5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Marketing Consultant Now

As any business owner can attest, turning over any part of your “baby” to a stranger can be akin to surrendering a kidney without anesthesia. There comes a point, however, for every business owner when you must admit that you can no longer do it alone. If you want to become, or remain, successful you’ll need to call in professional help. How do you know when it’s time for you to hire a Marketing consultant like Paul Cookson who is based in Toronto?

  1. Your business is losing money.
    Without a well developed marketing plan your customers can’t find you or the product you have to offer. You owe it to yourself and your customers to let them know how to find you. You need to advertise. Whether your need is multimedia, SEO, print or a combination of the three, an experienced marketing consultant can help you design a plan for your business that will put you in front of the people who want what you have to offer.
  2. You have no idea what your prospects really want.
    In the excitement of developing your product or service it is easy to loose track of the people you were originally trying to reach. A professional marketing consultant can help you target prospective customers and show them exactly what you have to offer. Skilled marketing consultants know how to get inside the prospect’s head, divine their needs and speak their language.
  3. You have no online presence.
    These days if you don’t have a website you might as well be invisible. A marketing consultant can help with web design, advertising, email newsletters, video production, and a variety of other services to make your business shine on the web. Your website should be your electronic business card, allowing customers to shop for your product or service even while your sleeping. Without it your business is only working part time.
  4. You have no marketing plan or your plan just isn’t working.
    You launched your business with no marketing plan or one that has failed to produce the results you had hoped for. A marketing consultant will bring instant experience and expertise to you project, as well as a fresh set of eyes. It’s their job to help you understand what works and what doesn’t and make it run smoothly so that you can tend to business.
  5. You’re to busy running your business to market full time.
    Your business is keeping you busy, but you know you should be doing better. The problem? You simply don’t have the time to work on marketing as well as everything else that needs to be done. A marketing consultant can offer services tailored to your vision of your business and send your sales to the next level.

If you’re ready to take your business higher, it’s time to hire a professional who knows how to get it done. Paul Cookson of Ad Army Group Marketing Services, Toronto and his team can see that your multimedia advertising is a cut above the competition.

Why it’s Smart for Companies to Call in a Marketing Consultant

Does your company appeal to the right buyers? What’s your company’s mission? Who are your ideal customers? Who are your top competitors and why? What is the value of a new customer? These are just some of the many questions asked to potential companies that need help from a marketing consultant. The best advertising agency in Toronto would love to be of assistance in building and expanding your company’s brand. When finished reading, please pick up the phone and call ADARMYGROUP for a consultation with marketing expert Paul Cookson.


Who is marketing expert Paul Cookson? 

He is a key consultant in our advertising agency located in Toronto. His track record for expanding the sales of many top elite companies is widely noted and respected. He has the know how to help launching companies establish themselves. For companies who are facing hard economic times, he can not only turn it around but also make your company prosper and grow. With over 20 years of experience in marketing and sales, he can help clients achieve their marketing goals.

Why is it smart for companies to call in a marketing consultant? Every business needs clever and effective marketing strategies. Due to the changes in the economic climate many businesses are struggling to adapt their marketing campaigns. Our advertising agency in Toronto has experienced marketing consultants ready to reconnect businesses with customers and promote their products and/or services.

The ADARMYGROUP can find the best uses of a company’s marketing budget. The client has the option of choosing how to advertise with the advertising agency. It can be through the web, print, radio or television. If you want to add interest in your brand, our Toronto based advertising agency has an excellent, professional and talented video production team. Videos are an effective way to reach your audience as it creates visual stimulation, appeals to both new and old customers. The video can be used on the company’s website, YouTube, and social sites for more exposure, therefore expanding the brand.


Maximize your Exposure

A marketing consultant from our adverting agency based in Toronto will help businesses find the best marketing tools to get the maximum exposure. A great, attractive and easy to navigate web design can be the make or break of a sell. Customers want easy accessibility and today companies can benefit from mobile sites for customers using smartphones and tablets. The company’s website could receive an upgrade or be setup with the assistance of our advertising agency in Toronto.


