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Video Gets Attention!

Adding video to your website and incorporating it into your marketing & social media efforts gets the attention of consumers more than just having a lot of text and it also has SEO benefits. Scroll through some of the videos on this page and take a look at our work.

Ad Army Group Video Production

We can produce one or a series of 1 to 2 minute videos for your business. We keep them 2 minutes or less in length because studies show the maximum attention span of consumers falls right off after 2 minutes. The theme of what we produce for you can range from testimonials, company overviews and product highlight videos to promote yourself. Give Paul Cookson a call at 416-271-7994 to discuss your video production requirements.

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Video Production Toronto

AdArmyGroup is a full service Toronto video production and website design company focused on high-end, entrepreneurial and corporate video production. In our video production services, capturing and integrating powerful and sustainable marketing strategies, we use a full set of marketing and brand building tools as part of various productions including:

  • Event videos
  • Internet videos
  • Corporate communications
  • Motion graphics
  • Marketing videos and DVD
  • Voiceovers and custom music
  • Print ads and billboards
  • Education and training videos
  • Web development, campaigns and commercials
  • Client story and testimonial

The essence of our video production work is to communicate your story. We approach each project with the same aim: to make our client’s message notable and unforgettable. To achieve this end, we use unbridled creativity, exacting standards, fearless ideas and technical excellence.

Using the industry’s finest optics and camera technology, AdArmyGroup helps to build your brand. As a seasoned and renowned marketing expert, our CEO, Paul Cookson, understands that video content is one of the most effective ways to communicate your message. Paul recognizes that video marketing is usable in a variety of scenarios. For example, your website may need the following: product and service testimonial videos, thank you videos, welcome videos, product demonstrations, training videos, web presenter videos, help section videos, FAQ videos, parody videos and interview videos featuring eminent industry experts. AdArmyGroup brainstorms and formulates ideas to ensure that you have the powerful tools needed to achieve such aims.

Our Video Production Toronto Portfolio

As a leading source for video production in Toronto, we embrace video production because it has the matchless potential to transform your company. Our clients have experienced remarkable success through investing in our services. Furthermore, we attract a high-profile list of clients to include Toshiba, Darryl Sittler, Monica Schnarre, Eric Lindros, Liam Robertson, RE/MAX, soup it UP and many more.

When Toshiba was looking to commemorate its Toshiba Customer Appreciation Event, we captured candid footage that memorialized the occasion. An organization can say what its company event or culture resembles, but through a visual medium, the statement has much more influence.

Poignant messages generally gain greater viewer awareness via video. For example, when Colon Cancer Canada sought a commercial to film hockey legend Darryl Sittler recounting his personal link to colon cancer, AdArmyGroup delivered a hard-hitting, quality video that conveyed the message effectively. This example is precisely the sort of help that companies need to bring awareness and visibility to important initiatives.

When restaurant chain soup it UP, headquartered in the heart of Toronto’s business district, sought a franchising video for expansion purposes, they contacted us. They asked us to design a concept, create the website, conduct the programming and implement everything into production. At AdArmyGroup, we understand the importance of capitalizing on market opportunities, so we provided a high-resolution video with stunning visuals and a persuasive narrative angled toward major centers throughout Canada and major U.S. markets. Likewise, we fashioned custom bulletins, graphics and customizable Soup of the Day plugins to help soup it UP better service their patrons. Among other benefits, the project led to a more streamlined business concept, more visibility and interest, including easier website data input and retrieval.

Hockey legend Eric Lindrons chose us to capture and abridge several highlights of his illustrious career on video. Like our other professional athlete clients, it was important to Eric that we capture his moments in a meaningful, storytelling fashion that would forever memorialize his stellar performances. Filled with electric-paced score goals set to corresponding climatic music, the 10-minute video was of movie quality, refined and emotive. The video captivates viewers, as if viewers could relieve each moment. Similar clients come to us because we offer such high-level, polished services.

In choosing us to communicate your story digitally, each client receives tailored consideration. No two projects are alike, and no two companies are alike. Supermodel Monika Schnarre, for example, used our services to elevate her brand. We outlined and constructed a new website to display her work for fans with upscale features. We also built a store on the site to promote her eyewear line. We achieved our goal in making her idea come to life.

