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Should your small business hire a videographer?

Have you been considering changing up your content marketing strategy? Have you been thinking about how you can build your social media presence, connect with your audience, enhance your website, and share your business’ story? No matter the size, type, or age of your business, professionally produced video content is a powerful tool for your marketing strategy. It’s essential, however, to understand what makes the difference between an effective TV commercial and an effective Instagram video. Working with the right team and the right experts will gain you the insight to develop video content for your small business marketing strategy that meets your brand and budget’s needs. Here’s why you and your small business should hire a videographer.

What is a videographer and why do you need one? Videographers are video production experts who either work by themselves or as part of a team to produce professional, polished, and powerful short-form video content. Videographers come with a range of expertise in different types of video production, and understand how to work with their clients to identify and actualize their vision. When you hire a videographer, you also gain access to an expert who understands how to utilize equipment and software that can take years to perfect. While a novice may be able to figure out how to patch together a passable video using basic equipment and YouTube tutorials for user-friendly video-editing software, videographers understand how to bring your content to the next level and achieve the look, tone, and narrative that drives effective marketing. Amateurish and unprofessional-looking video can send the wrong message to your clients and customer base. Video filmed with high quality cameras and accessories, with professionally recorded and produced sound, and advanced editing techniques can combine to deliver video content that connects, impacts, and motivates your audience. Your own time as a business owner is incredibly limited and incredibly valuable and it just makes sense to work with an expert who can help you and your business succeed.

How can the decision to hire a videographer help build your brand and grow your business? It all starts with your content marketing strategy. If that term doesn’t sound familiar, then maybe you should consider seeking out a videographer who is part of a comprehensive marketing consultancy team.  With the help of a marketing consultant, you can begin the process of identifying what types of content your marketing strategy should include. Of course video-based content is a powerful tool, but there are so many other types of content and strategies for connecting to your customer-base, that the expertise of a marketing consultant can go a long way towards your business identifying its brand, its goals, and the strategies to realize them.

Once you’ve connected with a marketing consultancy team that works with a videographer, you can begin the process of identifying what types of video content will suit your business and your budget. Some examples of video content you can expect to add to your marketing repertoire when you hire a videographer include: short marketing videos for social media platforms, videos for your landing page, testimonial videos, tv commercials, videos showcasing and explaining your services, recipe videos, and more. When you hire a videographer as part of a marketing consultancy team, you can also expect to receive help identifying the voice and vision of your video. Do you want emotional narratives that share the story of your family business? Visually striking videos that show the creativity of your arts-based business? Eye-catching content to show how craveable your restaurants food creations are? Authentic, trustworthy videos that share customer experiences with your brand? Professional and educational videos that explain your services? Do you want videos that are sure to be shared and entice engagement on your social media platforms? Understanding your own vision and achieving it are two different and complex steps. However, anything is possible with the right team, the right tools, and the trust to believe in the expertise of the team you’re working with.

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