Product Development & Product Design

Need a product development expert that can handle the entire process from design to production? Look no further than Ad Army Group Marketing Services ( They can develop any product you need. They work directly with the Chinese, or domestic manufacturers to ensure the product is made to the highest quality standards. Paul Cookson and his team will not only oversee the manufacturing process, they have years of experience handling packaging, duty fees, shipping and everything else involved in getting the product from the drawing board, to the manufacturer and delivered to your door.


Design all types of products

It does not matter what the product is, they can get it made in a timely manner and at a great price. They have worked with major companies in the USA and Canada including A&P, Canadian Tire, CVS, Lawton’s, Loblaws, Market Basket, Pharma-Plus, Price Chopper, Sobeys, SAFEWAY and others and provided them with the high quality product their customers have come to depend on. These product development experts can take care of everything, from designing the handtag, to locating a good company to produce the product and creating an effective quality-control system.


Sourcing factories from China

Working with Chinese manufacturers can be a challenge for people not familiar with the people and systems which govern them. Led by Paul Cookson, who has over 20 years experience handling product design, development and marketing, these product development experts know exactly what it takes to get things done quickly and efficiently. They have experience developing a wide range of products including camping products, CD’s, Christmas crackers, clothing, duffle bags, fireworks, gumball banks, luggage, sleeping bags and more. They can assign a product development expert and a marketing expert to guide your product through the entire process.


Need a Product Sourcing Expert? 

Muskoka brand ski jackets, snowmobile and luggage is one of the product lines successfully produced by a product development expert and promoted by a marketing expert at Adarmygroup for Canadian Tire. They have assigned a product development expert and a marketing expert to produce and promote many other brands. One of the keys to their success is that when they assign a marketing expert and a product development expert to a project they are supported by a team of talented professionals with the skill set to ensure the product will do very well.


Call us today

My small retailers do not have the expertise necessary to create the excellent products they envision. It would be much more cost-effective for them to team up with adarmygroup and let them assign an internal product development expert and a marketing expert to your product. With a product development expert and a marketing expert guiding the project from idea to the sales floor and an experienced support team with vast resources behind them success is assured. They will negotiate great deals for quality products with factories in China, create a groundswell of interest in the products and all but deliver customers to your door. Contact them today at 416-286-2860.