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When promoting your products and services, it’s often difficult to communicate your message to the public. This can be of great benefit to your reputation if it’s done correctly. However; accomplishing this can often end up putting people off rather than enticing them. Consider this; if you add a professional video to your website, you allow people to receive your message directly and effectively.

At Ad Army Group Marketing Services, Paul Cookson and his team of professionals understand how to put the best spin on what your business is offering. With many years of experience, they can work with you on the type of video production you would benefit best from, and then make it happen.

Video Customer Testimonials work 

Lately, there are many advertisers that will use clever forms of customer testimonials in their TV and radio ads. One such example is a prepared foods campaign that used amateur video of children fussing over dishes they did not want to eat; then cutting away to kids enjoying this company’s products at mealtime. This is but one example of how word of mouth via video is an effective way to advertise.

Paul Cookson and his team are experts in this field. They can give you great results without breaking the bank. And they do this while also elevating your corporate presence on the world-wide web. Customer testimonials have fantastic benefits to them. They send a message that someone like them has used your product and services and were thrilled as a result. They also aren’t expensive to produce, and often help create a need as well while building confidence in your brand.

Elevating Google Rankings Through Social Media

It’s a proven fact that Google search results through proper SEO  (Search Engine Optimization) strategies tend to favour websites that include media elements. This is largely due to tie-ins through social media and video streaming. Ad Army Group Marketing Services are fully equipped to take your business to the next level using these powerful tools. When you include video on your website, you’re giving your business a boost in search engine rankings. A well-produced video will capture public attention, and the new word of mouth, or “sharing” through tablets, phones and computers will create potent sales opportunities.

In today’s new economic climate; its important fact that brick and mortar businesses need to create customer awareness online. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are some of the heavy hitters that can help make that possible. Online promotion these days is key to keeping your business in the black. Most individuals will often scroll past print ads; preferring an interesting video instead. Major corporations understand this fact, and will feature their products through social media feeds using video to sell their product. So, why not you?

At Ad Army Group Marketing Services, Paul Cookson knows how to create a targeted video that will get higher SEO rankings with major search engines such as Google and Bing. In doing so, Paul and his team also have the know-how and experience to funnel these videos through social media feeds. This creates familiarity with future customers while creating a need for a product or service.

Get Professional Marketing Results

We’ve all seen pieced together local commercials that left a less than positive impression on us. On the flip side; sometimes an overly produced ad has done anything but piqued our interest. There is a fine balance that’s needed to not only get a person to watch a video advertisement, but to want to pass on that message. At Ad Army Group Marketing Services, Paul Cookson and his team know how to create an eye-catching video. They also can promote your business through events such as golf tournaments; creating not only public awareness, but branding confidence as well. You’ll be proud to add video to your website knowing you’re showing consumers your best self while making your business consumer approachable in the process.

Raising Consumer Confidence in your Automobile Dealership

It’s a pretty common fact that few trust car dealerships. While there may be some bad blood between the auto buying public and less than savoury operators; most dealerships offer their customers decent value for the money. So, why not convey that message through a handsomely produced video ad?

The team at Ad Army Group Marketing Services can not only bring your brand into public awareness, they are experts when it comes to putting a face to the name. Consumer confidence often stems from familiarity, honesty as well as approachability. A well-made video ad can make that happen while growing your business with the new clients you’ll be reaching. All this can be had when you add a professional video to your website.

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