Marketing Tips to Surviving Business Downturn

To survive a poor economic environment businesses and individuals must be careful, do some in-depth planning, be frugal and seek advice and help from a marketing consultant.

There are five essential tips that can help you and your business survive the current economic environment such as setting and keeping goals. Goals are important because it keeps everything in your business moving forward. When making a goal, be sure to set a specific date on when you want to reach that goal. Marketing consultant Toronto has a number of marketing ideas that can help you.

Presenting a professional image is vital because a professional image shows worth, value and trustworthiness. By presenting yourself better than other businesses, you may be the one customers come to and that means a higher profit and credibility for your business. It is also very important to present and offer a good product. Keep in mind, that when customers feel safe and secure when purchasing a product from you, they will return and also give you a good recommendations to others. Ad Army Group Marketing Services can help you with your marketing needs.

Because our economy is still doing poorly, publicity is important in selling a product. Many have found Internet marketing an effective way to get their product seen by many people. Most importantly, if you don’t have a website yet, invest in a quality one. Take time to invest in a professional and search engine friendly website. Most importantly, don’t forget to take advantage of the many types of social media that are available. Ad Army Group Marketing Services have marketing ideas that will help your business.

Then, join a business peer group for business owners. By doing this you can interact and share with others who know what you’re going through. This can help take away some of the anxieties that come with operating a business and it can also help your business to grow. Marketing consultant Toronto has various ideas and plans that can assist you with your marketing needs.

Keep in mind, that throughout the growth of your business, you need to take time for you. By taking some time for yourself, you will be more energized to meet the demands and needs of the day. Ad Army Group Marketing Services is available to help you with your growing business needs.

Another area that will help your business during these tough economic times is by hiring a marketing consultant. A marketing consultant can help shape your ideas and business plans, help you focus on your business priorities and help you focus on maximizing your marketing budget. Talk with a marketing consultant soon and find out how he or she can assist you during these tough economic times.

To conclude, talk with Marketing Expert Paul Cookson. He can help evaluate and guide you toward more effective business decisions. Obtaining more effective marketing advice can make the difference in your business.

5 Critical Marketing Ideas From a Leading Toronto Marketing Consultant That Can Make or Break Your Business

Most businesses think of a marketing consultant as the go-to expert on identifying and attracting new customers. While new customers are important to any business, they are by no means the only path to improving a company’s bottom line, as any good marketing consultant can tell you.

Customer Retention is the Road Less Traveled

It’s a fact of business life: companies on average will lose 10 to 30 percent of their customers every year. Some die, some move, and some are lured away by a competitor. Surprisingly, only 14 percent leave due to product or price dissatisfaction. The single biggest reason for leaving? A whopping 68 percent cite poor customer service. When a customer gets the impression that their business is being taken for granted, they start looking elsewhere.


Retain Customers

A strong program to retain existing customers makes good business sense. One, it takes between 5 to 10 times more money to attract a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. Two, a mere 2 percent increase in customer retention has the same effect on your bottom line as a 10 percent reduction in expenses. Three, you have a 60 to 70 percent probability of making a sale to an existing customer, compared to a 5 to 20 percent probability of selling to a new prospect.


How to Keep More Customers - Build Trust

Trust and company reputation is everything. This idea needs to be burned into the brain of every member of your company. It’s not just about sales it’s about creating a positive experience every time with every customer. Follow this concept and sales will follow.

Under promise and over deliver. Actions really do speak louder than words. Show your customers how much you value their business by delivering a quality product ahead of schedule and under budget. A simple handwritten thank-you note from time to time is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to show customers how much they are appreciated.

Be available when your customers need you. Wherever possible, change your company routine to be more available when it’s most convenient for your customers. Keeping your website and social media channels updated is a great way to keep your “open for business” light burning brightly.

Make it easier for customers to do business with you. Talk your customer’s language, not your industry’s jargon. Review everything with an eye to simplifying – from your website to your contracts and other sales materials.

Handle complaints promptly. Never give a customer a reason to walk away feeling that their issue hasn’t been addressed. Any problems or complaints should be addressed immediately by someone with the authority to fix it, not just smooth-talk it under the rug.

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Marketing Tips Can Save a Business

Marketing your own business can be a challenge especially if you have limited time to devote to marketing. Recruiting the help of a marketing expert can help you pinpoint the specific types of marketing that your business needs.

