Marketing Help For Small Businesses

In order to be successful in the modern business landscape it is imperative to have an eye catching website full of great content, but this is just the beginning. Many small businesses are less successful than they could be because they do not have a proper marketing strategy. While it is tempting for small business owners to keep things in house, it is imperative to have the help of a world class marketing consultant.

This help is available right now; Ad Army Group Marketing Services of Toronto is ready to handle all of your marketing, advertising and web design needs today. Led by marketing consultant Paul Cookson, Ad Army Group Marketing Services offers the highest level of service to clients. Amazing websites and professional quality video production are among the services offered. The content produced by Ad Army Group Marketing Services is simply superior.

The client list of Ad Army Group Marketing Services is a who’s who of celebrities and big businesses from Toronto and beyond. Hockey stars Eric Lindros, Darcy Tucker and Ryan O’Reilly have trusted Ad Army Group to design their websites and the results speak for themselves. Marketing consultant services have been obtained by Sotheby’s, Remax and hockey legend Darryl Sittler.

The list of services goes on; from video production to retail signage to SEO services Ad Army Group Marketing Services is the total package for Toronto businesses. All of the potential routes to take in marketing can be confusing for a beginner but marketing consultant Paul Cookson and his team has the expertise to prepare a small business to take the market head on. With his proven track record, Cookson and Ad Army Group Marketing Services can give anyone an edge over their competition.

Ad Army Group Marketing Services can offer guidance to point a business in the right direction, or increase exposure for those already on the right track. offers some helpful advice for startups or businesses looking for a makeover. From choosing the most effective name to developing a strong social media presence this site is an indispensable resource for Toronto businesses. This is just scratching the surface but it can give an accurate idea of the types of changes that can impact the bottom line for a business.

It is important for a business to project the proper persona to the public. A customer who has a bad experience will go out of their way to tell people about it, while a satisfied customer might only mention their experience in passing. Marketing consultant Paul Cookson can ensure that the public sees a business in a positive light through expert marketing and reputation management.

Ad Army Group Marketing Services has something to offer any business in Toronto and beyond. Getting a quote for services is as simple as making a phone call or sending an email. Call toll free 1-888-586-2860 or send an email to and experience top of the line marketing consultant services that will take your business to the next level of success.

Why It’s Smart For Companies To Call In A Marketing Consultant

Do you have a business that you are trying to get off the ground?  If so, you may be considering how to market your business for maximum sales and profit.  Many small businesses fail because they do not have the strategy to put their business out there in order to influence the customer base in the most effective way possible.  To get your business off the ground and running with a heavy customer traffic and profit margin, you must put it in the hands of  competent professionals.  You may have an established business that is losing sales or customers or just want a new and innovative approach to marketing your business.  The experts at  are the best choice to call if you want to put your company or brand in good hands.  Their top marketing consultant Paul  Cookson is just the right person to take control of all your needs.  With over 20 years of experience with advertising and marketing for top elite companies, his expertise and experience in this field is highly respected and well known.  The Ad Army Group Marketing Services is a well known and successful  advertising agency located in Toronto.  No other advertising agency will give you the attention and expertise that you will need to build your business to into a thriving and viable success.   This unparalleled advertising agency has expert teams to assist you by designing websites, producing videos, designing business logos and slogans, product design, and provide marketing tips to help your business succeed in today’s challenging marketplace.


Marketing experts based in Toronto

The are marketing experts that are adept at handling the problem of putting your business out there in front of the consumer.  If you have had low sales or interest in any area of your business, the problem may be because you did not use the proper marketing techniques to expand your customer base and improve your sales.  AD Army Group Marketing Services will solve all your marketing problems with careful strategic plans to help boost your sales and visibility.  Utilizing all the available resources at their disposal, they will suggest and devise ways to use them to produce desired results for your business.  With a highly rated team of professionals led by Paul Cookson, this Toronto advertising agency will devise a plan and strategy tailored to your business needs.  They will utilize all the available techniques and resources such as websites, video production, television, and radio and using blogs, social media, and SEO to bring your business to the forefront of any web search.  Paul Cookson’s team will optimize your chances at being in front of all competition.  The Toronto advertising agency will maximize your chances at being seen and heard.  They will produce effective results you can put your faith and trust in because you will know they are the right agency to help you succeed.


