Marketing Tips for your Business

There are a lot of ducks to get in a line when you’re getting ready to market your business. Because every business is different, there is not one surefire marketing campaign that will work for every single company out there. Instead, you have to choose the best strategies that match up with your type of business and target audience. Your first step is to gather an army of marketing ideas and then integrate the ones will work best for you into your business.

Naming Your Company

Your company’s name says a lot about you. It’s important to choose name that’s easy to remember, simple to understand and that communicates the core of your business. Follow these marketing suggestions when choosing the perfect name for your business:

  1. Avoid acronyms, which are difficult to remember and don’t effectively communicate what your company does.
  2. If possible, start your company name with an “A.” This way, you’ll be one of the first listed in directories.
  3. Choose a name that clarified what your business does.
  4. Make the second part of your business name a short tag line. This is your second opportunity to communicate what your business does and why you’re different than the competition.
  5. Develop your business name to combat your competition. This may mean including in your business name something that your competition lacks.

Web Design That Works

A business isn’t a business without a website. Simply setting up a few attractive web pages isn’t enough, though. Your website has to be accurate, regularly updated, visually appealing, easy to use and also well-ranked on Google and other search engines. A huge part of web design is SEO, and unless you’re an SEO expert, you’ll need a company that specializes in search engine optimization.

There are various elements of a website, including:

  • Images that make an impact
  • Quality content
  • Call to action

Without these elements in line – and more – your website won’t be able to beat the competition.

Social Media Marketing

In today’s world, Facebook and other social media sites aren’t just for connecting with your long lost friends. They’re also widely used by businesses and professionals to boost their business, connect with clients and drive up sales. There are a host of social media platforms that you can use for your business, including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr

The key to using these social media sites is to connect with people instead of assuming everyone will notice what you’re doing online without you having to interact with them. Today’s consumers are savvy to the same old marketing ploys and they simply don’t work the way they used to. Instead, you have to communicate with your clients, get into a conversation with them and interact with them on a personal level.

Hiring Models to Help Market

Certain types of businesses will benefit from having either a male or female model posing for images. For example, retail or lifestyle companies are wise to showcase attractive people in their advertising. It doesn’t have to cost a bundle to hire talent, either. Many models are looking to build their portfolio and will work for less than experienced professionals. This doesn’t make them any less talented, though!

Maintaing a Consistent Business Image

Your business’ logo is extremely important. It’s going to be – or at least, should be – used on every type of marketing you have out there, from your business card to your storefront. Ensuring that your marketing materials have the same, consistent look is key to being recognized by consumers. Businesses that fail to have a consistent business image confuse consumers, which means that they eventually lose out on their business. Creating and maintaing synergy is vital to making a lasting impression.

Car Wraps

Not every business has vehicles on the road, but if yours does, car wraps are an excellent, effective marketing tool. You can have your car wrapped with your business name, logo and whatever advertising message you choose. This means more exposure for your business, which will lead to more clients. Both pedestrians, bicyclists and other vehicles on the road will see your message as you pass by. The best part is that you only have to pay for the car wrap one time – then, the car wrap pays you back many times over.

Giving Back

Whatever type of business you own, you have an opportunity to give back to the community. Doing pro bono work has a variety of benefits aside from the great feeling that comes from helping people. Offering your services and asking for nothing in exchange connects you to your community, increases the possibility that you’ll gain new clients and also helps you to hone your business skills just a little bit more. Plus, doing things for free communicates to the public that you’re an expert in your field. For example, if you’re asked to give a lecture at a college, it must be because you know what you’re talking about, right?

Put the Right Attitude Forward

Bad service is even more memorable than good service, which means that if you make one bad impression, it will follow you more closely than the several good impressions you’ve made during your career. Finding and retaining clients comes from treating them well and forming solid, trusting relationships with them. People expect good service – if you provide it, other consumers will find out, with time. If you provide bad service, though, the news will travel like wildfire and it could have an immediate impact on your business.

About Ad Army Group

Marketing consultant Paul Cookson, Owner of Ad Army Group, studied advertising while in college. After graduating, he became part of a boutique advertising agency and was mentored by management. While at the agency, Paul learned how to develop and implement successful advertising and marketing strategies. Eventually, Paul was able to open up offices for the agency in both the U.S. and Canada.