Each business is unique and what works for one business in marketing may not give the same results in another business. An ad agency can help you find the unique combination of marketing tools for your business.


Know the Market

It is essential to know your market and your customer. Understanding what will make you stand out ahead of your competition is essential to success. An ad agency has the knowledge and expertise to help you make the right decisions on how to manage your marketing budget.

Marketing encompasses so many different avenues to success. Let a marketing expert help you decide on whether to use print advertising, how often and in what publications. Should you use radio advertising or television advertising and how often? Billboards can be very successful if placed in a prime location for your business.

In today’s market, it is essential to get marketing expert advice on how to manage your website and social media. Creating a successful website and making sure that the traffic you want is being directed to your website can be time consuming. An ad agency will help you with optimizing the results you get from online traffic. Customers who are searching for you online need to be able to find you instantly.


A Marketing Expert Can Help Drive That Traffic to You

Marketing takes time. If you have an ad agency helping you with your marketing needs it will allow you more time for networking in your business field. It is important to join business networking groups, such as the Chamber of Commerce and get out in the community talking about your business. Attending events that will promote your business should also be a part of your marketing plan. A marketing expert can help direct you towards events that are relevant towards marketing your business.

An important question to ask yourself, is do we have excellence in customer service? A company can spend large amounts of money on advertising, only to lose the business because of poor customer service. Allowing an ad agency to tailor and implement your marketing plan gives you more time to oversee the day to day operations of your business.


Best Laid Plan

The success of marketing a business is a well laid plan. Developing a strategy with a variety of marketing methods gives you a broad base to grow your business from. Allowing a marketing expert to help you design the best possible plan can save you time and money. Allowing an ad agency to handle the vitally important part of marketing your business will allow you time and energy to be fully present in your business.

Marketing Online

As with any business, large or small, advertising and marketing are the key to bringing in customers. However, neither of these are free and require company resources, and so it’s important as a business owner to know where to put your money. Being the number one area that people spend their entertainment time, the Internet is a safe bet. Any marketing expert can reassure you of this.


Pay-Per-Click Advertisements

Pay-per-click advertisements are ads that you will only need to pay for when somebody actually clicks them. This eliminates a lot of the cost of advertising because you aren’t paying for the people that don’t have any interest in your business, but only for the people that might be potential customers. One of the best advertising tips is to cut costs where you can. Pay-per-click advertising does just this! This form of advertising is only available through online marketing, which supports the case that one of the best advertising tips is to market online.


Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website to land it on the front page of search engine results. This is done through keyword stuffing, backlinks, sitemaps, and many other important factors. A marketing expert will tell you that this is the most important of advertising tips. Most advertising tips will cost you money, but search engine optimization is actually free, unless you choose to invest into it for assured results. There are two forms of SEO practice, on-page and off-page.

On-page SEO requires that your website have a sitemap and will fill the content of your pages with analyzed keywords. Advertising tips will have you use a specific keyword density, normally around four percent. Several keywords can be used by a marketing expert so that your page can come up for several different searches.

Off-page SEO is done mainly through backlinks. These are links that send users and web crawlers back to your web page. A marketing expert may place these on review websites, or may even talk with another website designer to try and get them to link back to your site. Not only do these links help with search engine optimization, but they act as their own form of advertisement to direct traffic to your website.


Video Ads

These are pretty much done entirely through YouTube, which gets millions and millions of views each day. These advertisements play when a video first begins, and only cost a few cents per view. A marketing expert will use keywords with these ads to make sure that they get placed on relevant videos, which will boost the amount of traffic you receive from your ads. This form of advertising has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years.



A marketing expert may offer other online advertising tips as well. These just barely scratch the surface of the potential of online marketing. Start out by first creating a website for your business, and then move forward from there. You will see your customer amount skyrocket!

Small Business Marketing Tips that Work

As a small business owner, you should constantly keep an eye on the best small business marketing tips that help you in promoting your business. These small business marketing tips will ensure that all your marketing efforts are relevant and fresh. We are providing some of the best small business marketing tips that every business owner must know.

* Appeal to the emotions as they easily win over reason – Boutique ad agency GTA suggests that whether on the TV, print, or on the Internet, you must touch the emotions of your audience. If you can connect with them, you can win in your marketing efforts. It’s very easy to evoke sentiments than winning any argument.