Get Marketing advice

There are various techniques of marketing that  must be utilized to ensure a high profit margin ratio if you want your business to succeed in today’s high pressure arena.  You simply cannot go wrong with choosing an advertising agency to assist you in improving your sales quota.  A good advertising agency would be invaluable in handling all your marketing needs in a way that would let you be confident in a successful outcome.  The satisfaction you will receive and the assurance of knowing you can rely on the  advertising agency you put in charge of marketing your business are invaluable.


Take the time to seek expert help

If you value your business and want it to succeed, you will take the time to make a plan to market your products or services to achieve maximum results in sales and customer satisfaction.  Let the professional at AdArmyGroup handle the specifics and market your brand.  Put your business in good hands that you can trust, and that has the knowledge, expertise and experience to assure  satisfactory results in marketing your products, services, or brand.

5 Critical Marketing Ideas From a Leading Toronto Marketing Consultant That Can Make or Break Your Business

Most businesses think of a marketing consultant as the go-to expert on identifying and attracting new customers. While new customers are important to any business, they are by no means the only path to improving a company’s bottom line, as any good marketing consultant can tell you.

Customer Retention is the Road Less Traveled

It’s a fact of business life: companies on average will lose 10 to 30 percent of their customers every year. Some die, some move, and some are lured away by a competitor. Surprisingly, only 14 percent leave due to product or price dissatisfaction. The single biggest reason for leaving? A whopping 68 percent cite poor customer service. When a customer gets the impression that their business is being taken for granted, they start looking elsewhere.


Retain Customers

A strong program to retain existing customers makes good business sense. One, it takes between 5 to 10 times more money to attract a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. Two, a mere 2 percent increase in customer retention has the same effect on your bottom line as a 10 percent reduction in expenses. Three, you have a 60 to 70 percent probability of making a sale to an existing customer, compared to a 5 to 20 percent probability of selling to a new prospect.


How to Keep More Customers - Build Trust

Trust and company reputation is everything. This idea needs to be burned into the brain of every member of your company. It’s not just about sales it’s about creating a positive experience every time with every customer. Follow this concept and sales will follow.

Under promise and over deliver. Actions really do speak louder than words. Show your customers how much you value their business by delivering a quality product ahead of schedule and under budget. A simple handwritten thank-you note from time to time is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to show customers how much they are appreciated.

Be available when your customers need you. Wherever possible, change your company routine to be more available when it’s most convenient for your customers. Keeping your website and social media channels updated is a great way to keep your “open for business” light burning brightly.

Make it easier for customers to do business with you. Talk your customer’s language, not your industry’s jargon. Review everything with an eye to simplifying – from your website to your contracts and other sales materials.

Handle complaints promptly. Never give a customer a reason to walk away feeling that their issue hasn’t been addressed. Any problems or complaints should be addressed immediately by someone with the authority to fix it, not just smooth-talk it under the rug.

Contact the Top Toronto Marketing Consultant for More Great Business-Building Ideas


Contact Ad Army Group Marketing Services

Marketing consultant Paul Cookson is the CEO of, one Toronto’s leading advertising agencies, and he has plenty of great ideas for marketing your business more effectively. Paul is a renowned marketing consultant with more than 20 years of experience under his belt, and he is available for a no-holds barred consultation. Contact Paul Cookson today at (416) 286-2860 and get the leading Toronto marketing consultant on your team. is Smart Marketing Help

Both small and large businesses face many marketing challenges today. With so many distractions competing for people’s narrow attention spans, it can be hard to make the right people hear the message. There is also a lot of competition for their pocketbooks. To break through the background noise and encourage customers to seek out their store and services, businesses should consider hiring a Toronto marketing consultant such as They will tailor the message, assist in the delivery, and help meet sales goals through more effective marketing.


