Why it’s Smart for Companies to Call in a Marketing Consultant

Does your company appeal to the right buyers? What’s your company’s mission? Who are your ideal customers? Who are your top competitors and why? What is the value of a new customer? These are just some of the many questions asked to potential companies that need help from a marketing consultant. The best advertising agency in Toronto would love to be of assistance in building and expanding your company’s brand. When finished reading, please pick up the phone and call ADARMYGROUP for a consultation with marketing expert Paul Cookson.


Who is marketing expert Paul Cookson? 

He is a key consultant in our advertising agency located in Toronto. His track record for expanding the sales of many top elite companies is widely noted and respected. He has the know how to help launching companies establish themselves. For companies who are facing hard economic times, he can not only turn it around but also make your company prosper and grow. With over 20 years of experience in marketing and sales, he can help clients achieve their marketing goals.

Why is it smart for companies to call in a marketing consultant? Every business needs clever and effective marketing strategies. Due to the changes in the economic climate many businesses are struggling to adapt their marketing campaigns. Our advertising agency in Toronto has experienced marketing consultants ready to reconnect businesses with customers and promote their products and/or services.

The ADARMYGROUP can find the best uses of a company’s marketing budget. The client has the option of choosing how to advertise with the advertising agency. It can be through the web, print, radio or television. If you want to add interest in your brand, our Toronto based advertising agency has an excellent, professional and talented video production team. Videos are an effective way to reach your audience as it creates visual stimulation, appeals to both new and old customers. The video can be used on the company’s website, YouTube, and social sites for more exposure, therefore expanding the brand.


Maximize your Exposure

A marketing consultant from our adverting agency based in Toronto will help businesses find the best marketing tools to get the maximum exposure. A great, attractive and easy to navigate web design can be the make or break of a sell. Customers want easy accessibility and today companies can benefit from mobile sites for customers using smartphones and tablets. The company’s website could receive an upgrade or be setup with the assistance of our advertising agency in Toronto.


Based in Toronto

Our Toronto based advertising agency is waiting to help small businesses just like yours to make a huge impact with ways to better market your brand. Being one of the top ad agencies in the area, we will love to work with you. The potential to reach more customers is just a phone call away. It’s proven that without a marketing consultant, businesses have a higher chance of failing; don’t let that happen to your business. Make a wise decision to invest in your company to help it grow and last throughout any economic climate. Be a step ahead with our innovative marketing tactics. Call the Ad Army Group today for a consultation. Your company depends on it!

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