You Need a Call to Action Website?

You Need a Call to Action Website?2019-09-27T19:05:59+00:00

You’ve been looking at the numbers. Everything seems to have stalled despite having recently improved the company website. You’re trying to locate the problem, and that generally means process of elimination. 


Your content is complete, concise as well as complimentary. All of the links work. Its SEO is fully realized and functional. In short, to the casual eye, the website is an excellent representation of your firm. You then decide to do a search on ways to improve your website. You come across a couple of articles that offer up solutions to issues experienced by business websites. One phrase didn’t seem familiar, so you Google it. Up comes the results for “Call to Action Website”. You read the description, and realize this element has been missing from your webspace. 


Call to Action, What Is It?


Simply put; Call to Action is verbiage on your website or in your marketing which is a programmed invitation to your potential clients to do business with your firm with offerings. It does this by utilizing imperative action verbs and phrasing such as: To join our mailing list, please click here or This is a limited time offer, Call now, ACT NOW, Press here to accept etc etc. 

With Call to action, the presentation is almost always the boldest visual component on the website. It could come in form of a banner; perhaps a pop up that is constructed to lead the customer to your conversion funnel. From there, you are able to use the offer to secure your client and get the necessary details for the pending transaction in progress. You now know you need a call to action website. 

What Could Call to Action Offer My Company?

To answer that, it’s important to understand its origins. Since the advent of newspapers, advertisers would post ads that were designed to draw the eye in. Within that construct, content that invited the reader to come to their establishment and take advantage of our Special of the Week for example. This eventually morphed into newspaper inserts, or flyers as we know them now. These print additions were bold, beckoning and often beguiling. The advertiser would use shading, and later bright colours and boldly pronounce their produce on special or perhaps an automobile dealership promoting their newest models. It was all designed to catch and grab at the consumer, and proved highly effective. 

You’ll see a bus ad with bright, eye-catching colours contrasted with bold print designed to bolster its viewing audience. Perhaps it is an email that is asking for a charitable donation for a worthy cause. Only with its CTA, it’s using humble, imploring colours and print. It draws you in through descriptives as to why your offering is important and necessary. It uses wording such as “Thanks” and “Generous” to give the reader a feeling of warmth and belonging. You need a call to action website if you wish to keep your SEO numbers healthy.  This is all too important to ignore.  

What Do I Need? 

Well, to be honest, you should seek professional help. A Call to Action expert can assess your needs. They do so by studying your website as well as asking you and your company’s marketing team the right questions in order to customize your portal. Paul Cookson and his team at Ad Army Group Marketing Services will show you why you need a Call to Action website. They utilize eye-arresting scripting designed to bring in the reader, and invite them to partake in things such as email updates, or perhaps to subscribe to a monthly newsletter. But by adding in CTA methods, the banner or radio button will use phrases like “Email to help make your day” or “Subscribe to our monthly newsletter and get the inside scoop”. It will be done in a compliment to the page, sometimes simple yet central, other times bold and bright. 

What Can a Professional Offer?

A seasoned professional like Paul Cookson and his team at Ad Army Group Marketing Services can take your website to the next level. He’ll point out what your needs are in terms of bringing a Call to Action element to your own site. Up to the moment experience enables a professional to not only bring the best features to your Call to Action interface; he will make certain to build the all-important conversion funnel, guiding a client to the payoff. He will also ensure your Search Engine Optimization is up to spec, maximizing your position in search results in Google or Bing.