Call in a Toronto Marketing Consultant

Calling in a marketing consultant is a smart decision because the right message can make a tremendous difference. Paul Cookson is the CEO of and he has a lot of experience in website design and search engine optimization. is based in Toronto but it has clients around the globe, including hockey legends, sports franchises, and other big name figures who trust him to make, shape, and spread their message. A business’ leadership team has many demands on their time and concentration. These distractions can impact the quality of the message they want their customers to know. However, after hiring they will have a designated marketing consultant to help them decide exactly what they wish their customers to know, and how best to say it.

Once the message has been crafted, it is time to deliver it. Here, Cookson and’s vast experience in web design and search engine optimization will be invaluable to the businesses they advise. As an online marketing consultant, they have the internet background and experience needed to spread the message across the internet effectively. The right customers are out there, the trick is to have them notice the company and go there pocketbooks and all. This is a task many business leaders simply do not have the time to undertake on their own. That is why they turn to marketing consultants, and is a trusted, successful agency with a proven track record in getting that message delivered to the right people.


Get the right message to your customer base

The right message and the right delivery can come together to directly benefit a company’s bottom line. After the recession, many people have become very careful in how they are spending their money. They want to know that they will be getting the best deal. Meeting sales goals in this environment can be difficult. The right marketing strategy can counteract those pressures and help any company earn the money they need. When the message and the delivery are not delivering the financial results a company desires, it is time to hire a marketing consultant of’s caliber and track record to turn things around. is a Toronto marketing consultant with a strong online presence and skill set, as well as a proven record of success. They can help any business, small or large, develop the right message, send it to the right people, and help a business earn more money. Marketing expert Paul Cookson understands this, and is ready to help.

Product Development & Product Design

Need a product development expert that can handle the entire process from design to production? Look no further than Ad Army Group Marketing Services ( They can develop any product you need. They work directly with the Chinese, or domestic manufacturers to ensure the product is made to the highest quality standards. Paul Cookson and his team will not only oversee the manufacturing process, they have years of experience handling packaging, duty fees, shipping and everything else involved in getting the product from the drawing board, to the manufacturer and delivered to your door.


Design all types of products

It does not matter what the product is, they can get it made in a timely manner and at a great price. They have worked with major companies in the USA and Canada including A&P, Canadian Tire, CVS, Lawton’s, Loblaws, Market Basket, Pharma-Plus, Price Chopper, Sobeys, SAFEWAY and others and provided them with the high quality product their customers have come to depend on. These product development experts can take care of everything, from designing the handtag, to locating a good company to produce the product and creating an effective quality-control system.


Sourcing factories from China

Working with Chinese manufacturers can be a challenge for people not familiar with the people and systems which govern them. Led by Paul Cookson, who has over 20 years experience handling product design, development and marketing, these product development experts know exactly what it takes to get things done quickly and efficiently. They have experience developing a wide range of products including camping products, CD’s, Christmas crackers, clothing, duffle bags, fireworks, gumball banks, luggage, sleeping bags and more. They can assign a product development expert and a marketing expert to guide your product through the entire process.


Need a Product Sourcing Expert? 

Muskoka brand ski jackets, snowmobile and luggage is one of the product lines successfully produced by a product development expert and promoted by a marketing expert at Adarmygroup for Canadian Tire. They have assigned a product development expert and a marketing expert to produce and promote many other brands. One of the keys to their success is that when they assign a marketing expert and a product development expert to a project they are supported by a team of talented professionals with the skill set to ensure the product will do very well.


