Marketing Help For Small Businesses

In order to be successful in the modern business landscape it is imperative to have an eye catching website full of great content, but this is just the beginning. Many small businesses are less successful than they could be because they do not have a proper marketing strategy. While it is tempting for small business owners to keep things in house, it is imperative to have the help of a world class marketing consultant.

This help is available right now; Ad Army Group Marketing Services of Toronto is ready to handle all of your marketing, advertising and web design needs today. Led by marketing consultant Paul Cookson, Ad Army Group Marketing Services offers the highest level of service to clients. Amazing websites and professional quality video production are among the services offered. The content produced by Ad Army Group Marketing Services is simply superior.

The client list of Ad Army Group Marketing Services is a who’s who of celebrities and big businesses from Toronto and beyond. Hockey stars Eric Lindros, Darcy Tucker and Ryan O’Reilly have trusted Ad Army Group to design their websites and the results speak for themselves. Marketing consultant services have been obtained by Sotheby’s, Remax and hockey legend Darryl Sittler.

The list of services goes on; from video production to retail signage to SEO services Ad Army Group Marketing Services is the total package for Toronto businesses. All of the potential routes to take in marketing can be confusing for a beginner but marketing consultant Paul Cookson and his team has the expertise to prepare a small business to take the market head on. With his proven track record, Cookson and Ad Army Group Marketing Services can give anyone an edge over their competition.

Ad Army Group Marketing Services can offer guidance to point a business in the right direction, or increase exposure for those already on the right track. offers some helpful advice for startups or businesses looking for a makeover. From choosing the most effective name to developing a strong social media presence this site is an indispensable resource for Toronto businesses. This is just scratching the surface but it can give an accurate idea of the types of changes that can impact the bottom line for a business.

It is important for a business to project the proper persona to the public. A customer who has a bad experience will go out of their way to tell people about it, while a satisfied customer might only mention their experience in passing. Marketing consultant Paul Cookson can ensure that the public sees a business in a positive light through expert marketing and reputation management.

Ad Army Group Marketing Services has something to offer any business in Toronto and beyond. Getting a quote for services is as simple as making a phone call or sending an email. Call toll free 1-888-586-2860 or send an email to and experience top of the line marketing consultant services that will take your business to the next level of success.

5 Reasons Why Expert Marketing Advice Can Save Your Business

If you’re a Toronto based business owner that’s planning on setting up an advertising campaign or launching a marketing strategy, it’s a good idea to get outside help from a marketing consultant. An experienced Toronto marketing consultant can help you make the right decisions, improve your existing campaigns, save you money, and revise your plan for better results. The value of marketing advice from a marketing professional is immense. Here are a few reasons why.

First of all, a marketing consultant has the experience of working with many different clients, so he will understand what works and what doesn’t. You won’t have to go through the costly and time consuming process of figuring out how to make your marketing produce results. Consultants also specialize in different areas of marketing and mediums, which means that you’ll be able to tap into years of industry experience.

Second, you actually save money by working with an expert. Many business owners look at hiring an expert as an expense when it’s actually an investment. Something as small as having an expert look at your ad and improve it can easily improve your results by thousands of dollars. Having an expert improve your overall marketing plan and strategy will yield even better results. This is especially valuable if you’re investing heavily into advertising and marketing.

Third, you know you’re working with somebody that’s focused purely on the results. The one thing that should be immediately apparent is that working with a Toronto marketing consultant has a distinct advantage over hiring a new employee. An employee will need training, guidance, and comes with overhead costs. A good marketing consultant understands your time and money is important. That’s why a good consultant’s goal will be to generate a positive return on investment as a result of using his services.

Fourth, you get an objective look at your business. While you know your business better than anyone else, there will always be things that you’ll overlook for the very same reason. An outside expert will help you identify blind spots, come up with new ideas, and even pinpoint assets you never thought exited. A consultant can also breathe new life into your campaigns if your creative/marketing team has run out of ideas.