Based in Toronto

Our Toronto based advertising agency is waiting to help small businesses just like yours to make a huge impact with ways to better market your brand. Being one of the top ad agencies in the area, we will love to work with you. The potential to reach more customers is just a phone call away. It’s proven that without a marketing consultant, businesses have a higher chance of failing; don’t let that happen to your business. Make a wise decision to invest in your company to help it grow and last throughout any economic climate. Be a step ahead with our innovative marketing tactics. Call the Ad Army Group today for a consultation. Your company depends on it!

Good Marketing Advice can Save Your Business

As a business owner, your number one goal should be to improve your customer relations, the product that you make available to those same customers and the amount of customers that you bring to your door. With that in mind, if you are doing everything in your power to increase your business and none of it is working, you may need to contact an advertising agency in Toronto. No matter how many tools you use, whether newspaper advertising, networking or social media, you may just need to improve your web design in order to keep your visitors coming back for more.


Expert help can make a difference

Enlisting the services of a Toronto advertising agency does not necessarily mean that you don’t know what you are doing, but considering the fact that they are experienced in the field, they could make all the difference in the world. Don’t be fooled by family and friends when they tell you that you are doing a good job, because they may not be in a position to see what your bottom line is. The truth of the matter is that an experienced ad agency will almost always give you the results you are looking for.

Not every advertising agency in Toronto can give you the results you need though, so before you actually hire an advertising agency, make sure that they have a good track record. You should begin by asking questions and asking for references, but don’t be afraid to accept advice. Always remember that these agencies have only one goal and that is to help you improve your customer base.

You can be assured that they will have a plan in place which will include paying close attention to your competitors. The Toronto advertising agency that you choose should be an expert in the industry, which simply means that you should have a full staff that is ready to cater for your advertising needs. With marketing expert Paul Cookson on the team of the advertising company, you will know that his experience being brought to bear will put your company where it needs to be, at the top of your class.


Don’t do your own marketing if you have no experience

Most people who attempt to do their own marketing may not understand that they need to put a fair amount of research into it. Because they fail this simple requirement, they end up having the wind knocked out of their sails and their advertising plans are unsuccessful. Once you find the right advertising agency in Toronto, a plan can be put together and research can be completed.

There is no need to be concerned about research when it comes to your marketing plans and they will make certain that all your goals are met. The bottom line is that the hiring of a Toronto advertising agency will give you all the tools you need to make your advertising projects a success. If you need to have a professional video production completed, they can make it happen for you. So stop trying to do the job yourself, give it to the people with the experience.

5 Things That Will Help Your Business

Everyone blames the economy for loss of sales, but in reality people are still spending money. Yes, sales have slowed, but not stopped. The real problem? A shift in consumer habits. Slashing prices isn’t the answer. Advertising isn’t dead. This is a marketing dilemma.

  1. Your Website. Is it good?
    You need more than flashy looks for web design. A business site does need to stay current with design styles and code, but the message and traffic direction when visitors land is even more critical to sales. Understanding consumer behavior is probably not your specialty, but for a successful Toronto advertising agency it is. You see, ads only direct traffic. Websites make the sale.
  2. Your SEO. Do you engage in SEO? 
    There is more to SEO that connects you to conversions that average monthly search volume. A lot of advertising agency ‘gurus’ pay no attention to what the results for the terms are all about. Consumers looking for ideas are many times not ever going to convert. What good is SEO if it is sending you all the wrong people? Traffic isn’t sales. Conversions are.
  3. Your Strategy. Do you have one?
    What’s your plan? Many business do no planning when it comes to marketing. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work anymore. You need a strategy, a map so to speak, that is deeply researched and well planned. This is the first step in growing your Toronto business. A solid marketing strategy is a complex thing. For super success, you need an advertising agency with a proven track record – a marketing expert.
  4. Your Advertising. What are you doing to promote yourself?
    It’s interesting how many professionals handle all their own advertising. A lot of times their ads and marketing message only capture their competition’s attention. Obviously, this is hurting sales, because you’re addressing the wrong crowd completely. Yes, you understand your business, but ads are for the consumer. It doesn’t matter where you advertise. Signage, the fleet, print, television, and online – with the right impact ads work, but the key to effective ads is your advertising agency.
  5. Your Customers. Do you engage them?
    How well do you know your perfect customer? You know, the ones that just walk in and buy what you offer, because it’s exactly what they need or want. Those transactions aren’t a coincidence. You just need to attract those people, and not the rest of the world. It’s psychology. Get inside that customer’s head. That’s why some marketing works, and other tactics fails. You need an advertising agency that can identify your perfect customer’s mindset and apply it to all of your marketing.

