Five Reasons to Hire a Marketing Expert

Any Business area for the most part is a cut throat industry. The first person to market with the best advertising campaign and the best product at the best price is typically the winner. There is a way to shift the paradigm to weigh in one company’s favor over another. This is done through innovative and strategic web design and marketing that pulls in customers and sells products. Finding an advertising agency to help with this task is a wise move.


Pick  a Toronto Marketing Consultant? 

A marketing consultant will offer many advantages when designing and implicating an online marketing strategy in Toronto. First and foremost, the present employees for a company already have enough duties to already do. Trying to take on the responsibilities that an ad agency would and could handle is not among them. The company employees need to concentrate on the development and fabrication of the product line.

The choice to hire a marketing consultant in Toronto will also allow the company to broaden their horizons. A marketing expert like Paul Cookson will be able to garner a different perspective on the product and services that the company offers. This will allow for things like video production and email campaigns to focus on a new way of seeing the company.

Consistency is another reason why hiring a marketing consultant makes sense. This consistency entails relating all forms of marketing to one another. It also means optimizing one’s SEO presence on search engines so that more customer and prospective customers get exposure to the company’s name and product. Consistency will also aid in pinpointing new tactics that can be used in order to garner a greater share of the Toronto market.


Fast Turn over of Marketing ideas

Faster turn over is another aspect that a marketing consultant can bring to a company. It is one thing to get the word out about a company and have a solid online marketing plan. Although if these tactics do not bring customers and sales to the company, they will eventually cease to exist. A marketing consultant will be able to design a solid plan that will result in more sales faster. This will drive up the bottom line and result in greater profits.

Cost is one thing that gets the attention of every CEO and company. A marketing consultant in Toronto is just plain smart because this person will cut costs. Hiring a full time, on staff marketing consultant will cost a lot to train and maintain. Although hiring a marketing expert like Paul Cookson can be done on an as needed basis.

Many times a marketing consultant is someone that can be hired on for blocks of time and let go and re-hired as needed. They will be able to bring the most effective strategies for marketing your company and products without costing the company a ton of money or investment in training This keeps the up front costs down so that the company can use the profits they earn to grow and expand in the Toronto area. Whether SEO content, or seeking an innovative web design Toronto marketing consultants can meet the need.

Consolidate Your Marketing Efforts Using Toronto’s Top Marketing Consultant

A Toronto marketing consultant does much more than research and suggesting marketing venues. Marketing expert Paul Cookson helps businesses worldwide consolidate their marketing efforts, developing a brand with a unified approach to web design, video production, retail signage and more. Every aspect of a business’s marketing plan is coordinated and each aspect is stronger when it reinforces the same primary message.


SEO Company

Imagine your business hires an SEO company; an ad agency and a third company to design and print your business cards. Each agency will decide what your brand’s message should be and then they will work to promote your business using their own methods and ideas. Your brand presents mixed messages to customers with no one message reaching all of your potential customers. A marketing consultant will coordinate your brand’s message across all channels, making it far more effective.


Ad agency for small business

When you hire a Toronto marketing consultant, you’re hiring an ad agency to research your target customer’s needs and then unify your offline and online marketing efforts to attract your target customer’s attention. Your brand will appear to your target customer as the perfect solution to their needs.


Marketing expert Paul Cookson

Marketing expert Paul Cookson works with all types of industries, tailoring his methods to help you reach your specific goal. As Toronto’s top marketing consultant, Paul has the experience to understand what you want to achieve and he has the resources to make it happen. For example, his tips on how to make yourself an expert in your industry are invaluable. When the public sees you as an expert, your business will attract highly qualified customers who are already sold on your product or service.

While you are an expert in your industry, it does not mean you are an expert in marketing. It is a smart business decision to get expert help in areas where you are not knowledgeable so you can concentrate on what you do best. You would not neglect your business website while you learned how to repair your computer so why neglect online marketing while you learn how to do it. Let a marketing consultant worry about online marketing while you create a product worth marketing.

For new businesses, a Toronto marketing consultant will give your company a head start in a highly competitive marketplace. Getting expert advice actually saves you money; you will not waste your marketing budget on things that do not work well for your industry. For example, not every industry finds new customers with professional video production but for certain industries, video marketing is the key to brand awareness. Start-ups with limited budgets need professional advice to distribute their resources where they will be the most effective.

