Marketing Help For Small Businesses

In order to be successful in the modern business landscape it is imperative to have an eye catching website full of great content, but this is just the beginning. Many small businesses are less successful than they could be because they do not have a proper marketing strategy. While it is tempting for small business owners to keep things in house, it is imperative to have the help of a world class marketing consultant.

This help is available right now; Ad Army Group Marketing Services of Toronto is ready to handle all of your marketing, advertising and web design needs today. Led by marketing consultant Paul Cookson, Ad Army Group Marketing Services offers the highest level of service to clients. Amazing websites and professional quality video production are among the services offered. The content produced by Ad Army Group Marketing Services is simply superior.

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The list of services goes on; from video production to retail signage to SEO services Ad Army Group Marketing Services is the total package for Toronto businesses. All of the potential routes to take in marketing can be confusing for a beginner but marketing consultant Paul Cookson and his team has the expertise to prepare a small business to take the market head on. With his proven track record, Cookson and Ad Army Group Marketing Services can give anyone an edge over their competition.

Ad Army Group Marketing Services can offer guidance to point a business in the right direction, or increase exposure for those already on the right track. offers some helpful advice for startups or businesses looking for a makeover. From choosing the most effective name to developing a strong social media presence this site is an indispensable resource for Toronto businesses. This is just scratching the surface but it can give an accurate idea of the types of changes that can impact the bottom line for a business.

It is important for a business to project the proper persona to the public. A customer who has a bad experience will go out of their way to tell people about it, while a satisfied customer might only mention their experience in passing. Marketing consultant Paul Cookson can ensure that the public sees a business in a positive light through expert marketing and reputation management.

Ad Army Group Marketing Services has something to offer any business in Toronto and beyond. Getting a quote for services is as simple as making a phone call or sending an email. Call toll free 1-888-586-2860 or send an email to and experience top of the line marketing consultant services that will take your business to the next level of success.

Taking the Right Attitude Toward Marketing

Often what makes a business successful with its marketing is the attitude and approach it takes. This approach is, in turn, linked to its perception of what marketing is. This sense of having the right attitude toward marketing is often what makes an individual a marketing expert rather than a novice at marketing.Small business marketing tips of a practical sort are often greatly enhanced by a full appreciation of these points concerning attitude and approach. The following are attitude-and-perception-based small business marketing tips that can really take a business’ advertising into high gear:


It’s About Communication

Any marketing expert will tell you that, fundamentally, marketing is about communication. A business simply needs to make people aware of its existence and the products and services that it offers. Marketing is no different, fundamentally, than simply seeing an individual and telling him or her about a business and the products and services it offers. Though this is a simple and fundamental point, it can be easy for marketing staff to lose sight of this. It is important to remember that the main purpose of marketing is simply communication of information to a target audience. It is not to force anybody to do anything, or to absolutely insure a sale. These will come of themselves if the communication is effective b y reaching the intended target audience. Small business marketing tips and strategies are effective to the degree that they help insure that a marketing message is powerfully communicated, understood, and accepted. A marketing expert never forgets this, and always keeps potential customers in communication without forcing matters.

As an example, if you sell medical software, it would be a waste of resources to advertise in the paper because most of the people reading a normal paper are not Doctors and would not have a use for medical software.



This point follows from the previous one, and is one that is also well known by any true marketing expert. In order for communication to be effective, it is best if it is friendly, exciting and engaging. Nobody is going to listen to someone who seems hostile, indifferent, or impatient. There is a new marketing trend called social selling that emphasizes this principle. This approach essentially calls for a marketer to make friends with potential customers. People are far more likely to buy from individuals who they consider their friends. Lists of small business marketing tips often include something about basic friendliness, and if they do not, they should. Friendliness is a key part of any marketing approach.


Call to Action Marketing

Call to action is creating an ad that gets people excited by offering a special incentive for one to buy. This could be offering a Hockey Jersey to people that switch to a different cell company or giving a gift card tied tied to a purchase. These get consumers excited and if done right can create a frenzy around your business.