No doubt you arrived on this page looking for answers. It might be that you’re trying to find a quick and easy fix to slow sales. Or is the issue that your site traffic isn’t converting? Getting to the bottom of that isn’t cut and dried. Do your business a favor. Consult with marketing expert, Paul Cookson. You’ll be glad you did, because astounding business success today calls for a truly remarkable advertising agency.

Hiring a Marketing Expert Revitalizes a Business

A marketing expert assists individuals and companies in their marketing efforts to ensure that they achieve the desired result. The marketing specialist evaluates the client’s products or services and then recommends a mix of marketing strategies for effectively promoting his client’s offerings or business. In many cases, the marketing expert also monitors and tracks his client’s efforts so as to change or adjust his strategies when necessary, to boost his client’s business.



Many businesses have a website. In fact, it’s very rare to find a business that doesn’t have a website. While there are some individuals and companies who have the ability to set up a website, many business owners have realized that setting up a professional website in consultation with a marketing expert or an advertising agency is a wise move. A marketing consultant, such as Marketing Expert Paul Cookson, can help ensure the website not only looks impressive, but also that it is easy to navigate and provides valuable content for visitors and potential customers.


So is Content

Quality content is essential in gaining people’s trust and boosting the credibility of a business. That is why it’s so important to hire an experienced and knowledgeable advertising agency or marketing expert like Marketing Expert Paul Cookson to handle your marketing and promotional needs. In addition to providing web design services and creating good content for your website, a good advertising agency or marketing expert can also provide assistance with video production. Videos are a popular method of promoting a company’s products, services or other offers to a global audience, and it is important to include this strategy in your marketing mix.

The marketing expert you choose may also offer services that include monitoring or even participating in interactive aspects of your website, such as a photo gallery, blog or even forum. A marketing specialist that operates an advertising agency in Toronto or any other city, will usually have great expertise in web design. The ad agency can also work to drive targeted traffic to company websites. An advertising agency needs to have professionals who know how to generate website traffic in order to ensure a high ranking position in search engines. If you hire a proficient advertising agency or marketing expert like Marketing Expert Paul Cookson, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a knowledgeable company.

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is another important service offered by an advertising agency, web design company or marketing specialist. These professionals incorporate search engine optimization techniques when setting up a website and creating content so that Internet users can find the website. It is important to keep in mind that there are millions of websites or businesses competing with your business. When your prospects or potential customers type in a keyword related to your business or product, they will visit websites that appear on the first page of search engine results listings. An advertising agency or marketing specialists, such as marketing expert Paul Cookson, can use effective search engine optimization techniques to get your website on top positions in major search engines. There is so much competition that you need the services of a reliable advertising agency or marketing expert, whether you are in Toronto or another area, to get noticed online and to beat out the competition.

If you want a reputable marketing specialist who has great experience and expertise to help you with every aspect of your marketing tasks so that your website or company stands out from the rest, pick up the phone right now and call adarmygroup for a consultation with marketing expert Paul Cookson.

Why You Should Hire A Marketing Consultant

There are quite a few small business owners and brand managers that are rather good at the art of advertisement multi-tasking. They may have an adequate understanding of how effective marketing should be handled and the importance of timing their marketing campaigns just right in order to reach a high volume of potential consumers while reaching their sales objectives.


So Why Hire A Toronto Marketing Consultant? 

Surviving in today’s business climate is no easy task. With the emergence of digital advertising and social media platforms, getting marketing advice from a Toronto marketing consultant can help save a business from marketing suicide. The key thing to remember with marketing is that 21st century advertising is most effective when it is flexible and stays up-to-date with current trends. Many businesses fail because they only follow a few marketing strategies instead of implementing several or use those that do not connect with their targeted consumer on a consistent basis.

