Evolving Advertising for the 21st Century

Marketing has evolved over the years. Many people remember when marketing meant getting the best television slots, or putting out ads in the newspapers. While those still play a vital role in getting the word out about a company, the explosion of media options in the last decade has really changed the nature of the advertising game. To have the best chance of success in the modern marketing landscape businesses and individuals need to take advantage of these digital changes with Ad Army Group, a marketing consultant firm.

In this digital age, people expect their interactions with corporations and celebrities to be responsive. Understanding this fact is the key to understanding the larger changes which have taken place in advertising. A marketing consultant can use video production and web-based interactions to really bring a company to life. Ad Army Marketing Group can capitalize on their highly skilled video production team to build up the brand identity of their clients and tell the client’s story. This level of interaction and community is part of the 21st century advertising world and can really make a difference for any business no matter how big or small.

Need a Marketing Expert? 

Marketing expert Paul Cookson is the CEO of Ad Army Marketing Group and through his leadership the company has really been able to help a lot of businesses both large and small with their transition to digital advertising. One of the centrepieces of that digital advertising is web design. The right form of web design through a skilled ad agency such as Ad Army will further establish the brand, the story, and communicate the company message clearly and effectively. A good website should engage the customer and make it easy to accomplish whatever task or goal the company has for its online presence. The world wide web is the new television or radio for the Millennial generation and should receive the same level of expertise from any marketing consultant.

These changes have forced advertising agencies to change the way they do business, but a good marketing consultant will still pledge to deliver the message the way the customer needs it to be sent. This has never changed. A good video can still make or break a company whether it is sent through a television screen or uploaded to the corporate website. A message placed on a website will still encourage customers.

Marketing consultant Paul Cookson is an expert at all forms of digital advertising from video production to web design and beyond. He understands how the advertising and marketing world has changed and he can utilize those changes to better promote the companies he serves. So if you want to get ahead of the curve and really establish your business in the digital world then you need to contact this Toronto marketing consultant team. As a Toronto marketing consultant Ad Army group might work with companies around the world, but they still have a close tie to their roots and are a true Canadian ad agency.

SEO Marketing for Scarborough

Back in the olden days, you could place an ad in the local paper, spring for a Yellow Pages listing in bold type and rely on word of mouth to make your small business thrive and grow. Your competition was another small business across town or in a town a few miles away. Now, the local paper has thinned down to a few sentimental sheets of outdated information, and the Yellow Pages is a recyclable paperweight. Thanks to the Internet, your competition now numbers in the thousands, if not millions, from all over the planet. Big companies can afford to tackle the new world of online marketing in house or pay a fortune to have someone else do it. Small companies can’t afford to stand up, much less stand out, in such a dynamic and daunting environment. That’s where a marketing consultant comes in—someone like Toronto marketing consultant, Paul Cookson.


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Paul Cookson is the founder of ADARMYGROUP, a full-service advertising agency. Though it’s considered a boutique ad agency, there is nothing petite about it. Serving national and international clients large and small, ADARMYGROUP provides everything from product photography to video production to web design. And they do so with style, wit and, most important of all, a personal touch. As the agency’s marketing expert (and a former programmer/system designer for the Internet), Paul Cookson is uniquely qualified to guide you through the geek-speak and acronyms that make the Internet such an intimidating hurdle for the small business owner.


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One of those acronyms is SEO. It stands for Search Engine Optimization which, predictably, makes no more sense than the acronym. But it is essential that today’s marketing consultant not only knows what SEO is, but understands how to exploit it to your advantage. For all the high-tech bells and whistles, for all the smart phones and tablets (and soon-to be eyeglasses) your customers use to interact, inform and amuse themselves, all those devices are really doing is counting and calculating really fast. Moving higher up and faster into the Internet food chain, search engines such as Google use massive amounts of calculating power to find you and figure out how important you are. Who you are equals how many times a self-identifying word or phrase called a “keyword” appears on your website. How important you are equals how many links there are to your site. That’s an oversimplified explanation of how a search engine yielding bazillions of results chooses which company to put on Page One and which company to put on Page One Thousand and One. Marketing consultant, Paul Cookson, understands how a search engine arrives at those choices and even better, knows how to optimize that search to get your company moving up the road to Page One. With a knowledgeable, innovative marketing consultant like Paul Cookson as your guide, you’ll no longer think of the Internet as a barrier, but as a springboard that will give your small company big-company visibility on the World Wide Web