* Invest more in online marketing - The marketing expert from Boutique ad agency GTA suggest that small and medium businesses should give due importance to the Internet as it is the future. Having a website is not enough, you must have traffic, good search engine position and robust presence on the social media. If you are not sure on the ways in which you can proceed in online marketing, get in touch with the Boutique ad agency GTA for assistance.

* Buddy marketing -On of the best small business marketing tips is buddy marketing. This is the best way to reach out to the new customers without investing any money. You can tie up with some complimentary businesses to cross promote each others products or services. Boutique ad agency GTA suggests that you should not only tie up in your state, but also in other states to get maximum market exposure.

* Multiple marketing techniques -If you want to get success within a short time, you should hire a reputable marketing expert and use multiple marketing techniques to get the most bang for your buck. There is no surety that one marketing effort will work all the time. So include social media marketing with banner or print media marketing for the best results.

* Maintain a dialogue with your customers - Marketing expert Paul Cookson from the Boutique ad agency GTA suggests that you should keep all communication channels open with your customers. Do surveys, participate in trade shows, offer coupons, and be active on the social media. Hire a marketing expert if you want a sharp and pointed marketing strategy.

* Focus on your existing customers -All those who have done business with you are very likely to do so again. So make sure you have a marketing plan ready. You can hire Boutique ad agency GTA as they will depute a marketing expert. One of the best small business marketing tips is to focus on existing clients as it can offer you best return on your investment.

* Second offers - One of the best small business marketing tips from Boutique ad agency GTA is to immediately offer discount on the second purchase to all those who buy from you. Marketing expert suggests that all such offers should be time bound with an expiration date.

* Use word of mouth promotion -Marketing expert from the boutique ad agency GTA suggests that old fashioned word of mouth marketing also works well. So offer discount offers to your existing customers to encourage them to refer their friends and family members.

Work on all these small business marketing tips, and soon you will see a huge increase in your customer base!

Marketing Plan: Small Business Marketing Tips

Too many small businesses today shutter their doors before even getting off the ground. Don’t let that be your fate. Get a marketing plan and get one today! Get the edge on your uneducated competitors by using these small business marketing tips to jump start your business. Weather you hire a marketing expert at a boutique ad agency GTA or become a market expert yourself, marketing is key to your success.


Start with a plan. What are your business goals? Sit down and write them out, be specific. Is it your goal to increase profits? That’s good, but by how much? Would you like to generate new leads? How many do you want to generate? Would you like to become a household name? Good! Now write down three ways to achieve each goal. The avenues you pursue in route to your goals are your new marketing plan. Stick with the plan. It is ok to get help along the way if you need to. Bring in a boutique ad agency GTA and get a marketing expert to help you craft the nuisances of your plan. You may even find it best to take your list of goals to your new marketing expert and let them craft a marketing strategy that works for you and your small business.


If you want more customers you need to advertise. If you want to generate more profit you need to cut expenses and get more customers. A boutique ad agency GTA can help you do all of these things. A boutique ad agency GTA has the on-the-ground knowledge that you need to make your goals a reality without unnecessarily increasing expenses. A good marking plan will give you a return on your investment many times over.


Stop throwing money at the problem! Place an ad here, buy air time there – those expenses really add up! Get a marketing expert at a boutique ad agency GTA now to create a unified, integrated marketing campaign so that each advertising expenditure you make is part of an orchestrated effort to meet your goals. Your boutique ad agency GTA will find the right places for your marketing messages buy the space or air time and get your message to the masses, your masses. The scatter method only works for so long, usually only as long as you have money. Target your audience with precision by following the advice of a marketing expert to keep your business in business.


Many small businesses fail because they do not have clear goals or marketing plans. Make sure your goals are at the forefront of your mind and are considered with every business decision you or your boutique ad agency GTA make. Follow your new marketing plan. It is the key to your current and future success. A marketing expert can help solidify your goals and create a plan to keep you doors open for years to come. Using these small business marketing tips you will be a marketing expert in no time.

3 Ways to Make Direct Mail Work for Your Small Businesses in the Digital Age

Many business owners question the effectiveness of direct mail in the digital age. Despite the increase in the number of people going online to find information, research products, and shop, direct mail can still result in a high return on investment. Here are some small business marketing tips that can help you if you’re planning on launching a direct mail campaign.