On our Toshiba dealer project, we examined every component of Business Systems’ old website to decode the flaws. We elected to implement the highly effective and acclaimed WordPress content management system (CMS) to expedite and simplify the way employees craft and upload content to the site. When an authorized Toshiba dealer comes to us in Toronto, it demonstrates the degree of skill and expertise we offer our clients.

Established as a trusted, genius-marketing company, AdArmyGroup is unlike most corporate video production Toronto companies. Our level of proficiency is rare. As such, firms turn to us for our shrewd marketing ability and business acumen. We understand marketing, and we know how to generate interest in a brand. Our clientele consists of an assortment of small and large business professionals, CEOs, celebrities, marketing managers and professional athletes.

Benefits of Video

Paul Cookson believes that video, like other forms of media, is a tool companies can use to thrive. A skillfully constructed video can increase credibility in the eyes of potential and existing customers. An eye-catching video on your website can show you as a recognized authority in your industry. Making your brand visible creates transparency, which can allay customer concerns about your authenticity.

With more than 20 years of sales, marketing and entrepreneurial experience, Paul injects his wisdom in every project. He does so to help you circumvent common business pitfalls: lack of media presence, ineffectual advertisement, poor market research, poor marketing strategy, poor use of resources, inability to define and attract target market properly and ineffectual product launches.

Over the years, Paul and his team have spearheaded new ways to do video production in the Toronto area. The results have been impressive, and our clients continue to solicit our services. Paul’s long record of accomplishment helping beleaguered and stale enterprises renovate and upgrade using prudent, creative successful marketing schemes trumps the records of many video production companies Toronto has to offer.

We aspire to be the most resourceful video production Toronto has to offer, and we are excited to extol the virtues of your product or company. Among the video production companies Toronto supplies, AdArmyGroup is in a reigning class of its own. Our get-the-phone-ringing marketing strategies can work brilliantly for you.

For many, videos provide visual stimulation with far more appeal. We understand that some users prefer videos to written publications. Using video tutorials and other video-related data on your site can reduce the amount of customer service requests significantly.

Use of video can expand your market while giving your brand a distinct face and voice. Given the interconnected state of the world, this notion rings even truer. Companies can use these videos on social mediums for added exposure. AdArmyGroup’s portfolio of industry-leading clients demonstrates the utility of our services.

How You Can Benefit from AdArmyGroup

Sports highlight videos, for instance, are the most effective way to promote and celebrate your reign as an athlete. These videos may include player statistics, player interviews, pivotal games, press conferences and coach testimonials. Our professionally mastered videos on a well-crafted, easy-to navigate, powerful website can build your brand loyalty over many generations.

Internet and television commercials can have significant bearing on sales, expansion, brand loyalty and acceptance for business owners. Creating a fitting commercial can build customer confidence, affording you an opportunity to demonstrate your unique service to a target audience. Using the latest equipment, we can make a relatable, trailblazing commercial for you that will resonate with your customers. Our corporate video production experiences make us a proven and reliable choice.

Whether you are a business owner, athlete or marketing manager, you can use our video production services to raise awareness for your favorite social or philanthropic causes. These videos can also serve as supplements on your website.

Moreover, people are characteristically visual creatures. Hence, a sleek, high-functioning website and innovative video can appeal to their senses. You have the benefit of gaining their attention.

With technological advances, multimedia, motion imagery and sound have become some of the most effective and preferable ways to communicate business ideas and brand values to customers. As such, Paul and his winning team maintain and pursue their commitments toward ensuring and providing the finest video production and optimum websites to our clients.

As an experienced corporate video production Toronto firm, AdArmyGroup’s artisanship and business intelligence often lead to game-changing results for clients. If you are looking to extol the virtues of your product or company, AdArmyGroup can create a total marketing, call-to-action campaign for any corporation.

Whether you are a sports luminary, advertising manager or corporation, AdarmyGroup can provide solutions that can bolster and revitalize your brand. In selecting AdArmyGroup as your creative Toronto partner, a completely new world of lucrative opportunities is possible. Call us today at 1.888.586.2860 for a free quote.