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Paul Cookson is a renowned small business marketing consultant operating from Toronto, Canada. After graduation in advertising major, he started his own advertising agency to implement advertising and marketing solutions for a sold clientele base in Canada and USA. He is now a successful small business marketing consultant.

General Manager at Addiction Recovery Centre: Achieved sales of $0.12 million from a mere $5,000 per month.
Marketing advisor for weight loss centre at Ajax, Ontario: Started the popular radio promotion program “The Daily Weigh In”, to pit competing DJ’s on KX96 station for observing who loses more weight. The program managed to lift sales from $12,000 to $0.20 million per month.
Started own venture Advantage Sales Group Canada Inc.: It provides services for trademark creation, product development, sourcing overseas product mix imports, setting up production facilities. Popular clientele include Muskoka Equipment Company, Canadian Tire, Shoppers Drug Mart and CVS Drugs.
Currently he the small business marketing consultant for much small and large business organization.

The latest achievements of Paul Cookson include:
– starting his own website design studio Ad Army Group
– marketing consultancy platform hireanace.com
– beginning an advertising agency adarmygroup.com

The latest two offerings in Cookson’s portfolio are meant to provide customers a single window shopping experience for development of products, marketing services and sourcing opportunities. It also provides strategic consultancy through the supply chain right from the genesis of a product till its culmination into sales and finally through the logistics of shipping and transportation. He and his company is acting as a compete small business marketing consultant.

The marketing consultancy services offered by Ad Army Group and Ad Army Group cater mainly to small businesses like retailers, distributors and manufacturers in and around North America. However, the businesses are now open to seeking new clients throughout the world to avail the marketing expertise of Paul Cookson. Appointing him as small business marketing consultant will take your business to a new realm.

Paul Cookson is renowned for using innovative media for his marketing strategies ranging from popular media like ubiquitous advertisements in mass media to radio advertisements and programs and television shows too.

Also, he harnesses the potential of internet in terms of promotion on websites, SEO strategy development, producing content for generating full-fledged video production activities.

The stunning websites created by Paul Cookson and his advertisement army help customers with proper call to action services. They are not only well researched and optimized but also W3C validated too.

The stress laid by Paul Cookson’s strategies is not only to generate traffic for the websites, but also to convert them into sales by “getting the call ringing” literally. Hence, the stress is not only on creating stunning video graphics, but also providing targeted content for accurate dissemination of information to the customers who would benefit the most from the service offerings. Modern small business marketing consultant always put emphasis on on-line and so does Paul Cookson.

A lot of small businesses have already benefited a lot from Cookson’s ability to shatter the age old myths of implementing traditional marketing strategies to drive sales and using innovative techniques and processes. He is a modern small business marketing consultant and is equipped with all sorts of modern tools. The marketing consultancy expertise in Cookson can be vouched from the testimonials by the clients on the websites.

Hence, there is no need to look ahead in your search for the perfect small business marketing consultant. Just go ahead and contact Paul Cookson to get affordable, reliable and effective marketing consultancy service for your small business through the above-mentioned websites.

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