Marketing consultants make sense

Finally, a marketing consultant can help you make the most of what you have. It may initially seem counterproductive to hire a consultant when you have a limited budget. But the truth is that if your budget is limited, investing your money into the right strategy and medium is vital. A consultant can help you build a plan and strategy that maximizes your budget while also helping you leverage many aspects of your business.

If you’re looking for outside help, contact AdArmyGroup to setup a consultation with marketing expert Paul Cookson. Paul Cookson has a proven track record of helping businesses of all sizes succeed with their marketing and get established on the Internet. If you want to learn more about Paul Cookson’s credentials, you can visit his website at

5 Things That Will Help Your Business

Everyone blames the economy for loss of sales, but in reality people are still spending money. Yes, sales have slowed, but not stopped. The real problem? A shift in consumer habits. Slashing prices isn’t the answer. Advertising isn’t dead. This is a marketing dilemma.

  1. Your Website. Is it good?
    You need more than flashy looks for web design. A business site does need to stay current with design styles and code, but the message and traffic direction when visitors land is even more critical to sales. Understanding consumer behavior is probably not your specialty, but for a successful Toronto advertising agency it is. You see, ads only direct traffic. Websites make the sale.
  2. Your SEO. Do you engage in SEO? 
    There is more to SEO that connects you to conversions that average monthly search volume. A lot of advertising agency ‘gurus’ pay no attention to what the results for the terms are all about. Consumers looking for ideas are many times not ever going to convert. What good is SEO if it is sending you all the wrong people? Traffic isn’t sales. Conversions are.
  3. Your Strategy. Do you have one?
    What’s your plan? Many business do no planning when it comes to marketing. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work anymore. You need a strategy, a map so to speak, that is deeply researched and well planned. This is the first step in growing your Toronto business. A solid marketing strategy is a complex thing. For super success, you need an advertising agency with a proven track record – a marketing expert.
  4. Your Advertising. What are you doing to promote yourself?
    It’s interesting how many professionals handle all their own advertising. A lot of times their ads and marketing message only capture their competition’s attention. Obviously, this is hurting sales, because you’re addressing the wrong crowd completely. Yes, you understand your business, but ads are for the consumer. It doesn’t matter where you advertise. Signage, the fleet, print, television, and online – with the right impact ads work, but the key to effective ads is your advertising agency.
  5. Your Customers. Do you engage them?
    How well do you know your perfect customer? You know, the ones that just walk in and buy what you offer, because it’s exactly what they need or want. Those transactions aren’t a coincidence. You just need to attract those people, and not the rest of the world. It’s psychology. Get inside that customer’s head. That’s why some marketing works, and other tactics fails. You need an advertising agency that can identify your perfect customer’s mindset and apply it to all of your marketing.

No doubt you arrived on this page looking for answers. It might be that you’re trying to find a quick and easy fix to slow sales. Or is the issue that your site traffic isn’t converting? Getting to the bottom of that isn’t cut and dried. Do your business a favor. Consult with marketing expert, Paul Cookson. You’ll be glad you did, because astounding business success today calls for a truly remarkable advertising agency.

Five Reasons to Hire a Marketing Expert

Any Business area for the most part is a cut throat industry. The first person to market with the best advertising campaign and the best product at the best price is typically the winner. There is a way to shift the paradigm to weigh in one company’s favor over another. This is done through innovative and strategic web design and marketing that pulls in customers and sells products. Finding an advertising agency to help with this task is a wise move.


Pick  a Toronto Marketing Consultant? 

A marketing consultant will offer many advantages when designing and implicating an online marketing strategy in Toronto. First and foremost, the present employees for a company already have enough duties to already do. Trying to take on the responsibilities that an ad agency would and could handle is not among them. The company employees need to concentrate on the development and fabrication of the product line.

The choice to hire a marketing consultant in Toronto will also allow the company to broaden their horizons. A marketing expert like Paul Cookson will be able to garner a different perspective on the product and services that the company offers. This will allow for things like video production and email campaigns to focus on a new way of seeing the company.