Call us today

My small retailers do not have the expertise necessary to create the excellent products they envision. It would be much more cost-effective for them to team up with adarmygroup and let them assign an internal product development expert and a marketing expert to your product. With a product development expert and a marketing expert guiding the project from idea to the sales floor and an experienced support team with vast resources behind them success is assured. They will negotiate great deals for quality products with factories in China, create a groundswell of interest in the products and all but deliver customers to your door. Contact them today at 416-286-2860.

Why It’s Smart for Companies to Call on a Marketing Consultant?

When it comes to promoting a business, advertising is essential to the success of the business. If the business is not widely known, it can be difficult to establish a clientele. Simply put, if your business isn’t promoting itself, it makes it harder for a consumer to make the choice to buy your product. Word of mouth and advertising are ways to make a product known to the public. If a business owner needs help in advertising to get his/her product out in the market, choosing professionals for assistance will lead to the success of the company. Using an advertising agency is a route many businesses opt to use to get their product out to the public. An advertising agency can use newspapers, magazines or other forms of the media to accomplish this.

Consulting a Toronto marketing expert is a good example. A company should consider using an ad agency to promote its business. A marketing expert to consider is in Toronto. In Toronto, this marketing expert has 20 years of experience. This consultant is marketing expert Paul Cookson in Toronto, Canada. He assists many companies in establishing their businesses in places like Toronto. Marketing expert Paul Cookson is the CEO of in Toronto, Canada. To find out more about this expert go to


Get Advise from Someone That Knows Marketing?

The use of a marketing expert from an ad agency can help put a business in direct competition with others. Marketing experts create campaigns with their advertising agency to promote the client’s business. An ad, web design or a television spot needs to wow the shopper. The ad agency needs to prove why the product they are promoting is worth a consumer’s time and money. Marketing expert Paul Cookson and his ad agency can create an advertising campaign that will be better than the competition. Many shoppers make the decision to buy a product from the ads an ad agency produces. So making the right advertising choice is essential to promoting a business.


Various Advertisements Have Pros & Cons. Experts Know the Difference.

Advertisements come from broadcast television, radio, print, and web designs on the Internet. These platforms are pivotal places an advertising agency aims for to attract business. A marketing expert like Paul Cookson even advertises online with a creative web design to bring in more clients. An advertising agency not only assists companies in better marketing for their business, it also uses the same strategies to bring in more clientele for its own productivity. Like any merchandise or service, an ad agency must also try to prove to the public why it should be the company to improve its business. For marketing expert Paul Cookson, his web design gives a potential buyer an idea of what his company can do for their business. Companies in this age of technology generally choose to market their business through the Internet. This is a constructive viewpoint for advertisers since more people opt to shop online. Let Ad Army Group help bring your business new life.

The History of Marketing

Marketing is a series of technique and strategies used by a marketing expert to announce the price of an item or service to the public and influence the person to buy the item or service. The design, features and packaging of a product is also part of that process. It is the most popular way used to attract customers. Marketing is the process by which the public’s material wants are connected to their economical requests. A Toronto marketing expert can assist in rewarding requests by promoting the items or service. This helps to build a clientele. A Toronto marketing expert gives a step-by-step process of organizing ways to sell an item or service to the public and display the value. It is a technique used by a Toronto marketing expert. This is when the public’s buying behavior has been researched and studied. Therefore, using this information and putting certain procedures in action a marketing expert can guarantee a certain number of responses.

Marketing experts have many different types of procedures to use in order to assist companies in making big profits. A Toronto marketing expert is trained to make words on paper open up people’s wallets and give up their hard earned money. Sell the sizzle, not the steak is popular industry jargon. Marketing experts assist companies in selling their products and services. Marketing experts are a lot like doctors. You go to the doctor for an ailment. He will diagnosis the problem and gives you a prescription to cure the problem. The marketing expert has the same job. You are selling an item or service. The marketing expert studies the item or service. A Toronto marketing expert matches the item or service with people who need the item or service. These are the marketing expert’s skills needed to introduce your item or service to targeted people. Targeted people are people searching for the product or service being offered to solve their problem. This is where the magic of a marketing expert begins. The companies just sit back and collect the profit.