The volume of marketing that is done is an important factor. Sometimes businesses do not accurately properly consider how much marketing they actually need to do. A marketing expert always factors this consideration into a strategy. This principle does not always assert that more is better. The volume of marketing a company undertakes takes involves a number of factors such as the marketing budget, the target customers, and the impression a business would like to create. It is important to strike a balance between these factors that suits each particular marketing situation.



Customers need to get a sense of value in the marketing messages they receive. The marketing itself may contain value in the form of information. A good example of this is a short informational article that presents useful information about a certain type of product or service, and then follows with a friendly sales offer. Another example is a promotional item that a customer receives free, such as a coffee mug, pen, or calendar imprinted with the company name and a marketing message. The customer receives a sense of value from the item and is thus motivated to buy further items or services. Any set of small business marketing tips should include something concerning this basic concept of value, and any marketing expert is aware of how important this concept is.



Finally, originality and ingenuity are important. There are literally thousands of ways to market products. A business should feel free to be creative in their marketing approaches. A business can try several different avenues – some that are tried and true, and others that are more experimental. Often a marketing expert has tried a great many advertising techniques, and thus has a sense of how broad the possibilities are. A business can get something of this same sense of mastery from simply varying the marketing media and techniques they use.

Consider these small business marketing tips on attitude and perception when designing a marketing strategy for your business, and you may find that the effectiveness of your marketing skyrockets!

Small Business Marketing Tips with a Limited Budget

Small businesses typically need to effectively market products and services based on a limited budget. That does not mean they cannot obtain quality, professional advertising expertise that will precisely fit their marketing plan. A knowledgeable advertising expert can help to implement small business marketing tips like these:

  1. Establish a short-term and long-range marketing plan. One of the most important of small business marketing tips is to decide what the company’s goals are for the coming year. For the next three years? The next five years? Who is the target market? Will supply be able to keep pace with demand? What potential developments, economic or otherwise, could affect the plan? Although any plan is subject to change, the forecast, viewed by a marketing expert at a reputable ad agency helps the company to set goals and organize resources in a strategic, outcome-oriented manner in response to the first of its small business marketing tips.
  2. Consult a marketing expert at an ad agency with an advertising plan preview. If the company cannot afford to pay for a complete marketing campaign, these small business marketing tips recommend examining the budget to see if it will allow for a planning consultation or occasional review of marketing materials by an ad agency. The tasks allocated to the ad agency would not be to design and create materials, but rather, to review and comment on materials designed in-house by small companies, if that is what the budget will allow. An ad agency marketing expert can help to facilitate this process, balancing the small business budget with its marketing needs.
  3. Schedule annual or semi-annual reviews with an ad agency marketing expert. An experienced marketing expert doesn’t have to take a total hands-on approach to developing an advertising program. The expert can discuss the year in review as far as marketing strategies and their impact on the business, and then offer insightul suggestions for adjusting the small business marketing plan for the coming year. A qualified marketing expert can quickly identify any gaps or trouble spots and recommend affordable solutions to covering the target market and reaching sales goals.

Small business marketing tips like these can make a difference in the lifeblood of a smaller company or start-up business. With the understanding that good advertising is critical for the success of any business, especially a small one, companies may want to get in touch with a marketing guru who can readily offer marketing plan suggestions, feedback, or review to ensure the strategies have the best shot at success. In addition to these ideas, a competent advertising expert, based on experience and education, may be able to offer many other types of small business marketing tips.

Small Business Marketing Tips that Work

As a small business owner, you should constantly keep an eye on the best small business marketing tips that help you in promoting your business. These small business marketing tips will ensure that all your marketing efforts are relevant and fresh. We are providing some of the best small business marketing tips that every business owner must know.