Consistency is another reason why hiring a marketing consultant makes sense. This consistency entails relating all forms of marketing to one another. It also means optimizing one’s SEO presence on search engines so that more customer and prospective customers get exposure to the company’s name and product. Consistency will also aid in pinpointing new tactics that can be used in order to garner a greater share of the Toronto market.


Fast Turn over of Marketing ideas

Faster turn over is another aspect that a marketing consultant can bring to a company. It is one thing to get the word out about a company and have a solid online marketing plan. Although if these tactics do not bring customers and sales to the company, they will eventually cease to exist. A marketing consultant will be able to design a solid plan that will result in more sales faster. This will drive up the bottom line and result in greater profits.

Cost is one thing that gets the attention of every CEO and company. A marketing consultant in Toronto is just plain smart because this person will cut costs. Hiring a full time, on staff marketing consultant will cost a lot to train and maintain. Although hiring a marketing expert like Paul Cookson can be done on an as needed basis.

Many times a marketing consultant is someone that can be hired on for blocks of time and let go and re-hired as needed. They will be able to bring the most effective strategies for marketing your company and products without costing the company a ton of money or investment in training This keeps the up front costs down so that the company can use the profits they earn to grow and expand in the Toronto area. Whether SEO content, or seeking an innovative web design Toronto marketing consultants can meet the need. is Smart Marketing Help

Both small and large businesses face many marketing challenges today. With so many distractions competing for people’s narrow attention spans, it can be hard to make the right people hear the message. There is also a lot of competition for their pocketbooks. To break through the background noise and encourage customers to seek out their store and services, businesses should consider hiring a Toronto marketing consultant such as They will tailor the message, assist in the delivery, and help meet sales goals through more effective marketing.


Call in a Toronto Marketing Consultant

Calling in a marketing consultant is a smart decision because the right message can make a tremendous difference. Paul Cookson is the CEO of and he has a lot of experience in website design and search engine optimization. is based in Toronto but it has clients around the globe, including hockey legends, sports franchises, and other big name figures who trust him to make, shape, and spread their message. A business’ leadership team has many demands on their time and concentration. These distractions can impact the quality of the message they want their customers to know. However, after hiring they will have a designated marketing consultant to help them decide exactly what they wish their customers to know, and how best to say it.

Once the message has been crafted, it is time to deliver it. Here, Cookson and’s vast experience in web design and search engine optimization will be invaluable to the businesses they advise. As an online marketing consultant, they have the internet background and experience needed to spread the message across the internet effectively. The right customers are out there, the trick is to have them notice the company and go there pocketbooks and all. This is a task many business leaders simply do not have the time to undertake on their own. That is why they turn to marketing consultants, and is a trusted, successful agency with a proven track record in getting that message delivered to the right people.


Get the right message to your customer base

The right message and the right delivery can come together to directly benefit a company’s bottom line. After the recession, many people have become very careful in how they are spending their money. They want to know that they will be getting the best deal. Meeting sales goals in this environment can be difficult. The right marketing strategy can counteract those pressures and help any company earn the money they need. When the message and the delivery are not delivering the financial results a company desires, it is time to hire a marketing consultant of’s caliber and track record to turn things around. is a Toronto marketing consultant with a strong online presence and skill set, as well as a proven record of success. They can help any business, small or large, develop the right message, send it to the right people, and help a business earn more money. Marketing expert Paul Cookson understands this, and is ready to help.

Why Hire A Marketing Expert?

As a small business owner I am sure that by now you realize the importance of having a web site. What most businesses fail to realize is that in today’s world you need more than just a web site. Successful businesses in today’s market have a web presence. And what is the difference between a web presence and a website you may ask?

A website for a small business usually looks something like this. A business owner realizes he needs to get his business name or product online, so he calls a web design company. The web design company, which oftentimes is actually a college student working out of his dorm room on a laptop, slaps together a website and charges the business owner a few hundred dollars. The college student goes back to doing what most college students do, and the business owner gets back to the daily grind of running his business everyday, and the website sits on a hosting server somewhere in the vast world of cyberspace.


