Business can be Tough

Many business owners face the same fact that owning and building their business is a rough and challenging venture. Small business owners especially have a hard time keeping their doors open because of a number of reasons. The five following reasons why a business fails is marketing, marketing, marketing, marketing and marketing. This is not possible without an expert marketing consultant.

The business owner must place some emphasis on reasons their business is liable to fail. Maybe he or she practices out of date marketing. Maybe they do not do enough marketing or has bad marketing skills. Failure becomes so prevalent in the small business arena, because of this one word, marketing. This is where a professional marketing consultant can help.

Correctly marketing a small business always leads to success and ongoing, increased profits for that business. No business owner can be skillful at all levels of the business, and it is rare if the business owner has the knowledge or time to devote to one thing that will prove success or failure with his or her business venture.

The majority of society today, including the small business owner must be knowledgeable in computer technologies. Everything in today’s society relies on the computer. Due dates and time frames in the business world will, not meet deadlines were it, not for computer technologies. The internet world reaches more people than ever were possible without this technology. The internet is the main frame of business throughout the United States and Internationally.

No business owner has the time or expertise to manage the key element of making a business successful. The business owner’s main objective is earning profits for the business. Without correct marketing plans, increased profits will never become a reality to its fullest.


Marketing a small business has it’s problems

Marketing, a small business, works well when a marketing consultant insures the business is SEO friendly with a professional web design. Incorporated with this website can be a video production of the company. This helps future clients get a feel for what the business offers and how their services will help them.

This fast-paced world is becoming faster all the time, and it will take a professional marketing consultant from Toronto such as, marketing consultant Paul Cookson, a keen marketing strategist to put a marketing plan in place. Paul Cookson devotes all of his time and energy to helping the small business owner devises a marketing plan that will enable the business to prosper and succeed.

Paul Cookson marketing consultant for Toronto has successfully helped hundreds of companies in and around Toronto, throughout Canada, the United States and abroad find success in business. Smart business owners take advantage of what Paul Cookson is ready to teach and do for them.


Take risks but calculated ones

Small business owners need not take risks with one thing that means success or failure for their business and pick up a phone and give Paul Cookson Toronto’s expert marketing consultant a call at adamygroup, 1-888-586-2860, for a marketing consultation.

Read about what marketing consultant Paul Cookson had done and continue to do for businesses worldwide at production. Paul encourages other business owners to get in touch today with him, Toronto’s expert marketing guru.

5 Things That Will Help Your Business

Everyone blames the economy for loss of sales, but in reality people are still spending money. Yes, sales have slowed, but not stopped. The real problem? A shift in consumer habits. Slashing prices isn’t the answer. Advertising isn’t dead. This is a marketing dilemma.

  1. Your Website. Is it good?
    You need more than flashy looks for web design. A business site does need to stay current with design styles and code, but the message and traffic direction when visitors land is even more critical to sales. Understanding consumer behavior is probably not your specialty, but for a successful Toronto advertising agency it is. You see, ads only direct traffic. Websites make the sale.
  2. Your SEO. Do you engage in SEO? 
    There is more to SEO that connects you to conversions that average monthly search volume. A lot of advertising agency ‘gurus’ pay no attention to what the results for the terms are all about. Consumers looking for ideas are many times not ever going to convert. What good is SEO if it is sending you all the wrong people? Traffic isn’t sales. Conversions are.
  3. Your Strategy. Do you have one?
    What’s your plan? Many business do no planning when it comes to marketing. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work anymore. You need a strategy, a map so to speak, that is deeply researched and well planned. This is the first step in growing your Toronto business. A solid marketing strategy is a complex thing. For super success, you need an advertising agency with a proven track record – a marketing expert.
  4. Your Advertising. What are you doing to promote yourself?
    It’s interesting how many professionals handle all their own advertising. A lot of times their ads and marketing message only capture their competition’s attention. Obviously, this is hurting sales, because you’re addressing the wrong crowd completely. Yes, you understand your business, but ads are for the consumer. It doesn’t matter where you advertise. Signage, the fleet, print, television, and online – with the right impact ads work, but the key to effective ads is your advertising agency.
  5. Your Customers. Do you engage them?
    How well do you know your perfect customer? You know, the ones that just walk in and buy what you offer, because it’s exactly what they need or want. Those transactions aren’t a coincidence. You just need to attract those people, and not the rest of the world. It’s psychology. Get inside that customer’s head. That’s why some marketing works, and other tactics fails. You need an advertising agency that can identify your perfect customer’s mindset and apply it to all of your marketing.

No doubt you arrived on this page looking for answers. It might be that you’re trying to find a quick and easy fix to slow sales. Or is the issue that your site traffic isn’t converting? Getting to the bottom of that isn’t cut and dried. Do your business a favor. Consult with marketing expert, Paul Cookson. You’ll be glad you did, because astounding business success today calls for a truly remarkable advertising agency.

5 Tips to Naming your company like a MARKETING CONSULTANT!

5 Tips to Naming your company like a PRO !

TIP# 1 – Do not use acronyms. You put your company at a disadvantage when you do. It makes it harder for the consumer to understand what you do and what makes you unique. If consumers don’t understand, you lose them.

If you called your company “AMSU Shoes” because you have a daughter named Amy and a daughter named Sue, so you took the “AM” from AMY and the “SU” from Sue then merged them to create a business name. It’s a sweet gesture, but, this is not a good naming strategy.

Better to try and include a benefit to the consumer in the name or a unique selling point. Like “BETTER SHOE SOURCE” or “AMAZING SHOE SHOP”

TIP# 2 – If your business lends itself to directory advertising and/or you have a business that does trade shows. Try and name your company with an “A” if possible because you will be at the front of the directory for your category. This gives you an Advantage.

TIP# 3 – Try and make your name very clear as to what you do. The clearer and more concise, the better. Your target audience is being bombarded with messages and yours has to cut through the clutter.

TIP# 4 – Include a Tag line in your name to make even clearer as to what you do and what sets you apart from your competition. If you sell shoes at a huge discount, your tag line might be “Great Deals, Everyday”

TIP # 5 – Review the competition as part of the naming process. Say you had a burger restaurant and you thought the main competition weakness was that they fry their burgers but you BBQ yours. Maybe your name should attack the competition where they are weak. A name like “THE BBQ STATION” might work with a tag line “Grilled burgers, cause they taste better”

Written by Paul Cookson, Small Business Marketing Consultant

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