* Appeal to the emotions as they easily win over reason – Boutique ad agency GTA suggests that whether on the TV, print, or on the Internet, you must touch the emotions of your audience. If you can connect with them, you can win in your marketing efforts. It’s very easy to evoke sentiments than winning any argument.

* Invest more in online marketing - The marketing expert from Boutique ad agency GTA suggest that small and medium businesses should give due importance to the Internet as it is the future. Having a website is not enough, you must have traffic, good search engine position and robust presence on the social media. If you are not sure on the ways in which you can proceed in online marketing, get in touch with the Boutique ad agency GTA for assistance.

* Buddy marketing -On of the best small business marketing tips is buddy marketing. This is the best way to reach out to the new customers without investing any money. You can tie up with some complimentary businesses to cross promote each others products or services. Boutique ad agency GTA suggests that you should not only tie up in your state, but also in other states to get maximum market exposure.

* Multiple marketing techniques -If you want to get success within a short time, you should hire a reputable marketing expert and use multiple marketing techniques to get the most bang for your buck. There is no surety that one marketing effort will work all the time. So include social media marketing with banner or print media marketing for the best results.

* Maintain a dialogue with your customers - Marketing expert Paul Cookson from the Boutique ad agency GTA suggests that you should keep all communication channels open with your customers. Do surveys, participate in trade shows, offer coupons, and be active on the social media. Hire a marketing expert if you want a sharp and pointed marketing strategy.

* Focus on your existing customers -All those who have done business with you are very likely to do so again. So make sure you have a marketing plan ready. You can hire Boutique ad agency GTA as they will depute a marketing expert. One of the best small business marketing tips is to focus on existing clients as it can offer you best return on your investment.

* Second offers - One of the best small business marketing tips from Boutique ad agency GTA is to immediately offer discount on the second purchase to all those who buy from you. Marketing expert suggests that all such offers should be time bound with an expiration date.

* Use word of mouth promotion -Marketing expert from the boutique ad agency GTA suggests that old fashioned word of mouth marketing also works well. So offer discount offers to your existing customers to encourage them to refer their friends and family members.

Work on all these small business marketing tips, and soon you will see a huge increase in your customer base!

Marketing Plan: Small Business Marketing Tips

Too many small businesses today shutter their doors before even getting off the ground. Don’t let that be your fate. Get a marketing plan and get one today! Get the edge on your uneducated competitors by using these small business marketing tips to jump start your business. Weather you hire a marketing expert at a boutique ad agency GTA or become a market expert yourself, marketing is key to your success.


Start with a plan. What are your business goals? Sit down and write them out, be specific. Is it your goal to increase profits? That’s good, but by how much? Would you like to generate new leads? How many do you want to generate? Would you like to become a household name? Good! Now write down three ways to achieve each goal. The avenues you pursue in route to your goals are your new marketing plan. Stick with the plan. It is ok to get help along the way if you need to. Bring in a boutique ad agency GTA and get a marketing expert to help you craft the nuisances of your plan. You may even find it best to take your list of goals to your new marketing expert and let them craft a marketing strategy that works for you and your small business.


If you want more customers you need to advertise. If you want to generate more profit you need to cut expenses and get more customers. A boutique ad agency GTA can help you do all of these things. A boutique ad agency GTA has the on-the-ground knowledge that you need to make your goals a reality without unnecessarily increasing expenses. A good marking plan will give you a return on your investment many times over.


Stop throwing money at the problem! Place an ad here, buy air time there – those expenses really add up! Get a marketing expert at a boutique ad agency GTA now to create a unified, integrated marketing campaign so that each advertising expenditure you make is part of an orchestrated effort to meet your goals. Your boutique ad agency GTA will find the right places for your marketing messages buy the space or air time and get your message to the masses, your masses. The scatter method only works for so long, usually only as long as you have money. Target your audience with precision by following the advice of a marketing expert to keep your business in business.