1. Direct Mail Works With The Right Demographic

The first of the small business marketing tips is to get your mail out to the right list. The key to direct mail success it to rent a list that consists of targeted prospects. It’s recommended that you find a list broker with a lot of experience to help you in this process. A list broker can supply you with lists that may be right for your offer. You should also be given data about each of the lists such as the demographic and how the list was compiled.

2. Direct Mail Needs To Be Exciting!

The second tip is probably one of the most overlooked small business marketing tips when it comes to direct mail. You have to make sure that people open your mail. Mail that looks like your everyday junk mail will get thrown away even before it gets opened. You want to make sure that you design a package that will create curiosity and get opened by recipients.

3. Get The Attention of Old Clients

The third tip is to leverage your own list. Build a list out of your old customers or integrate your online customers into your direct mail campaign. It is always cheaper to market to your own list rather than rent one out. People are also more likely to buy from you if they’ve bought from you before. Marketing expert Paul Cookson has found it fairly common for business owners to underutilize their own database of customers.

These are just some of the many small business marketing tips you can find by Boutique Ad Agency GTA, Ad Army Group. You’ll find a large number of helpful content including regular podcasts to help business owners understand marketing. Marketing expert Paul Cookson is the host and covers many different topics from newspaper advertising, radio advertising, Internet marketing, and more.

If you’re looking for help with your direct mail campaign, you should consider working with Ad Army Group. Our boutique ad agency GTA is also lead by marketing expert Paul Cookson. We can help you design and create a direct mail campaign that’s right for your business. We’ll take care of every aspect of the campaign from designing the package, creating the salesletter, to choosing the right rental lists.

You can get details about our boutique ad agency GTA by visiting our site There are many examples of projects we have successfully completed on our site. We’ve worked in all kinds of markets, served all kinds of business owners, and have experience with all many different marketing channels. To get a consultation with marketing expert Paul Cookson, you can contact us at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

If you want to learn about Paul Cookson, you can go visit for more information.

Small Business Marketing Tips

Small businesses in today’s economic climate must focus on marketing as much as bigger businesses do. In fact, smaller companies may need to spend more time up front on a marketing plan to target prospective customers and increase revenues. Since most small businesses are busy enough without figuring out marketing strategies, they may want to consult a marketing expert for advice and assistance.

An advertising marketing expert, especially one affiliated with an ad agency, has the education and experience to guide a small business promotional plan. Ad agency professionals have plentiful experience developing small business marketing tips and can often tailor successful methods to a particular need. A successful ad agency understands the need for small business marketing tips to precisely zoom in on a new untapped market or to update a marketing approach to an existing group of customers. The marketing expert will be knowledgeable about the current market for certain products and services, and will be able to advise a business owner about the strategies that are most likely to reap results.

Small business marketing tips take into consideration a number of factors. What is the target market? How can the product or services be most effectively represented? How can prospective customers develop interest in or a need for the company’s products? The average ad agency deals with these questions all the time, tapping its arsenal of resources that have been proven successful. A marketing expert takes the pulse of the current economy and gets a feel for the best ways to introduce, or in some cases, reintroduce, a company to its target market base. The ad agency may work with the business owner to create a complete ad campaign package, or perhaps focus on a few advertising venues that seem like a good fit.

Other small business marketing tips that a marketing expert might recommend include developing rapport with the local business community by joining civic organizations and giving talks or presentations about the company’s specialty area. Trade shows, county fairs, and business conferences are other venues to be considered. A marketing expert can help to promote events like these through radio, newspaper, and digital media, including social networking. The ad agency may launch a series of ads aimed at the community as a wide net to announce upcoming speaking engagements or displays.

Advertising experts have used and evaluated small business marketing tips in a variety of ways. They can help your company adopt those that are most likely to work for your branding efforts. Don’t invest your time reinventing the marketing wheel. Consider turning to an advertising professional for information about the best small business marketing tips to build your customer base and boost sales. Marketing is one of the most important investments a small business can make to increase customer awareness and revenues.

Marketing tips when starting a business

When you decide to launch a business, whether big or small, you’d be surprised how many small business marketing tips there are to remember to help your business venture be successful. Working with a marketing expert at an adverting agency Toronto will help you turn your business plan into a reality by setting a foundation for a successful marketing and promoting campaign that will spread the word about your new business or product out to the world and help you reach your goals.

