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Vanessa Roman Real Estate Agent & TV Host

When Vanessa Roman HGTV host of “Reno vs. Relocate” needed a branded, user-friendly website to promote her work as a Realtor and TV personality, she turned to AdArmyGroup.com.

The AdArmyGroup.com solution was to create a long-term digital marketing strategy and PR consulting plan to expand Vanessa’s exposure among her key demographic – an attractive online portal to her professional world.

Ad Army Group created a robust, exciting brand identity and helped her reach her audiences with news articles, social media strategy, a new radio show and also created an in-depth, effective PR and marketing strategy that helped her win new business and increase her exposure.

Her new site is a blend of practical interactive design, creativity and brand identity expertise.

High-quality imagery was essential – along with video to keep a site vibrant. We were careful to design Vanessa’s site for space to allow embedded videos to highlight her latest interviews.

Across platforms, and across various target markets, a flexible web strategy in place can help you site grow to accommodate features to meet changing circumstances.

Whether you are a business owner, marketing manager or a start-up, we can help you take your business over the next ridge.

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Vanessa Roman




Full marketing strategy, PR consulting, brand identity and innovative interactive website design along with video.

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