Many small businesses fail because they do not have clear goals or marketing plans. Make sure your goals are at the forefront of your mind and are considered with every business decision you or your boutique ad agency GTA make. Follow your new marketing plan. It is the key to your current and future success. A marketing expert can help solidify your goals and create a plan to keep you doors open for years to come. Using these small business marketing tips you will be a marketing expert in no time.

Billboards: When Is Outdoor Advertising Effective For Small Business?

Nearly every driver in the country reads a billboard at one time or another. What messages are effective? Who should use outdoor marketing? Where does a small business start? Use these small business marketing tips to decide if outdoor advertising is right for your business.


Outdoor Advertising in West Hill

Billboards are a marketing tool, not an entire marketing campaign. Cost and message restrictions make billboards a poor substitute for other media. Work with your boutique ad agency GTA to craft billboards to supplement a unified campaign, and keep your brand top of mind with potential customers. A marketing expert can create a unified, integrated campaign the uses outdoor advertising effectively.


Message Effectiveness

Keep outdoor messages to 9 words or less, 6 is ideal. Statistically, drivers can only read 9 words when moving with the flow of traffic. Keep copy large and bold without sacrificing design. Use easy to read fonts. Make sure the design stands out against the skyline. A marketing expert can help you streamline your message.


Design Accordingly

There is a fine line between eye-catching and disruptive. Keep this in mind when having your billboards designed; more is not always better. Just like with copy, do not over do it with design elements. With that said, do look in to new outdoor media like LED boards or scrolling boards. The constant change means that not every single person passing a board will see your message, but the ones that do are drawn to it because your message just popped up and grabbed their attention. Your boutique ad agency GTA can help you choose the right locations and media for your business needs.


Direct Response

Direct response messages are wasted on outdoor space. A well known, easy to remember phone number is an exception, but should still be avoided. Don’t bother putting email addresses, web addresses, phone numbers or mention codes on your outdoor messages. Even if such a message falls within your 9 words or less, drivers cannot write it down while driving. If your goal is to get your phone number or web address in front of potential customers you need to work with a marketing expert to choose another medium.


Know Your Audience

Use the demographics of your current customer base to choose the placement of your outdoor messages. For instance, a designer boutique outdoor message is not as effective near an exit to a sports stadium as it would be if it were next to the exit for a shopping district. Put your message in front of your customers! Place business to business messages along heavy commuter routes. A marketing expert at your boutique ad agency GTA can help you pinpoint the locations that will cost effectively get your message in front of your demographic.

Use these small business marketing tips as a jumping off point. Don’t be intimidated by billboards. A marketing expert at your boutique ad agency can get you on the road to successful outdoor messages today.

10 Marketing Tips You Must Follow

Here are 10 small business marketing tips that will keep you in business, ahead of the game, and on top in your market.

Small Business Marketing Tips For Successful Small Businesses

1. Know Your Audience

Who are you trying to reach, sell to, profit from, with your business? Start broad and get more specific. Narrow it down any way you can; by sex, age, location, etc. This gives you your target demographic.

2. Market To Your Audience

Where does your demo eat, live, work? If you sell pants to 18-26 year old single women, you don’t want to advertise in a children’s magazine or on a park bench outside a nursing home. A marketing expert can help you pinpoint what media are right for your message.

3. Market Effectively

Not every message was made for television, radio or print. Use a marketing expert at a boutique ad agency GTA to help you determine where your message needs to be and at what cost.

4. Hire A Boutique Ad Agency

Marketing is a strategic undertaking. If you would rather spend your time running your business rather than trafficking your advertising, you need to hire someone to market for you. A boutique ad agency GTA will meet all your marketing needs.

5. Have A Marketing Plan

Create a marketing plan or have your boutique ad agency GTA or marketing expert do it for you. Start with your goals. Your marketing plan is how you are going to meet those goals.

6. Stick To Your Plan

Now that you have a marketing plan you need to implement it and stick to it. Just because an advertising sales person from the television station wants to sell you discounted time doesn’t mean your message is right for television. If television isn’t right for your plan, it doesn’t matter what it costs.