Really think about your web presence

Now, let’s look at a web presence. This happens when a business owner realizes she doesn’t have the time, knowledge, and expertise it takes to launch a successful online marketing campaign, so she calls a marketing consultant. The marketing consultant then devises a plan of attack that starts with a very professional looking website that makes a potential customer who views it, feel comfortable doing business with you. This is the easy part, the hard part is driving traffic to the website through various methods which include search engine optimization, establishing a presence on social media platforms, and maintaining a positive online reputation. All of this takes time, time that a business owner should spend devoting to what she is great at, running her business. When you turn your online needs over to a marketing consultant you get an online marketing campaign that utilizes search engine optimization, professional state of the art web design, and an online marketing strategy. As you can see, a marketing consultant is committed to driving business to your door, not just slapping a pretty website with your name on it into the vast world of cyberspace.

When business owners in Toronto need a marketing consultant they turn to marketing expert Paul Cookson. Paul Cookson has a reputation of being THE Toronto marketing consultant. Paul has an impressive track record that spans over 20 years of successful marketing experience. His experience ranges from helping low budget small business owners to working with Fortune 500 companies. Paul has assembled a very dynamic team of professionals at adarmygroup who handle every aspect of your online marketing strategy from state of the art website design to video production. Paul and his team are committed to your success.

If you are a business owner who realizes the importance of a web presence then you need to call a marketing expert like Paul Cookson to handle your online marketing campaign. Let a professional marketing consultant spend his time doing what he is good at, while you spend your time doing what you are great at, running your business.

Working With an Ad Agency is Important to the Success of Every Business

Establishing new client relationships is crucial to the successful growth of any company. Reaching the target market and drawing in new clients can be a daunting task without the help of an advertising agency, especially in light of all the responsibilities a business owner faces. That is why having a marketing expert is of vital importance to all business owners. With the support of an ad agency, businesses not only receive help with marketing strategies, they also receive support in marketing implementation. A brilliant marketing strategy counts for little if the company fails to implement it properly. Knowing the market and understanding the who, where, when and how of implementation are key to successful marketing. Successful marketing is the key to a successful business. That is why hiring an ad agency is so crucial to the health of every business. Advertising agencies employ specialists who understand the principles of marketing and can perform advertising tasks such as web design and marketing consultation. Advertising agencies also bring an outside point of view which can aid in identifying and rectifying problems within the company.


Toronto Advertising Professional

It is important to find a marketing expert in Toronto who knows the current market and there is only one place to look for Toronto’s marketing experts. Marketing Expert Paul Cookson of Toronto, a veteran of sales, marketing and entrepreneurship, is your “go to guy” for marketing strategies and implementation. As the CEO of the premier ad agency, adarmygroup, Toronto’s Marketing Expert, Paul Cookson will create a strong marketing strategy that will help companies attain their overall strategic objectives. With a broad range of services including web design, video production, photography and more, adarmygroup will create action programs that will take your marketing strategies to a whole new level.


Paul Cookson Knows Marketing

As a marketing expert, Paul Cookson knows the importance of having a team of talented people who have the needed skills, motivation, and personal characteristics to create a strong marketing army for their clients. Having a team of marketing experts who know the people of Toronto and surrounding areas will only boost the effectiveness of reaching your target market and creating new client relationships. Paul Cookson has created a strong team of Toronto’s best marketing experts, allowing you to work with a top ad agency that can get the job done. Paul Cookson understands the market today and the need to stay current. For example, it is one thing to have a website yet getting people to visit the website is another. Today’s web users are quick to forget a website that doesn’t measure up to the rest. The key is to design a website that creates value and excitement to attract customers and keep them coming back. Adarmygroup will do just that. Using a broad array of services Adarmyagency will have your business running smoothly and successfully, creating new client relationships and strengthening those that have already been made. Call Paul Cookson today and learn all that he can do for your business.