If your business’s marketing plan isn’t as effective as you would like it to be, call the Ad Army Group for a consultation with “marketing expert Paul Cookson”. Paul and his army of marketing experts will put their experience to work for you, helping you dominate your industry with their proven methods.

Why Your Business Needs A Marketing Consultant?

Grabbing the attention and interest of buying consumers is the one way to assure the success and the growth of any business or product. Making the consumers pay attention to your product and company can be difficult, which is why a marketing consultant in Toronto is an ideal investment in the health and longevity of your business.

An advertising agency will have the experience and the people to formulate strategies that will optimize the business presence through online marketing and search engine optimization. A marketing consultant in Toronto will have the innate knowledge to create and implement marketing strategies. This includes unique and original web designs and video production.


Detailed Marketing Plan

A marketing consultant will create a detailed marketing plan for the company. This individual will also determine and develop a marketing message that will appeal to the people of Toronto. The marketing consultant will also identify the right mix of strategies, like video production and SEO items for the web that will get the message out on your company.


Ad agency in Scarborough is an advertising agency that gets results. Each ad agency has people like Marketing expert Paul Cookson that are simply waiting for their break to make a name for themselves. The professional marketing consultant will monitor results of their work and alter them as needed in order to get the best possible outcome for their clients in Toronto.


Well Rounded advice

Although, what a marketing expert like Paul Cookson would tell a business seeking to hire a marketing consultant in Toronto and the surrounding areas is that the person one hires needs to have an innate knowledge of more than just marketing. The marketing realm is important, but the really qualified and talented marketing consultant will also be well equipped to deal with areas like business, communications and psychology These field will help the individual execute and implement marketing strategies more wholistically and more effectively.


Know the Market

Knowing the consumer base in Toronto is half the battle. One must be able to identify what the consumers are looking for and what they want to hear before any marketing plan will be effective and garner the results that the company desires. The talented consultant will be able to identify the strategies necessary for optimal results and profit gain.

The business world can prove to be a demanding and stressful place. Why stretch the talents and abilities of present employees to attempt to market products and services when there are many qualified marketing consultants in the Toronto area? This just makes no sense and can actually cause a business to fold and maybe even close from the pressure.

Time management and people skills are two of the most important facets of running a business. Using a marketing consultant that can implicate unique and innovative web designs, SEO content and video productions makes good money and business sense. Online marketing will saturate the consumer base and reach out to prospective clients that can help propel a business to their next level of operations. Consultants have the knowledge and the experience to do that for your company. is Smart Marketing Help

Both small and large businesses face many marketing challenges today. With so many distractions competing for people’s narrow attention spans, it can be hard to make the right people hear the message. There is also a lot of competition for their pocketbooks. To break through the background noise and encourage customers to seek out their store and services, businesses should consider hiring a Toronto marketing consultant such as They will tailor the message, assist in the delivery, and help meet sales goals through more effective marketing.


Call in a Toronto Marketing Consultant

Calling in a marketing consultant is a smart decision because the right message can make a tremendous difference. Paul Cookson is the CEO of and he has a lot of experience in website design and search engine optimization. is based in Toronto but it has clients around the globe, including hockey legends, sports franchises, and other big name figures who trust him to make, shape, and spread their message. A business’ leadership team has many demands on their time and concentration. These distractions can impact the quality of the message they want their customers to know. However, after hiring they will have a designated marketing consultant to help them decide exactly what they wish their customers to know, and how best to say it.

Once the message has been crafted, it is time to deliver it. Here, Cookson and’s vast experience in web design and search engine optimization will be invaluable to the businesses they advise. As an online marketing consultant, they have the internet background and experience needed to spread the message across the internet effectively. The right customers are out there, the trick is to have them notice the company and go there pocketbooks and all. This is a task many business leaders simply do not have the time to undertake on their own. That is why they turn to marketing consultants, and is a trusted, successful agency with a proven track record in getting that message delivered to the right people.


Get the right message to your customer base

The right message and the right delivery can come together to directly benefit a company’s bottom line. After the recession, many people have become very careful in how they are spending their money. They want to know that they will be getting the best deal. Meeting sales goals in this environment can be difficult. The right marketing strategy can counteract those pressures and help any company earn the money they need. When the message and the delivery are not delivering the financial results a company desires, it is time to hire a marketing consultant of’s caliber and track record to turn things around. is a Toronto marketing consultant with a strong online presence and skill set, as well as a proven record of success. They can help any business, small or large, develop the right message, send it to the right people, and help a business earn more money. Marketing expert Paul Cookson understands this, and is ready to help.