7. Don’t Try To Do It All Yourself

Hire help; employees, an accountant, a boutique ad agency GTA, a marketing expert, etc. Get yourself the help you need to be successful.

8. Negotiate

Buying air time for a television commercial? Ask about comp time, what happens when your spot doesn’t air? Make sure you get that time back! Bought an inside cover print ad? Does that come with a smaller ad somewhere else in the same publication or a sister one? Bought space on two outdoor sites, can you get one month’s rental free? Negotiate! Do it yourself or have your boutique ad agency GTA do it for you.

9. Use Your Marketing Expert

If you’ve hired a marketing expert, use them! Have a question about anything marketing related, give them a call. Get a call about a discounted advertising space that fits your marketing plan? Refer them to your marketing expert. Marketing plans are fluid and evolving, utilize your expert to hone that plan to meet your business needs.

10. Enjoy Your Successful Business

Follow these small business tips and you’ll soon be writing your own as a successful small business owner.

Marketing Tips That Help You Prosper

Small Business Marketing Tips – Developing a Boutique ad Agency GTA Marketing Strategy

Every boutique ad agency GTA business – whether big or small – needs this strategy at some point. How to reach your customers? There are so many ways to reach new and existing customers, and you need to choose those means that are effective ones. If you are new to the business, you can even purchase a mailing list from your marketing expert and keep adding new clients to the list. The most desirable clients of your boutique ad agency GTA business want to see something attractive about your venture, so to put your best sellers out, you can use any of the following small business marketing tips – telemarketing, direct mailing, publicity through newspapers, internet and special events. Clients who are serious about keeping a relationship with your company tend to respond to high-end publications and special events.


Small Business Marketing Tips – Surviving in the Recession 

The next question that comes to the mind of a marketing expert might be: How can you even afford to keep the business open when there is a recession? Even when there was a severe depression in the US economy – about 6 percent drop in the gross national product – 94 percent of the businesses survived and continued to grow. This is because, people need things from food, clothing to shelter and vacations all the time. There have always been a time when basic needs and military requirements were crucial to exist and stimulate the economy. A marketing expert will tell that, the main challenge here is to figure our where your business fits in and market your products and services accordingly. Recession can be advantageous, where you can learn about small business marketing tips and things that are in demand and products that have growing markets. This is especially true for small and independent businesses that can capitalize on trends after consulting a marketing expert.



Small Business Marketing Tips – Using the Phenomenon of Online Marketing 

Online marketing is something that is fascinating. Marketing and selling products and services online is an art unto itself. Many people use internet for more than just collecting information. They even commit a lot of time browsing through products and purchasing them, so selling online cuts overhead dramatically for the sellers. Some of the keys to have a successful boutique ad agency GTA business online is to carry unique merchandise and be able to handle the transaction without hassles. Above all, you must be able to correctly represent what you have to offer and reach the customers like a marketing expert through some means of communication. The key is to target a specific audience interested in those products and drive traffic to your site though optimizing search queries. You need to know your customers and those customers need to know that you are interested in serving them for the long-haul.


Small Business Marketing Tips – Conclusion

Finally, remember that from the day you start your boutique ad agency GTA business, thinking marketing as a separate entity is a must. Make decisions like a marketing expert on the based on what is in the best interest of your venture. This can make the boutique ad agency GTA business likely to survive and succeed. And when the point comes to give a upliftment, you will have a track record of the success that will add value to your business.

Why hire a marketing expert?

It’s a question that business owners, particularly small business owners, ask anytime the topic of marketing comes up. Why would I need to hire a marketing expert? Can’t I do it myself? Can I get my money back out of marketing? Well, let’s take these questions one at a time. Along the way, we might discover a few small business marketing tips.

