Many Businesses Fail, Because They don’t Know Marketing and don’t Seek the Advice of an Expert

Do you have a small business that you would like see grow, or better yet, stay in business? Ad Army Group Marketing Services advertising agency can not only help boost your business by creating professional looking marketing tools that gets your business noticed, but they can also increase your motivation to be more professional by creating high-end images you can be proud of.


Why Ad Army Group Marketing Services?

Did you know that 50% of all small businesses fail within the first five years? Without marketing, businesses may offer the best in consumer products and services, but with no way for consumers to know about it. Without marketing, sales decline and businesses close. The proper marketing tools creates a professional image and healthy competition for your business, which in turn helps increase sales. Marketing Services advertising agency Toronto works hand in hand with the business owner to help realize your dream of taking your business to the next level. AdArmyGroup is a full service advertising agency that specializes in web design, video production and more.


Web Design

AdArmyGroup Marketing advertising agency Toronto is most notable for their incredible web design. Marketing experts are top-notch in creating visually appealing web sites that thoroughly engage consumers, gets them excited about your product or service, and provokes them to action. AdArmyGroup’s websites are easy to navigate, easy to locate services, and showcases your unique business and products in a way that helps you stand out amongst the crowd. Some web site designs that AdArmyGroup specializes in include food/restaurant, athletes, models & entertainment, charities, real estate and more.


Video Production

Add video to your site for extra allure, appeal, and consumer connectivity. The advertising agency understands the importance of branding unforgettable visual images in the consumer’s mind to increase your consumer’s level of excitement for your product or services. Let the professionals at AdArmyGroup Marketing Services, commemorate your next milestone event with the technical excellence they are known for. Some video production AdArmyGroup specializes in includes event videos, internet videos, education and training videos and more.


Ad Marketing Expert Paul Cookson

Paul Cookson, CEO of AdArmyGroup advertising agency, is renowned as the best HTML Web Design for a variety of small businesses and large corporations. In fact, Toshiba Electronics and hockey players Eric Lindos and Darcy Tucker turned to Paul for his excellent HTML web design, because together, they understand that the web has become the most powerful influence for consumer purchases, research, and information. Because of his broad industry experience, Paul has the unique ability to work with both national and international firms alike.

If your company is lacking the business it deserves, pick up the phone and call the AdArmyGroup Toronto today at 416-286-2860 for a consultation. Marketing expert, Paul Cookson himself, along with his team of skilled, dedicated professionals, will be more than happy to help you take your business to the next level. AdArmyGroup also specializes in business cards, car wraps, graphic design, SEO services, marketing analysis, photography and more.

Evolving Advertising for the 21st Century

Marketing has evolved over the years. Many people remember when marketing meant getting the best television slots, or putting out ads in the newspapers. While those still play a vital role in getting the word out about a company, the explosion of media options in the last decade has really changed the nature of the advertising game. To have the best chance of success in the modern marketing landscape businesses and individuals need to take advantage of these digital changes with Ad Army Group, a marketing consultant firm.

In this digital age, people expect their interactions with corporations and celebrities to be responsive. Understanding this fact is the key to understanding the larger changes which have taken place in advertising. A marketing consultant can use video production and web-based interactions to really bring a company to life. Ad Army Marketing Group can capitalize on their highly skilled video production team to build up the brand identity of their clients and tell the client’s story. This level of interaction and community is part of the 21st century advertising world and can really make a difference for any business no matter how big or small.

Need a Marketing Expert? 

Marketing expert Paul Cookson is the CEO of Ad Army Marketing Group and through his leadership the company has really been able to help a lot of businesses both large and small with their transition to digital advertising. One of the centrepieces of that digital advertising is web design. The right form of web design through a skilled ad agency such as Ad Army will further establish the brand, the story, and communicate the company message clearly and effectively. A good website should engage the customer and make it easy to accomplish whatever task or goal the company has for its online presence. The world wide web is the new television or radio for the Millennial generation and should receive the same level of expertise from any marketing consultant.

These changes have forced advertising agencies to change the way they do business, but a good marketing consultant will still pledge to deliver the message the way the customer needs it to be sent. This has never changed. A good video can still make or break a company whether it is sent through a television screen or uploaded to the corporate website. A message placed on a website will still encourage customers.

Marketing consultant Paul Cookson is an expert at all forms of digital advertising from video production to web design and beyond. He understands how the advertising and marketing world has changed and he can utilize those changes to better promote the companies he serves. So if you want to get ahead of the curve and really establish your business in the digital world then you need to contact this Toronto marketing consultant team. As a Toronto marketing consultant Ad Army group might work with companies around the world, but they still have a close tie to their roots and are a true Canadian ad agency.

Ad Army Group Provides Excellent Web Design Services To Real Estate Agents

RE/MAX is a very large real estate that does business all around the world. The company’s main headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado, USA. The company also has a franchise system, which means that people can own their own RE/MAX agency, and become real estate agents.

AdArmyGroup is an advertising agency and a web design company that has done web design for real estate agents with RE/MAX. AdArmyGroup provided excellent web design for real estate agents with RE/MAX, such as having a homepage that is very simple, yet impressive looking. Some of the agents’ homepages have a link for buyers to follow as well as a link that sellers can follow.

The advertising agency also provided web design for real estate agents who wanted an about me page. The advertising agency also has created a page dedicated to why people should choose to do business with RE/MAX.

Web design for real estate agents should also include a “contact us” page. As a leading, top advertising agency, AdArmyGroup has also created “contact us” pages for many real estate agents. The advertising agency also knows that web design for real estate agents should include a question section, which they have done for their clients. Most of the real estate agents they have designed websites for have a section where visitors can fill out a short form and then send it to the RE/MAX agent.


Paul Cookson is a Marketing Expert to work with 20+ Years of Experience

Marketing Expert, Paul Cookson is the CEO of Ad Army Group, and he has many years of marketing experience. Cookson cares about his clients and he listens to what they want. Cookson can also work with real estate agents and help them create a marketing plan that is designed to deliver results. As a leading marketing expert, Cookson has worked with many different clients and has helped them increase their website’s visibility, which increased their sales and other initiatives. In order to increase a website’s visibility, Cookson uses his knowledge of SEO to help a website get a good place within the search engines’ search results.

A Scarborough based ad agency can provide web design for real estate agents who need it. AdArmyGroup is a top ad agency, and as a top Scarborough ad agency, they know what their clients in the real estate agency want and should have in order to have a successful website as well as an attractive website that will keep people coming back.

If you want a top ad agency to work on your website, then pick up the phone and call Paul Cookson today. He and his company will work with you and deliver the results you want. As a leading marketing consultant, Cookson knows what it takes to create a highly successful website, as well as how to market the website once it has been built. Contact Cookson and his advertising agency today and find out why he and his ad company is in high demand.