Failing Small Business?

A small business does not have too much money for marketing and advertising. The advertising budget of small businesses is nothing in comparison to the ones set aside by large business houses. As a result, many small businesses face stagnant sales, low sales and dipping profits. At times like these, hiring a small business marketing consultant will do immense good to the small business. The efficient marketing consultant will devise a good marketing formula for the business and make sure the business is presented and marketed in a better manner to reach the target audience. A small business marketing consultant like the AdArmy group is very well known in and around Toronto for adhering to all the marketing needs to small businesses in the area.

Headed by Paul Cookson, the AdArmy Group is an advertising agency and a marketing specialist.

Cookson is a marketing expert and he has been active in the field for over 20 years. Cookson and his web design firm Acewebdesign have helped develop stunning and user interactive websites for small businesses. A small business marketing consultant like the AdArmy Group will help a small business make a business turnaround and this way the business can fight poor performance and low sales. Cookson is passionate about his job and he personally reviews every website designed by his team of talented website designers and developers.

Web design Toronto has seen a new side to website designing after the Acewebdesign firm came to life.

This small business marketing consultant has a team of talented and well trained artists, graphic designers, website designers, SEO professionals and website programmers who put together their heads and come up with very stunning and visually appealing websites. A well designed website alone does not complete the job; the website should also adhere to search engine optimization. SEO techniques are many and everyday you have the latest SEO techniques, which are being used by the website developers to ensure that the websites they design get top search engine rankings.

Toronto is a hub for small businesses and the small business marketing consultant has immensely helped many of these small businesses. Small businesses require a powerful and well researched marketing strategy to fight the stiff competition from the large businesses. The advertising and marketing professionals at the small business marketing consultant do just that. They research and analyze the product, the market, the company, the company goals and even the marketing strategies of the competitors. After taking into consideration all the above aspects, they devise the best marketing strategy for the small business.

Paul Cookson has trademarked “Certified Smart Web Design” so that it becomes a symbol of all the future websites designed by his web design firm.

Websites, which come under “Certified Smart Web Design”, have to meet certain criteria. The criteria includes being visually stunning, have proper call to action, be optimized, have web video production, have proven marketing characteristics and be properly coded and W3C validated. All websites designed by the small business marketing consultant adhere to the above criteria and they help small businesses make a turnaround.

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