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An up to date website is responsive. A responsive website basically means it is optimized so that on all devices such as all models of iPhones, Android phones such as Samsung, tablets and desktops that site will be fully mobile and looking its best. The difference between viewing a responsive site and one that’s not is considerable.

The other bonus is sites that are responsive getting bonus ranking points for SEO when crawled by Google crawlers.

Globally, traditional business rules have changed so much in the last decade. With so many big-name brick and mortar operations being replaced with e-commerce; it’s become fiscally frustrating for some but a cash cow to those that understand how important e-commerce is and who keep up with the latest advancements. Attempting to navigate these virtual waters without the proper knowledge can leave one completely bewildered.

Call to Action on your website

A website is as important now (not to mention influential) as sales staff, business cards and proper retail signage. You need the know-how to promote it correctly. Without the education and marketing savvy, many have experienced disappointing results. Corporations such as Sears Canada learned too late that a great web presence means much more than a slick interface and memorable URL. Without the proper expertise and skill-set, promoting a business online won’t have its best chance for success.

Why put yourself and your business through all that? Call Paul Cookson at Ad Army Group Marketing Services at 416-271-7994 for details on how he can take your business to the next level and make your website responsive and effective!

At Ad Army Group Marketing Services, Paul Cookson, a well-known and respected business man in his own right; will tailor a plan of action that custom fits your company’s profile and needs. By applying his wealth of knowledge and real-time strategies; you’ll soon start to see your how he is able to make your website responsive through an increase in web traffic. The formula is simple. Increasing traffic to your website = new potential clients. A smart business owner knows that by building awareness and confidence in a product line or service, they can also grow their revenue.

Why not let a professional help you realize your commercial potential on the web?

Call Paul Cookson at Ad Army Group Marketing Services at 416-271-7994 for details. Ad Army Group proudly serves West Hill, West Rouge, Scarborough, Toronto, Markham, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa and the GTA. He will not only increase your visibility on the web; he can also make your website responsive!

In today’s market throughout Canada; many are now turning to their tablets and smart phones for purchasing. The reason for this has much to do with people being far too busy to physically look for something that fits their needs. These days, one can go online to compare pricing while being able to learn how others felt about a particular product.

The rub: in order to meet success in a rapidly changing global market, you need to have a positive and repetitive presence on the web. A memorable URL and killer website are just a portal for a successful modern business. Web ranking and elevating your product or service via common search parameters is vital to growing your e-presence. At Ad Army Group Marketing Services, Paul will make your website responsive!

Ad Army Group Marketing Services specializes in graphic design, increasing search engine ranking as well as promoting e-commerce through social media. With a wealth of practical experience, you could experience what many other businesses have; fiscal growth through proven web strategies.

Customers Find Your Website Lacking (Or At All)?

You wouldn’t be the first to discover that their website’s “retail appeal” might need tweaks and polish. Why not let the team at Ad Army Group Marketing Services help you realize your potential? With a talented graphic designer building an effective website tailored to your products and/or services; you’ll soon have a secure yet perfectly realized web portal. You will soon appreciate as well that it’s been carefully constructed to handle the increasing traffic soon to come your way. The best part are the potential customers that will find themselves looking for you specifically.

Achieving this through proven strategies that will link your website to key words used in popular search engines. This is all a plan carefully implemented to make your website responsive.  All this helps promote client loyalty and sales growth.

From marketing consultation to video production; the team at can help you take your company boldly forward.

Ever watch a viral video? Perhaps you have noticed that everyone “shares” them through social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram. Wouldn’t it be great to find your business going viral too?

Call Paul Cookson at Ad Army Group Marketing Services at 416-271-7994. Ad Army Group proudly serves West Hill, West Rouge, Scarborough, Toronto, Markham, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa and the GTA. Or check out the wide array of services available through

Grow your business while the team at Ad Army Group Marketing Services work to make your website responsive. Your future clients are just a click away!