric Lindros, Ryan O’Reilly, and plenty of others, have all asked Ad Army Group to revolutionize the way they interact with their fans and the industry at large. In each case, we have provided an engaging design that celebrated each player’s career and highlighted their charitable actions outside of the profession. This spotlight on both the athlete’s career, as well as their charitable contributions, serves as a key form of relationship building that helps to keep fans and the media involved. In a profession of long off-seasons and early retirements, this is a key component of our work.

Corporate Website Design Montreal Style Is Our Specialty

Our unique approach to web development Toronto style does not apply solely to Canada’s biggest names in professional hockey. Indeed, we’ve been asked to help some of the biggest names in business revolutionize their own online experiences since we first opened our doors. Perhaps one of our largest products was our complete redesign and launch of Business Systems, a Toshiba electronics reseller that supplies some of the largest businesses and entertainment venues in the country.

Our approach when undertaking a business project like this one is to combine an engaging design with product listings, corporate news, and community outreach, that again helps to build a relationship with customers from the moment when they first land on the website’s homepage. In the case of Toshiba retailer Business Systems, we created a bold, large homepage image that was supplemented on the right-hand side by links to company videos, news, and information about each member of the company’s team.

The entire website was color coordinated, right down to the colors of the products featured on the homepage, to provide a sense of professionalism and cohesion. This approach is one of the best to take when working with companies, as the quality of the website and its ability to blend together all feature heavily in customers’ minds.

Toronto Web Development: A Design and Marketing Hybrid

While every website on the Internet has an opportunity to create a great design that will attract new visitors on a consistent basis, all too few of them actually take it upon themselves to go ahead and work on such a design. That means that a large number of websites look small, outdated, and off limits to customers. They don’t build effective relationships and they don’t communicate an ethos of quality to those who stop by for a few moments.

We understand, like so many of the Internet’s average users do, that the appearance of a website has a direct impact on a brand’s perceived quality and reputation. If a website is crafted well, consumers are more likely to trust the company behind the website. If that design shares stories of community outreach, videos of employees in action, and thoughtful content marketing about the company’s products, it can be the 21st century replacement for radio and television advertising.

Our goal with every website is not just to create a design, but also to enforce a brand. That’s why we focus specifically on colors, grid-based layouts, and overall cohesion throughout every page, image, and post, featured on every site that we create. We also aim for simplicity, both for the end user and for our customers who will eventually be maintaining the site that we create. Many of our designs, including our recent work for Business Systems, are based on the popular WordPress system. WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, and is easily the most extensible and intuitive option currently on the market.

Toronto Website Design Experts Lead the 21St Century With Superior Skills

Ad Army Group is one of the leading design firms in Canada and around the world, and that’s because we know how to turn a web design into an all-encompassing marketing and advertising approach. Our skills are unmatched, and our appeal spans virtually every industry thinkable. We’re confident that we can take your business’ website, or your personal website, and turn it not just into a great design, but also into one of the Internet’s leading destinations.

The process of all begins with a call to one of our expert designers, who can begin assessing the needs of the business and creating a unique approach that will bring its design into line with today’s best advertising and marketing strategies. Because we’re professionals in everything from WordPress implementation to marketing strategy creation, we’ll create a full list of ideas and approaches that will transform the way a website works and communicates with its audience.

Web Design Toronto Style is Just a Call Away

The 21st century isn’t a time when any business or individual can afford to wait around and delay the creation of a world class website. In an era like the present one, waiting around will only allow the competition to become more effective, more well-developed, and out of reach for those who don’t aggressively take them on.

Ad Army Group is a Toronto web development firm that was founded to give businesses of all sizes and types an equal shot at dominance in the online and offline marketplaces. If you need a new strategy to compete with local, national, or global competitors, you need to call us as soon as possible so that we can put our vast portfolio to work for the needs and goals of your business. Don’t wait any longer than you already have. Call Ad Army Group today at 416-271-7994 and begin heading down a path to better conversion rates, more effective marketing, and higher revenues.