Most of today’s consumers are smart enough to avoid marketing tactics that use the same pitch over and over again. A marketing campaign that helped a company soar in sales several months ago could suddenly fall flat at the end of the year. Therefore, a business must communicate with their clients and interact with them on a personal level. Even among small business owners and brand managers who multi-task their advertisement strategies exceptionally well, there’s always some marketing technique or strategy that still hasn’t been considered.

When a business hires a marketing consultant from an ad agency to execute their advertising campaigns,they are sure to receive a more balanced well-rounded approach to address their specific marketing needs. A marketing consultant can choose the best strategies that sync with their client’s type of business and target audience by compiling a generous list of marketing ideas and then combining them to come up with the best solution for their sales goals.

Since its founding, Ad Army Group in Toronto is considered to be the leading ad agency for a large number of clients. Their goal is to incorporate traditional advertising such as radio broadcasts, printed materials and television commercials with effective web design and video production to attract millions of online consumers worldwide!


Ad Agency Veteran Paul Cookson 

Beginning his career in 1989 at the Small Business Advertising Company, expert marketing consultant Paul Cookson has a resumé in the marketing industry that has earned him the reputation of being the go-to guy to help failing businesses reach success by expanding their consumer base long-term. Due to his leadership skills, Ad Army Group is a leading marketing consultant agency that brings a unique approach when offering marketing consultant assistance to businesses of diverse industries.

The Ad Army Group has a proven record of exceeding their clients’ expectations no matter what their marketing requirements may be. All they have to do is pick up the phone and call adarmygroup for a consultation with marketing expert Paul Cookson to get his advice on workable marketing solutions at 416-286-2860.

5 More Reasons to Hire a Marketing Expert

So, you’ve made it through your first series of challenges as a business owner. All of the planning, preparation, study and sweat equity you’ve put into your money making venture has taken you this far, but what will the future hold? Will you and your staff have the answers to the obstacles and challenges to come? Navigating the tumultuous sea of owning and operating business can be daunting, but just as a ship doesn’t leave port without proper navigational tools, your business won’t be ready for the next step without a marketing consultant to illuminate the path.

Here’s the top five reasons your business needs a marketing consultant on your team:

  1. Expert Knowledge
    Face it, no matter how many years of industry experience or the business skills you and your staff has, a professional marketing consultant is going to know things you don’t. A marketing consultant has worked with multiple clients in the same sector for a long time, giving them insight that you don’t have. A marketing consultant’s job is to understand every aspect of their market and sector, inside and out.
  2. Best Practices
    Marketing consultants understand what a successful business looks like.
    You’ll be able work with someone first hand who has seen the problems most businesses in your field run into. This translates to knowing what the best practices are to avoid the common pitfalls and positions your company for optimal success.
  3. Cost-efficient
    A marketing consultant is only going to be around when you need them to be. It isn’t like hiring a new employee– you only pay for the services rendered and there’s no training involved. In the end, the cost to you for a marketing consultant versus hiring a new employee is going to be significantly less.
  4. Connections To Other Industries
    Do you need an advertising agency, web design done or video production? In addition to all of the relationships a marketing consultant acquires over the years, they also develop relationships with the industries you’re going to need help from.A marketing consultant will be able to step into your problem, recognize the resources you need and plug you in to the appropriate channels.
  5. Peace of Mind
    If your company is like most others in this economy, you and your staff are overworked and stressed. Knowing that your company has access to such a wealth of knowledge and experience through a marketing consultant can help you breathe a bit easier and focus on other areas that need your attention.

For someone who’s serious about their business reaching the next level and surviving the rocky waters of business, hiring a marketing consultant is a no-brainer. You’re saving valuable time and money on a service all businesses desperately need and your staff will be in better spirits as well, knowing they have an expert on the team with the sole task of keeping your business afloat and running efficiently. So, give marketing expert Paul Cookson a call today and catapult your business to success.