A Focus on Fundamentals in an Environment of Competing Modalities

It all begins with an idea. Then comes research and development. But, in getting a product or service accepted in the marketplace, there is “marketing.” The basic “risk taking” phase of new product introduction has already taken place as the actual product has been developed and constructed. The key to business success ultimately lies in the marketing. So the question becomes, how can products and services be presented to consumers so that those products and services enter that marketplace and are accepted? How can marketing strategies be developed?

Ad Army Group Marketing Services has researched human behaviour and has determined strategies for opening the consumers’ doors to you and your business. These strategies extend beyond consumer use of browser search engines and entail research into how and why a consumer responds to specific presentations. Understanding how you and I respond to those presentations, makes our Ad Army approach so valuable to you and your business.

A Strategy That Is “Strategic”

Technology moves very quickly today. Introduction of a new product or service actually has a very small window of opportunity before a different product is placed into the marketplace, either as an alternative or a successor to a company’s existing product. It is one thing to adapt to a market that is changing, but it is quite another to proactively develop a strategy that can adapt quickly enough to address rapid changes related to the product.

Our Ad Army Group Marketing Services has its hand on the pulse of consumer behaviour, and senses changes in people’s perception of product, brand, and competitors at play in the marketplace. It understands key motivators among consumers in order to tailor make an appeal to them so that your product message will reach ears that hear and accept the message.

A Multi-Media and Multi-Device Approach

Strategic advertising must go beyond one modality and one presentation motif. Ad Army knows how to “multi-task” a product promotion so that the product presentation reaches beyond a single channel. Traditional marketing can and does reach electronic platforms that are digital, social, commercial, etc., but each channel of marketing must be strategically aligned with consistent message delivery. Website and Facebook Page designs are a beginning, but logo, video, podcast, and print media must not stand alone when they should be part of a larger strategy.

Ad Army Expertise—A Menu of Strategy Offerings

Ad Army Group wants to enable you, the business owner or you the marketing manager, to develop the type of promotional material and presentations that will build your company and enable it to succeed. We have specific strategies we would like to discuss with you as you look at successful marketing strategies for your goods or services. There is strategic planning in branding & promoting goods or services. Contact Paul Cookson at 416-271-7994.