Taking the Right Attitude Toward Marketing

Often what makes a business successful with its marketing is the attitude and approach it takes. This approach is, in turn, linked to its perception of what marketing is. This sense of having the right attitude toward marketing is often what makes an individual a marketing expert rather than a novice at marketing.Small business marketing tips of a practical sort are often greatly enhanced by a full appreciation of these points concerning attitude and approach. The following are attitude-and-perception-based small business marketing tips that can really take a business’ advertising into high gear:


It’s About Communication

Any marketing expert will tell you that, fundamentally, marketing is about communication. A business simply needs to make people aware of its existence and the products and services that it offers. Marketing is no different, fundamentally, than simply seeing an individual and telling him or her about a business and the products and services it offers. Though this is a simple and fundamental point, it can be easy for marketing staff to lose sight of this. It is important to remember that the main purpose of marketing is simply communication of information to a target audience. It is not to force anybody to do anything, or to absolutely insure a sale. These will come of themselves if the communication is effective b y reaching the intended target audience. Small business marketing tips and strategies are effective to the degree that they help insure that a marketing message is powerfully communicated, understood, and accepted. A marketing expert never forgets this, and always keeps potential customers in communication without forcing matters.

As an example, if you sell medical software, it would be a waste of resources to advertise in the paper because most of the people reading a normal paper are not Doctors and would not have a use for medical software.



This point follows from the previous one, and is one that is also well known by any true marketing expert. In order for communication to be effective, it is best if it is friendly, exciting and engaging. Nobody is going to listen to someone who seems hostile, indifferent, or impatient. There is a new marketing trend called social selling that emphasizes this principle. This approach essentially calls for a marketer to make friends with potential customers. People are far more likely to buy from individuals who they consider their friends. Lists of small business marketing tips often include something about basic friendliness, and if they do not, they should. Friendliness is a key part of any marketing approach.


Call to Action Marketing

Call to action is creating an ad that gets people excited by offering a special incentive for one to buy. This could be offering a Hockey Jersey to people that switch to a different cell company or giving a gift card tied tied to a purchase. These get consumers excited and if done right can create a frenzy around your business.



The volume of marketing that is done is an important factor. Sometimes businesses do not accurately properly consider how much marketing they actually need to do. A marketing expert always factors this consideration into a strategy. This principle does not always assert that more is better. The volume of marketing a company undertakes takes involves a number of factors such as the marketing budget, the target customers, and the impression a business would like to create. It is important to strike a balance between these factors that suits each particular marketing situation.



Customers need to get a sense of value in the marketing messages they receive. The marketing itself may contain value in the form of information. A good example of this is a short informational article that presents useful information about a certain type of product or service, and then follows with a friendly sales offer. Another example is a promotional item that a customer receives free, such as a coffee mug, pen, or calendar imprinted with the company name and a marketing message. The customer receives a sense of value from the item and is thus motivated to buy further items or services. Any set of small business marketing tips should include something concerning this basic concept of value, and any marketing expert is aware of how important this concept is.



Finally, originality and ingenuity are important. There are literally thousands of ways to market products. A business should feel free to be creative in their marketing approaches. A business can try several different avenues – some that are tried and true, and others that are more experimental. Often a marketing expert has tried a great many advertising techniques, and thus has a sense of how broad the possibilities are. A business can get something of this same sense of mastery from simply varying the marketing media and techniques they use.

Consider these small business marketing tips on attitude and perception when designing a marketing strategy for your business, and you may find that the effectiveness of your marketing skyrockets!

A Great Ad Agency Employs Marketing Experts

A good ad agency employs marketing experts, and the services that they provide can definitely do much towards increasing the impact and profitability of a company. Marketing techniques can make or break a business in terms of financial success. A proper marketing plan can introduce the right people to the right product at the right time. Effective marketing can lead to an expanded customer base, a larger professional network, and great increases in profit revenues overall. Poor marketing strategies can waste time and money, as well as make your product appear less desirable even if the product would greatly benefit the lives of your potential customers.