When Did It Start?

There is no documented proof of where marketing actually started. There is only “word of mouth” information on the origin of marketing. So, this is the “word of mouth” version of how marketing started. Marketing started in Germany with three tailors business on the same street. I will refer to the tailors as: tailor one, tailor two, and tailor three. Tailor one decided to put up a sign in front of his store. The sign said “The best tailor in Germany.”This sign increased his sales. Tailor two put up a sign and it said “I’m the best tailor in the world.” This sign increased his sales. So, tailor three put up a sign that said “the best tailor on this street.”This sign increased his sales. A marketing expert was created as the most successful sales force. The tailors were smart enough to separate themselves in their messages on the signs. The signs were the only change they made in their business. It didn’t matter if their sewing skills were good or bad. The skills remained the same. So, marketing grew out of competitors differentiating themselves from one another. The messages on the signs gave each tailor their own individual identity. A Toronto marketing expert knows how to individualize your message and make your stand out in a crowded world.


Ad Agency based in West Hill, Toronto

Marketing experts have many strategies that they perform for selling products and services. A Toronto marketing expert uses the most popular strategy. He uses ads. An ad agency is a place where people write ads for your products and services. The way they write is called copywriting. Copywriting requires good writing skills. You must know how to write compelling material to convince people to buy what you’re selling. An ad agency writes from one to 100 ads per day. They know where to place your ads to be seen by millions. Marketing expert agencies can guarantee a certain amount of sales. An ad agency should be a part of your business.

Advertising Agency

An advertising agency is an agency that will make plans for implementing your advertising. This agency will come up with new ideas to launch your item or service. A Toronto marketing expert will come up with different designs for your product. A marketing expert will advertise on the radio, television, newspaper, and internet. Advertising agencies can double your profit. Marketing Consultant Paul Cookson owns a good advertising agency ad army group marketing services. You can easily Google Paul Cookson to find out more information.


Toronto Video Production

Video’s play another big role for marketing experts. People don’t want to do a lot of reading. They prefer to watch a video or listen while they are doing something else. People are lazy. They want the easy way out. So, when a problem arises they can refer back to a video rather than read instructions on how to solve the problem. A Toronto marketing expert can take a short video and send it out to a million people in less than five minutes. When it comes to your business you will need a professional looking video. People don’t think homemade videos are professional and don’t take them seriously. Homemade videos will make your product or service look cheap. Videos also contain text and content to compel your customers to buy. A Toronto marketing expert can create a video to make the product look real. When people can see you and the product, the video is more believable. Marketing Consultant Paul Cookson creates great videos. Visit Paul Cookson’s website and look at some samples.



Now, the latest marketing technique is the Podcast. They are audio files that can be downloaded to your computer, cell phone, or iPod. You can find any title, anytime, about any subject. Podcasts are updated automatically. Podcasts are reaching millions of people every day. It’s like having a mini computer. Type in your title and download anything. Updates are given daily with all new information on the same subject. All marketing experts are using this technique. Marketing Consultant Paul Cookson produces podcasts.


Why Companies Should Hire Marketing Experts?

The number one reason why business should hire marketing experts: They don’t know how to market. Every big company employs marketing experts to increase their profits. This is a no-brainer. If you can’t stop the toilet from running, you call the plumber. If a storm knocks the electrical box off the house, you call the electrician. Therefore, if you are selling something call a marketing expert. The lists below are some more reasons you should hire a marketing expert

  • Toronto brands your product or service
  • Toronto will research and analyze your product or service
  • Toronto integrates your product and services into other industries

Toronto will chart and track your sells

  • Toronto can assist in increasing your profits when they are decreasing
  • Toronto will communicate with you weekly on the progress of your sells
  • Toronto will put a plan together to meet your requests
  • Toronto will get results

So, if you are selling a product or service call the , Marketing Consultant Paul Cookson.