Why Hire A Marketing Expert?

As a small business owner I am sure that by now you realize the importance of having a web site. What most businesses fail to realize is that in today’s world you need more than just a web site. Successful businesses in today’s market have a web presence. And what is the difference between a web presence and a website you may ask?

A website for a small business usually looks something like this. A business owner realizes he needs to get his business name or product online, so he calls a web design company. The web design company, which oftentimes is actually a college student working out of his dorm room on a laptop, slaps together a website and charges the business owner a few hundred dollars. The college student goes back to doing what most college students do, and the business owner gets back to the daily grind of running his business everyday, and the website sits on a hosting server somewhere in the vast world of cyberspace.


Really think about your web presence

Now, let’s look at a web presence. This happens when a business owner realizes she doesn’t have the time, knowledge, and expertise it takes to launch a successful online marketing campaign, so she calls a marketing consultant. The marketing consultant then devises a plan of attack that starts with a very professional looking website that makes a potential customer who views it, feel comfortable doing business with you. This is the easy part, the hard part is driving traffic to the website through various methods which include search engine optimization, establishing a presence on social media platforms, and maintaining a positive online reputation. All of this takes time, time that a business owner should spend devoting to what she is great at, running her business. When you turn your online needs over to a marketing consultant you get an online marketing campaign that utilizes search engine optimization, professional state of the art web design, and an online marketing strategy. As you can see, a marketing consultant is committed to driving business to your door, not just slapping a pretty website with your name on it into the vast world of cyberspace.

When business owners in Toronto need a marketing consultant they turn to marketing expert Paul Cookson. Paul Cookson has a reputation of being THE Toronto marketing consultant. Paul has an impressive track record that spans over 20 years of successful marketing experience. His experience ranges from helping low budget small business owners to working with Fortune 500 companies. Paul has assembled a very dynamic team of professionals at adarmygroup who handle every aspect of your online marketing strategy from state of the art website design to video production. Paul and his team are committed to your success.

If you are a business owner who realizes the importance of a web presence then you need to call a marketing expert like Paul Cookson to handle your online marketing campaign. Let a professional marketing consultant spend his time doing what he is good at, while you spend your time doing what you are great at, running your business.

Hiring a Marketing Consultant Can Change the Face of your Business

Starting a business or trying to grow an already established one can be an exciting, but daunting prospect. With so many moving parts and important concerns, it can seem like a huge hassle to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Your business might have the greatest product known to mankind, but without advertising, no one will ever know about it. There are many solutions to effective advertising. One of the best is to hire a marketing consultant to give you the edge you need over the competition.

In the old days, marketing used to be a lot less complicated. there were really only a few avenues in which to get your message out there. There was radio, television, billboards and hand bills. However, with the advent of the internet, effective marketing has become both more accessible and more complicated at the same time. No longer can a business owner put a quick 30 second add on the local television station and call it a day. Advertising requires experience and skill to be effective and, when done right, it can be very effective.


This makes hiring a marketing consultant much more profitable than it has been in the past

A marketing consultant can help a business gain exposure through many varied avenues of advertising. The biggest change in the past few years has been online advertising and the opportunity it brings. People find most things through online searches. A potential customer types in the word he or she is searching for and a list of website associated with that word pop up in a handy list. A marketing consultant will know exactly how to structure your website and adds to appear on the first page of that list. This is called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, and is something that can take years to learn. Increased online effectiveness means increased profits for your business. In most cases, a good marking consultant will more than pay for itself.


One thing that many people forget is that a business owner’s time is money.

These people make the mistake of thinking that personally overseeing all aspects of a business’s advertising will save money. This is simply not true. At first, it appears that not paying for a marketing consultant is a good idea. There would be one less bill to worry about and the advertising is still getting done, right? This is incorrect. If a business owner is spending much of his or her time on advertising, that is time not spent on more important aspects of the business, aspects that only the business owner can operate effectively, such as networking or handling the finances. Overall, the business actually loses money from an over zealous owner. hiring a good marketing consultant and focusing on more important issues is the better choice.

The best option is pretty clear, and most top business owner will agree that letting a professional handle the marketing is the best idea and will lead to the most success.