Get a Strategy!

A well thought out marketing strategy that has been proven to work through trial and experience is perhaps the greatest step you can take towards building a successful business. The quickest and surest way to ensure that your business will start out on the right track is to consult a marketing expert at a reputable ad agency. Such individuals will have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you draft long and short term goals designed to guide the growth of your company.

Paul Cookson, the CEO marketing expert behind Toronto’s premier ad agency the Ad Army Group, is available for a quote and consultation now. Call him today and take the reins of your professional destiny. Become a proactive business entity and instead of being thrown back and forth by the whims of life, start to actively plan out a platform that will ensure you have the greatest amount of control over what will happen to your business throughout its existence.


Get Help to Ensure You Have a Great Strategy

There are a lot of new businesses that come into being every year, many of them will not experience a long professional existence. However, it is not necessary for you to accept failure as an inevitable fate. The businesses that will survive to prosper and expand all share a common factor relative to their individual levels of success. That secret is working with a marketing expert from an established and respected ad agency.

That kind of marketing expert is more than well qualified to help you research all that you will need to know in order to ensure the success of your business. Their experience will assist you by helping you to avoid making unnecessary errors as you move into an area of life that may be completely new to you. Paul Cookson has created an ad agency through which he makes contact with a marketing expert possible and easy to access for everyone.

Mr. Paul Cookson can and should be contacted immediately by calling 416-286-2860. Mr. Cookson is a marketing expert who uses his years of experience and education in the field of marketing to really promote your products or services effectively.

More information about Mr. Cookson and his ad agency is available at, or at

Small Business Marketing Tips that Work

As a small business owner, you should constantly keep an eye on the best small business marketing tips that help you in promoting your business. These small business marketing tips will ensure that all your marketing efforts are relevant and fresh. We are providing some of the best small business marketing tips that every business owner must know.

* Appeal to the emotions as they easily win over reason – Boutique ad agency GTA suggests that whether on the TV, print, or on the Internet, you must touch the emotions of your audience. If you can connect with them, you can win in your marketing efforts. It’s very easy to evoke sentiments than winning any argument.

* Invest more in online marketing - The marketing expert from Boutique ad agency GTA suggest that small and medium businesses should give due importance to the Internet as it is the future. Having a website is not enough, you must have traffic, good search engine position and robust presence on the social media. If you are not sure on the ways in which you can proceed in online marketing, get in touch with the Boutique ad agency GTA for assistance.

* Buddy marketing -On of the best small business marketing tips is buddy marketing. This is the best way to reach out to the new customers without investing any money. You can tie up with some complimentary businesses to cross promote each others products or services. Boutique ad agency GTA suggests that you should not only tie up in your state, but also in other states to get maximum market exposure.

* Multiple marketing techniques -If you want to get success within a short time, you should hire a reputable marketing expert and use multiple marketing techniques to get the most bang for your buck. There is no surety that one marketing effort will work all the time. So include social media marketing with banner or print media marketing for the best results.

* Maintain a dialogue with your customers - Marketing expert Paul Cookson from the Boutique ad agency GTA suggests that you should keep all communication channels open with your customers. Do surveys, participate in trade shows, offer coupons, and be active on the social media. Hire a marketing expert if you want a sharp and pointed marketing strategy.

* Focus on your existing customers -All those who have done business with you are very likely to do so again. So make sure you have a marketing plan ready. You can hire Boutique ad agency GTA as they will depute a marketing expert. One of the best small business marketing tips is to focus on existing clients as it can offer you best return on your investment.

* Second offers - One of the best small business marketing tips from Boutique ad agency GTA is to immediately offer discount on the second purchase to all those who buy from you. Marketing expert suggests that all such offers should be time bound with an expiration date.

* Use word of mouth promotion -Marketing expert from the boutique ad agency GTA suggests that old fashioned word of mouth marketing also works well. So offer discount offers to your existing customers to encourage them to refer their friends and family members.

Work on all these small business marketing tips, and soon you will see a huge increase in your customer base!