Why companies  Fail?

Business fails because people don’t seek advice from experts. You are not the first person to open up a business. If you get a marketing expert, then you won’t have to make the same mistakes they made. Whatever you are selling, you need a marketing expert. The expert will do the planning to keep you from failing. Listed below are some more reasons why business FAIL:

  • No goals
  • No business plan
  • No experience
  • No research done
  • Bad location
  • No experience with hiring
  • No list building experience

Experts study human behavior. They know how to react to people’s emotions. People buy on emotions. Words change how people feel. Experts know what words to use to inspire a person’s feelings. A marketing expert can influence people’s actions. The action is to buy. An advertising agency can assist you in branding yourself and extending your product or service to different segments in the industry. A expert uses an advertising agency, websites, videos, podcasts, and an ad agency. Contact an ad agency to begin branding yourself. Marketing Consultant Paul Cookson offers these services. Call a expert and visit: for a consultation. Expert Paul Cookson can be reached at 416-286-2860.

A Great Ad Agency Employs Marketing Experts

A good ad agency employs marketing experts, and the services that they provide can definitely do much towards increasing the impact and profitability of a company. Marketing techniques can make or break a business in terms of financial success. A proper marketing plan can introduce the right people to the right product at the right time. Effective marketing can lead to an expanded customer base, a larger professional network, and great increases in profit revenues overall. Poor marketing strategies can waste time and money, as well as make your product appear less desirable even if the product would greatly benefit the lives of your potential customers.


Get a Strategy!

A well thought out marketing strategy that has been proven to work through trial and experience is perhaps the greatest step you can take towards building a successful business. The quickest and surest way to ensure that your business will start out on the right track is to consult a marketing expert at a reputable ad agency. Such individuals will have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you draft long and short term goals designed to guide the growth of your company.

Paul Cookson, the CEO marketing expert behind Toronto’s premier ad agency the Ad Army Group, is available for a quote and consultation now. Call him today and take the reins of your professional destiny. Become a proactive business entity and instead of being thrown back and forth by the whims of life, start to actively plan out a platform that will ensure you have the greatest amount of control over what will happen to your business throughout its existence.


Get Help to Ensure You Have a Great Strategy

There are a lot of new businesses that come into being every year, many of them will not experience a long professional existence. However, it is not necessary for you to accept failure as an inevitable fate. The businesses that will survive to prosper and expand all share a common factor relative to their individual levels of success. That secret is working with a marketing expert from an established and respected ad agency.

That kind of marketing expert is more than well qualified to help you research all that you will need to know in order to ensure the success of your business. Their experience will assist you by helping you to avoid making unnecessary errors as you move into an area of life that may be completely new to you. Paul Cookson has created an ad agency through which he makes contact with a marketing expert possible and easy to access for everyone.

Mr. Paul Cookson can and should be contacted immediately by calling 416-286-2860. Mr. Cookson is a marketing expert who uses his years of experience and education in the field of marketing to really promote your products or services effectively.

More information about Mr. Cookson and his ad agency is available at, or at

Why It Is a Great Idea to Hire

These days business is moving at close to warp speed. The marketing landscape is in an uneasy state of flux. Last month’s technology is already in the junk yard. The economy is on automatic roller-coaster until who knows when. And in this furious cauldron of modernization, innovation and, frenetic globalization, businesses have to learn to swim or drop like a stone.

Look around you, and you can smell mayhem and disaster in the roiling business waters. Large, established companies have gone under overnight. And a good many multinationals are flopping around like beached barracuda. But those businesses with astute business leaders have partnered up with smart marketing, advertising and communication agencies to help lead them safely through the mayhem.


Ad Army Group Who?

Now you might or might not have heard of Ad Army Group. To the uninitiated it is a highly disciplined, organized, and skilled platoon that functions with military precision and efficiency in areas of marketing, advertising and communication.

