The Importance of a Celebrity PR Campaign

Being a celebrity is a lot more complicated than leading a more typically normal life due to the additional pressures of being an all-purpose public figure and having a “brand” to cultivate. Every celebrity and all successful business owners need to promote their brand with a celebrity PR campaign while also having the resources to schedule and handle media inquiries and other activities that are commonplace with the celebrity and public lifestyle. An effective and adaptable celebrity PR campaign is what helps to cultivate a brand while also easing the pressure of dealing with media and potential negative stories.

An effective celebrity PR campaign in Toronto and other parts of Canada will utilize several strategies and tactics to deal with the public aspect of being a celebrity. Anyone who is a celebrity is defined as an “all-purpose public figure.” That means the public has an interest in a celebrity and the individual who is a celebrity essentially has less of a private life when outside of the home. PR firms like the Ad Army Group help celebrities create a celebrity PR campaign to deal with the daily management of a public profile and how to best cultivate it for increased value.

Public Image Brand Management

Because the public must determine who among the many in society will be celebrities, the public has a vested interest in an all-purpose public figure. An effective celebrity PR campaign can help with cultivating the fame and developing a positive brand for a celebrity as well as successful business owners to help ensure their continued success over an extended period of time, which is what an ad agency like the Ad Army Group accomplishes. Instead of leaving celebrities to their own devices, experienced PR firms like the Ad Army Group can help to create an effective celebrity PR campaign that better enables the fulfillment of career goals and deal with the public.

The public essentially owns celebrity and has the power to give it and take it away. The public also essentially determines what a “brand” truly means. When developing a brand through a celebrity PR campaign, celebrities and successful business owners must keep in mind that the public ultimately defines what a brand is in their minds, and that brand image might be positive or negative. Ad Army Group and its public relations experts help celebrities to take control of their public images and use it to their best advantage with a well-planned celebrity PR campaign.

Adaptable Celebrity PR Campaigns

Those celebrities who are trying to develop a brand image or change an existing brand image must have a comprehensive celebrity PR campaign in place to help measure results and adapt strategies and tactics to better hit the intended mark. Ad Army Group creates comprehensive public relations campaigns for celebrities that utilize online, broadcast and print media channels to assist in reaching established and measurable goals and outcomes. When a comprehensive and adaptable PR campaign is followed, celebrities have more time to focus on more personal matters while also being able to perform better when being interviewed by media or attending public events.

Grant Fuhr Toronto Media PR Campaign

A good example of how Ad Army Group and its experts helped to create an effective celebrity PR campaign is National Hockey League Hall-of-Famer Grant Fuhr’s recent visit to Toronto. Fuhr won five Lord Stanley’s Cup trophies while goaltending for the Edmonton Oilers and its legendary captain, Wayne Gretzky. Gretzky says Fuhr is the greatest goalie in the history of the sport, and Fuhr played two seasons for the Toronto Maple Leafs as well as other teams. With the assistance of the Ad Army Group and its CEO, Paul Cookson, Fuhr executed a very busy and highly effective celebrity PR campaign that crossed multiple media channels and platforms while extending Fuhr’s reach among Toronto-area residents.

Cookson and other experts at Ad Army Group created Fuhr’s official website,, and its official logo to help better define Fuhr’s brand and public image while also enabling him to obtain more bookings for public appearances. While in Toronto, Cookson and others helped Fuhr make several appearances and complete many interviews that generated a great deal of positive publicity in accordance with the celebrity PR campaign prepared for him. He completed several television and radio interviews as well as interviews with print media and photo shoots for pictures. Toronto Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly dined with Fuhr at Wayne Gretzky’s Restaurant and presented an official city scroll and pin of Toronto to the Hall-of-Fame goalie.

Other public appearances also were arranged and the itinerary followed with the assistance of marketing expert Paul Cookson, who spent time with Fuhr and Ad Army Group to assess the effectiveness of the first day and make adjustments for the remaining day of media interviews, public appearances and photo shoots.

Measurable Outcomes of Public Relations

There are many upsides to the well-designed and measurable celebrity PR campaign Toronto experienced during Fuhr’s February visit. The ad agency came in with well-defined goals and specific media channels and vehicles defined. There are many measures that can be provided from the campaign, such as numbers of media hits among various print, broadcast and online vehicles, analysis of articles and broadcast media for positive as well a negative media references, impacts on public-appearance bookings for Fuhr, website visits and possible focus group discussions or follow-up surveys.

With the help of the Ad Army Group and CEO Paul Cookson, marketing expert, Fuhr and other celebrities could focus on taking care of personal matters between public appearances and media interviews while the ad agency and its expert personnel attended to the planning and execution. Fuhr was able to focus on the messages developed with the assistance of the ad agency while not having to bother with the scheduling and many other logistical elements of creating and executing an effective PR campaign.

Public Relation in Crisis Management

While it always is preferable to generate positive media, sometimes, bad things happen to even good celebrities and successful business owners. A good celebrity PR campaign will have contingencies in place for potential negative publicity that might arise from a personal crisis or other event. The crisis might be legal in nature, such as a lawsuit or a violation of the law resulting in charges. Or it could be the sudden loss of a spouse or other family member or possibly something with a potential for great public embarrassment, such as a public revelation of a personal wrong.

Crisis management is a critical component if any good celebrity PR campaign, and having one is place helps to assure any relevant facts are provided to the right sources to limit potential damage and begin counter-messaging. Having a public voice and being able to use it to effectively relevant targeted audiences can help with damage control and message development phases of crisis communications while ensuring the right facts are being reported. Done properly, a potential crisis can be use to communicate effectively while generating positive publicity. Paul Cookson and the other experts at Ad Army group can help prepare crisis communication plans so that celebrities and prominent business owners effectively can deal with media and impacted publics during a time of potential crisis.

Free, No-Obligation PR Consulting Services

Using the celebrity PR campaign experts at Ad Army Group is very simple and can be initiated by a single phone call to obtain a no-obligation consultation from experts like Paul Cookson. The marketing experts at the Ad Army Group can help create online websites for clients and support them with effective search engine optimization that will enable them to rank highly on the most important search engines for finding websites. Whether the client is a business owner or a famous celebrity, having a strong presence on search engines like Google can generate a great deal of relevant online traffic that ultimately could improve profitability. And celebrities can use the increased and verifiable online visits to promote more sponsorship support for their sites as well as the number of scheduled public appearances and other events that can enhance the images and incomes of all-purpose public figures.

When utilizing a good celebrity PR campaign, anyone who must interact with the general public or media can do so more effectively. And when experts like Paul Cookson and others at the Ad Army Group work with successful business owners and others to develop a celebrity PR campaign to promote their businesses, brands and personalities, the potential for a high return on investment exists. Communicating effectively with the public, media and constituents is easier when having the experience of the Ad Army Group available to determine the best channels and vehicles and to help plan and prepare for media inquiries and public appearances.

Business owners and celebrities who want to have their own celebrity PR campaign created can contact the Ad Army Group by telephone at 416-271-7994 and visit its website at The skilled marketing experts at the Ad Army Group will provide a free consultation.

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