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A key part of building your brand ‘s identity and reputation is the ability to effectively and authentically promote your products and services. Accomplishing this requires the type of marketing approach that entices your audience without affecting your credibility as a business devoted to your customers. So what content marketing strategy should your business consider? No matter the size or type of business you’re part of, video marketing has the power to build credibility, show authenticity, and build your audience and customer base. 

At Ad Army Group Marketing Services, Paul Cookson and his team of professionals understand how to put the best spin on what your business is offering. With years of experience and a diverse clientele base, they can work with you and your business to help plan and produce the professional, impactful video that’s right for your brand.

Customer Testimonial Videos Work 

When you hear customer testimonial video, you may imagine the scripted, unnatural clips we’ve all seen in late night infomercials. The ones that seem “Too good to be true” and are obviously delivered by unenthused actors—but a professionally produced customer testimonial doesn’t have to be dull. Customer testimonials can be a creative, authentic, and powerful way to advertise your business. 

Customer testimonials have fantastic benefits: They send a message that someone relatable has used your product and services and was thrilled with the result. Customer testimonials can be produced inexpensively, and are a cost-efficient way to create need while building confidence in your brand.

Paul Cookson and his team at Ad Army Group are experts in this field. They can deliver professional results that elevate your presence on the internet, without breaking the bank. 

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

It is well known that SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most effective ways to improve the visibility of your website in search engine results.  SEO experts know that search engines favour websites that include media elements; this means that including professionally produced video content in your website is an incredibly powerful tool for building your business. Ad Army Group Marketing Services is fully equipped to take your business to the next level using our expertise and understanding of these intricate techniques. When you include video on your website, you’re giving your business a boost in search engine rankings. A well-produced video will capture public attention, help the people who want your product to learn you exist, and provide immediate results.

In today’s competitive climate it’s an unavoidable fact that all businesses—whether brick and mortar or entirely online—need to create customer awareness online. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are some of the heavy hitters that can help make that possible. Online promotion these days is key to keeping your business in the black. Many individuals will often scroll past print or static ads; preferring an interesting video instead. Major corporations understand this fact and will feature their products through social media feeds using video to sell their product. So, why not you?

At Ad Army Group Marketing Services, Paul Cookson knows how to create a targeted video that will help you to achieve higher SEO rankings with major search engines, including Google. Paul and his team also have the know-how and experience to funnel these videos through social media feeds, targeting the audience you want to reach. This creates familiarity with future customers without wasting your budget on ineffective audience targeting.

Build Consumer Confidence

We’ve all seen pieced-together local commercials that left a less-than-positive impression on us. On the flip side, sometimes an overly-produced ad leaves the feeling of being cold and impersonal. There is a fine balance that’s needed to not only grab the attention of someone scrolling through their feed, but to have them keep watching and even want to pass on that message. At Ad Army Group Marketing Services, Paul Cookson and his team know how to create an eye-catching, creative, and brand-aware video. 

The team at Ad Army Group Marketing Services can not only bring your brand into public awareness, they are experts when it comes to building a narrative for your brand. Consumer confidence often stems from familiarity, honesty as well as approachability. A well-made video ad can make that happen through sharing your brand’s story and value, growing your business with the new clients you’ll be reaching. All this can be had when you add a professional video to your website. You’ll be proud to add video to your website knowing you’re showing your audience your best self while making your business feel approachable and authentic in the process.

Contact Ad Army Group Marketing Services at 416-271-7994 or visit for all your video production needs.  As web video & marketing leaders our team has helped clients in West Hill, West Rouge, Toronto, Scarborough, Markham, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa and the GTA grow their businesses.  Reach out today to learn about building a smarter content marketing strategy and take the first steps towards your brand’s evolution.