Those who’ve had the foresight to hire us will easily testify to the advantages of working with us. They’ll tell you that before we start an assignment or project we get to know the people and the company inside out. That we thoroughly understand the product or service we’ve been hired to market. They’ll tell you of the many times we bug them to get information they might not think important or relevant. They’ll gladly talk of the friendly coffee chats they’ve had with our people. Finally, you’ll learn from them how we’ve taken them over a hump they thought they couldn’t climb using great ideas and innovative techniques.


What Can We Do for You?

With over 20 years in the business we can take you heights you might not have dreamed of. Share with us your problems, issues, and worries and we’ll get back to you with marketing and advertising strategies designed specifically for your brand or service that will carry your brand not just for a few month or a year but well into the future.

And we do this by using a fully integrated communication system that includes the traditional media (if applicable) as well as the internet, videos and the highly popular and effective social media. Which is specifically why we set up two companies- Ad Army Group and Ace Design Group.  These two entities always work in tandem to create value for your product while reducing costs.


We’ve Helped Toshiba, Loblaws and Canadian Tire.

As well as RE/MAX, Soup it Up and a host of elite hockey icons and models. Our experience also extends to companies in the fields of entertainment, charity and athletics. But it isn’t limited to only them.

As experts in the field of advertising and communication persuasion is our motto. And we employ this adroitly using the latest tools at our disposal. Interactive websites (which by the way was pioneered by us) give customers the joy of breezing around a website with many options to choose from. As a result conversion rates at our clients’ site are seriously high.

As you can see, we are a task force dedicated to rescue missions, conquering new heights, and cutting new pathways in the fields of advertising, marketing and communication. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call Paul Cookson at 416-286-2860.

That’s one call you’ll never regret you made.

Why hire a marketing expert?

It’s a question that business owners, particularly small business owners, ask anytime the topic of marketing comes up. Why would I need to hire a marketing expert? Can’t I do it myself? Can I get my money back out of marketing? Well, let’s take these questions one at a time. Along the way, we might discover a few small business marketing tips.

Yes, you can do this on your own. There is a science and art to marketing that you can learn to do. The real question to ask is: Did you get into business to become a marketing expert or an ad agency? Unless you are in the marketing industry, then you probably didn’t. Small business marketing is all about placing information well and consistently.

Warning – small business marketing tips: Choose a marketing expert that you can speak with. There are thousands of companies that will do marketing for you over the Internet. That might work out fine, but what happens if something goes wrong? In some cases, its best to work with someone who is in your own country and that you can speak in person with if you have questions or problems.

How should you handle your marketing expert or ad agency? It’s very difficult to track precisely what you get from any given advertisement, unless you use online marketing and count per click. This is the age-old problem with marketing: how to ensure that you can find your Return on Investment.

So, one of these small business marketing tips that you won’t hear very often from a marketing expert: Make sure your contract with your ad agency includes systems for measuring performance that are iron-clad. It might be an increase in traffic or a certain number of clicks per month, but what ever it is, it needs to be part of your agreement.

Here another one of my small business marketing tips: Once you have an agreement, let your expert do their job without constant interference from you. Once you have given them instructions and you know how you are going to measure their performance, let them do their job. You don’t stand over the cable guy while he’s working telling him what to do. Why would you look over the shoulder of a marketing expert or ad agency that you chose to do a great job?

So… back to the original question: Why hire a marketing expert? What about an ad agency?

No reason… unless you want to do it all by yourself, …unless you want spend your time learning to do your own marketing, …unless you want to find the connections and outlets for your marketing. How’s that for scary small business marketing tips.

Yeah, probably not. So what should you do?

Call AdArmyGroup and get a free consultation with me. As the CEO of AdArmyGroup, I want us to be your ad agency. Get an honest, realistic assessment of your marketing needs and I explain “Why hire a marketing expert?” Also, keep reading for more small business marketing tips.