When you partner up with a marketing expert at an adverting agency Toronto, they’re going to ask what your goals are for the business. These goals should include who your target market is, as it’s one of the fundamentals that helps pave the way for what you should be doing. Your target market is the audience you want your business or product to appeal to. It could be a specific age group, gender, demographic, geographic location or so much more. Without a target market, you don’t have a concrete plan of what you want to do or who you want to tell to. A marketing expert with an adverting agency Toronto can help you with small business marketing tips and give you advice on how to reach out to that specific audience once you’ve decided who that audience is.

One of the most universal small business marketing tips you’ll hear of is to have a strong online presence. Our lives are dominated by digital devices these days and platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It’s almost expected for every business to have a Facebook page or website giving general information and asking questions they think their target market may have. When someone is browsing the web, looking for a specific product or service, they want to see websites and pages answering their basic questions like where the business is located, what their hours are, what products or services they offer and what the price range is for those. Using phone books and calling businesses is outdated – your target market wants to search online and find what they need. Working with a marketing expert at an adverting agency Toronto can help you set up a successful web presence.

Attending trade show is another one of the most popular small business marketing tips, as it gives you a chance to meet with prospective or existing clients face-to-face and have a more personal interaction with them. Some prospective clients will find this more compelling and become a client of yours. If you’re interested in a trade show, your marketing expert with an adverting agency Toronto can help you get started, as there is a lot to remember – from how to design your display to what kind of promotional products you could offer those who visit your booth or space. It’s also important to set up a list to get down the contact information of prospective clients so you can follow up with them. Following up within a few days is one of the most important small business marketing tips of trade shows, as you want to be fresh in their minds when you follow-up. You also want the follow-up to be customized and genuine, from calling them by their name to including specific things you remember from your conversation at the trade show in the message.

There are several small business marketing tips to remember when starting a business, but starting a campaign to reach out to your target market, creating an online presence and attending trade shows to meet people are a good way to get your foot in the door and start getting the word out about your business. If you’re interested in jump-starting your new business’ promotional campaign, visit with a marketing expert at an adverting agency Toronto today.

Tips And Tools For Successfully Marketing Any Small Business!

By using effective small business marketing tips, a boutique ad agency GTA can help a business to reach a large amount of potential new customers. As a result, the small business marketing tips can quickly and consistently increase the amount of leads, sales and revenue that the business generates overall.


Small Business Can Be Huge With A Proven Marketing Strategy

With a proven marketing strategy, a small business can be very profitable. There are limitless opportunities on the market for small businesses right now, and a small business can focus on any niche and earn outstanding profits.

The key to success in small business is successful marketing. Without using small business marketing tips, a business won’t be able to reach as many potential customers. A business can have a boutique ad agency GTA or a marketing expert fully plan its marketing strategies ahead of time, so when the time comes to begin promotion and marketing, complex and detailed marketing strategies can simply be implemented for the small business.


Direct Mail Works

By giving small business marketing tips regarding direct mail and helping a business get started with a direct mail campaign, a boutique ad agency GTA can help a small business use direct mail more effectively. The truth is that direct mail works if the business uses a number of tricks, strategies and tools to raise its conversion rates from direct mail.

One of the small business marketing tips involving direct mail is that a business should always customize and personalize direct mail for the potential customer, and this has lead to much higher conversion rates.

A marketing expert can help a small business design direct mail, letters and mailed advertisements that encourage people to buy a product, sign up for a service, call a small business, visit the website of a business or walk into one of the locations of the business.


Print Media

Print media can still be a very exceptional advertising tool, and the best marketing expert knows that there is less competition in print media now because of the surge in online advertising.

A boutique ad agency GTA can design and implement a print media campaign that places listings for a business in newspapers, in phone books, in local flyers and handouts and in various brochures.

A marketing expert can design a print media campaign that focuses on customers who are already interested in the niche or the field of the business.


Radio Can Be Effective

One of the most important small business marketing tips is that radio can be effective. A marketing expert knows that many people listen to the radio everyday, and if a person hears something that sounds like an excellent deal on the radio, they are likely to check it out.

A boutique ad agency GTA can design short or long radio ads that are very effective, and the return on investment, or “ROI”, from these radio ads can be enormous.

There are many small business marketing tips that can help a business successfully market its products and services. Some of these include having a proven strategy, having a marketing expert design and implement a direct mail campaign, using print media and using the services of a boutique ad agency GTA to create and implement a radio marketing campaign.