Yes, you can do this on your own. There is a science and art to marketing that you can learn to do. The real question to ask is: Did you get into business to become a marketing expert or an ad agency? Unless you are in the marketing industry, then you probably didn’t. Small business marketing is all about placing information well and consistently.

Warning – small business marketing tips: Choose a marketing expert that you can speak with. There are thousands of companies that will do marketing for you over the Internet. That might work out fine, but what happens if something goes wrong? In some cases, its best to work with someone who is in your own country and that you can speak in person with if you have questions or problems.

How should you handle your marketing expert or ad agency? It’s very difficult to track precisely what you get from any given advertisement, unless you use online marketing and count per click. This is the age-old problem with marketing: how to ensure that you can find your Return on Investment.

So, one of these small business marketing tips that you won’t hear very often from a marketing expert: Make sure your contract with your ad agency includes systems for measuring performance that are iron-clad. It might be an increase in traffic or a certain number of clicks per month, but what ever it is, it needs to be part of your agreement.

Here another one of my small business marketing tips: Once you have an agreement, let your expert do their job without constant interference from you. Once you have given them instructions and you know how you are going to measure their performance, let them do their job. You don’t stand over the cable guy while he’s working telling him what to do. Why would you look over the shoulder of a marketing expert or ad agency that you chose to do a great job?

So… back to the original question: Why hire a marketing expert? What about an ad agency?

No reason… unless you want to do it all by yourself, …unless you want spend your time learning to do your own marketing, …unless you want to find the connections and outlets for your marketing. How’s that for scary small business marketing tips.

Yeah, probably not. So what should you do?

Call AdArmyGroup and get a free consultation with me. As the CEO of AdArmyGroup, I want us to be your ad agency. Get an honest, realistic assessment of your marketing needs and I explain “Why hire a marketing expert?” Also, keep reading for more small business marketing tips.

Why Many Great Business Ideas Fail?

Why Many Great Business Ideas Fail? 

Almost every day, someone comes up with a remarkable business idea. They have the drive, resources such as a few small business marketing tips they noted and maybe even contacts. Yet, the one person they forgot to include on their team is a good marketing expert that has ad agency experience.

While there are many great small business marketing tips to be found both offline and online, this is only the tip of the iceberg. One reason is that many of those wonderful articles were not written by a marketing expert. Of those many people that consider themselves aspiring entrepreneurs, only a small percentage know the real value of using an ad agency with a strong reputation for delivering results.

Those same people may also be able to tell the difference between an expense and an investment. Taking time to find the right ad agency cannot be emphasized enough. Where many novice business owners go wrong is by assuming they can be their own marketing expert. While they may be able to take on duties direct mailing, managing social media accounts and canvassing with no problem, the art of good promotion cannot be learned in a weekend.


Find a Marketing Expert in West Hill?

In the virtual world, anyone can get information like small business marketing tips for free, but this should not be considered a substitute for an ad agency. Though many small business tips found online are helpful, they are not meant for every business. A marketing expert can immediately locate the right tools and methods that will help to target the right audience.

When going out to get customers, making the perfect shot is better than the number of shots made. This is where some new business owners get confused and why a market expert is necessary. The issue with small business marketing tips is that they are not meant for every business. Trying each one can be a waste of energy, money and time for the business owner.

A person with ad agency experience knows how to find the right demographic and utilizes the right tools to reach out to them immediately. Timing is especially important when it comes to finding the right customers. It takes time to create a strategy that they will comprehend best and it takes time to create a number of campaigns that will consistently hold their attention.

This is the other common problem in business but may not necessarily be the fault of the owner. There are only so many hours in a day that a person can learn effective marketing techniques and use them the way an ad agency would. While small business marketing tips are great and should be noted, using these in combination with the services of marketing expert will bring greater rewards.

There are many people who run successful businesses and one way they stay ahead is by choosing great team players. The false sense of pride or penny-pinching methods can only hurt a business when a marketing expert along with small business marketing tips are not used.