Eventually, a startup company noticed Paul’s marketing talents and asked him to build their business from the ground up. As the General Manager, Paul ran an extremely successful marketing campaign that targeted doctors in the Ontario area. Thanks to Paul’s marketing plan, the business expanded, took on additional employees and sales went through the roof.

From then on, Paul worked for different companies, helping them to increase their sales and implementing marketing strategies that proved effective. Paul has experience as a Senior Vice Presidents of Sales and Marketing and also as a Marketing Advisor. In 2005, Paul decided to start his own marketing business in order to help manufacturers, distributors and retailers sell and develop products. His business, Advantage Sales Group Canada Inc. has a marketing division, Ad Army Group, and an advertising agency, Ad Army Group.

Paul Cookson’s advertising agency, Ad Army Group, provides customers with a portal for finding all of the marketing strategies that are necessary to running a successful business. The agency helps customers with a variety of marketing endeavors, including:

  • Developing marketing strategies
  • Product development
  • Sourcing
  • Marketing services
  • Product inception
  • Safe shipping

Ad Army Group has extensive experience working with business owners and marketing managers to help them create a marketing strategy that works. Our list of high-end clients includes the Loblaws supermarket chain, CVS pharmacy in the United States, Canadian Tire, Toshiba and Soup It Up. We also work with professional athletes, including hockey players Darryl Sittler and Curtis Joseph; RE/MAX real estate agents; dentists; and models, including Monika Schnarre. Additional clients include:

  • All Smiles Dental Centres
  • Jamie Allison
  • CanFund
  • Chubby Chaser
  • CRO-MAG Fitness Coaching
  • Darryl Sittler
  • Dixon Hall Charity
  • Eric Lindros
  • Falon’s Makeup
  • Good Roads
  • Health Matters
  • Human Potential Plus
  • Curtis Joseph
  • Keep the Faith
  • Funarama Photo Booth
  • The Image
  • Ironhead
  • Zenon Konopka
  • Muskoka Equipment Company
  • My Pop Star Party
  • Ryan O’Reilly
  • Pacific Indulgence Spa
  • Raccoon Guys
  • Redfish Studios
  • Skin Vitality
  • Wayne Simmonds
  • South of Temperance
  • Studio Licensing Inc. Marketing
  • Sullivan Lawn and Snow Services
  • TFS Inc.
  • Tim Leyes Photography
  • Top Dog Collectibles
  • Toronto Hockey Centre
  • Total Contracting Group
  • Trillium College
  • Walk 4 Diabetes
  • West Rouge Community Association
  • The Winemaker’s Report
  • ZK Wines

The team at Ad Army Group includes Marketing Consultant and Creative Director Paul Cookson; Graphic Designer and Developer Angus Wu; Michael Hanson, who’s in charge of Music and Jingle Production; SEO Specialist Rob Teitelman; SEO Expert Paul Teitelman; and Bookkeeper Patti Anne-Lee.

The Ad Army Group is the number one company to call in Toronto if you need marketing tips. We have experience working with a variety of successful clients and we know that we have the information to help your business, too. No matter what type of business you own, marketing consultant Paul Cookson and his team of experts can help.

Ad Army Group is a leading source for marketing tips and advice. We understand the world of marketing and know how to make your phone ring off the hook – it starts with an exciting marketing strategy that will make your business stand out from the crowd. Call Paul Cookson today at (416) 286-2860.

Our CEO, Paul Cookson writes a marketing column called “Ask An Ace” and now produces an advertising and marketing podcast called Marketing 411.
Paul has over 20 years of experience working first for a boutique Ad Agency in Toronto assisting its clients by developing successful marketing strategies. Next, Paul moved on to becoming a partner and key member of other various companies improving their bottom lines with well documented sales growth.
One company in particular, Paul took MJF Associates from 2 million in sales to 42 million in sales a year. Another company went from losing 20K a month to becoming a 12 million a year sales juggernaut.
Paul and his experienced team would like to bring their “Know How” to your business and make it the success story that you’ve always wanted but didn’t have the tools.    Check out Paul’s articles and TV productions and give us a call so that we can talk one on one and get your business on the right track.

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