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Darryl Sittler

As leading athlete marketing strategy experts, Ad Army Group created a new brand identity and a user-friendly website design that highlighted Darryl’s legendary career from the beginning – right back to his first hockey card.

But our website designers and developers created more than a website for Darryl. We brought his story to life with videos, photography and a marketing strategy that increased Daryl’s public engagement and charity appearances.

For champion athletes like Darryl Sittler web development is an important part of the second half of their career.

AdArmyGroup.com designed a website that displays all his accomplishments, including his successes and dedication to charity. Our strategic marketing direction and web development activities allowed Daryl to increase his engagement with the public.

Results are key to a successful web development strategy. So we create marketing strategies and interactive designs and brand identities that will help our clients get business over the long term.

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Darryl Sittler




Impactful brand identity, marketing strategy and website and that reflected Darryl’s entire career that provided tools for the future.

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