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Back in the olden days, you could place an ad in the local paper, spring for a Yellow Pages listing in bold type and rely on word of mouth to make your small business thrive and grow. Your competition was another small business across town or in a town a few miles away. Now, the local paper has thinned down to a few sentimental sheets of outdated information, and the Yellow Pages is a recyclable paperweight. Thanks to the Internet, your competition now numbers in the thousands, if not millions, from all over the planet. Big companies can afford to tackle the new world of online marketing in house or pay a fortune to have someone else do it. Small companies can’t afford to stand up, much less stand out, in such a dynamic and daunting environment. That’s where a marketing consultant comes in—someone like Toronto marketing consultant, Paul Cookson.


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Paul Cookson is the founder of ADARMYGROUP, a full-service advertising agency. Though it’s considered a boutique ad agency, there is nothing petite about it. Serving national and international clients large and small, ADARMYGROUP provides everything from product photography to video production to web design. And they do so with style, wit and, most important of all, a personal touch. As the agency’s marketing expert (and a former programmer/system designer for the Internet), Paul Cookson is uniquely qualified to guide you through the geek-speak and acronyms that make the Internet such an intimidating hurdle for the small business owner.


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One of those acronyms is SEO. It stands for Search Engine Optimization which, predictably, makes no more sense than the acronym. But it is essential that today’s marketing consultant not only knows what SEO is, but understands how to exploit it to your advantage. For all the high-tech bells and whistles, for all the smart phones and tablets (and soon-to be eyeglasses) your customers use to interact, inform and amuse themselves, all those devices are really doing is counting and calculating really fast. Moving higher up and faster into the Internet food chain, search engines such as Google use massive amounts of calculating power to find you and figure out how important you are. Who you are equals how many times a self-identifying word or phrase called a “keyword” appears on your website. How important you are equals how many links there are to your site. That’s an oversimplified explanation of how a search engine yielding bazillions of results chooses which company to put on Page One and which company to put on Page One Thousand and One. Marketing consultant, Paul Cookson, understands how a search engine arrives at those choices and even better, knows how to optimize that search to get your company moving up the road to Page One. With a knowledgeable, innovative marketing consultant like Paul Cookson as your guide, you’ll no longer think of the Internet as a barrier, but as a springboard that will give your small company big-company visibility on the World Wide Web

Why Hiring A Marketing Consultant Offers The Highest ROI

What is the number one mistake small business owners make when they think of marketing?

They set aside a marketing budget and mimic what the big brands are doing. This is a mistake for one simple reason: they are spending most of their money on the least effective channels. Often a big company can afford to spend considerable amounts of money on simply branding their name. They also have enough revenue to weather costly mistakes that would wipe out a small business.


ROI As A Marketing Metric

In essence, then, small business owners are getting minimal return on their money when they simply decide to follow marketing examples they hear about in the media. An easy way for them to realize that this is not a winning idea is to do a quick calculation to assess their Return on Investment. The ROI is calculated by dividing revenue by expenses.

Instead of using this simple business accounting method to assess the efficacy of their marketing, small business owners tend to wax philosophical, all their business minded thinking thrown out of the window. It’s common to hear comments like: “I can’t afford television commercials, so I thought I’d try radio. People listen to the radio. Let’s just see how it goes.”

This fuzzy thinking would not occur if the business owner were to spend some of his or her marketing budget on hiring a marketing consultant, who would work on the basis of learned experience not speculation or possibility thinking.


Skimping On Marketing Costs

Another mistake small business owners make is skipping the marketing process altogether—hoping to find a cheaper alternative. For instance, sometimes business owners merely think that their product is so good that it will sell itself. Consequently, their idea of marketing is simply joining their local chamber of commerce and talking about the product they make, relying on location, asking for referrals, or using other trial-and-error methods to get the word out. Their belief system is that once the word gets out, then the product will begin to fly off the shelves. Again, this type of magical thinking would be quickly dispelled by a marketing consultant.


Why Hire A Marketing Consultant?

A marketing consultant is a seasoned expert in marketing, familiar with numerous strategies, different industries, and various media. He or she will be able to create a customized marketing plan. Instead of merely imitating what a large company can afford to do to brand itself, a marketing consultant will identify target markets and develop a process to reach them and measure response.

It’s not enough to merely imitate what other companies are doing. It’s not enough to rely on networking options alone. Small companies often don’t last for more than a year, with about half of them failing in the first year. This is because they don’t create effective marketing campaigns and run out of customers.

A marketing consultant is a professional, who is interested in creating a plan of action that will lead to a positive ROI. They can provide invaluable advice on how to create successful marketing campaigns and will help you consider ideas related to online marketing, SEO, web design, ad agencies, or video production

If your business is interested in affordable, professional, and customized marketing, then they should call marketing expert Paul Clarkson, CEO of Adarmy Group, at 406-286-2860.

Marketing Consultants – For The Life Of Your Business

There are many people that come up with amazing business ideas. The market is full of entrepreneurs that have products or services that are really needed. Some of these entrepreneurs make the cut and they are able to run a very successful business, other do not have such good fortune. The businesses that fail may not understand what they did wrong. They may have had everything to run a successful business, but in spite of that it still may not have worked out. It may seem like there was no reason for the business to not do well, but there is one thing that businesses often take for granted.


Advertising will breathe life into your business

Advertising is really the life of any business be it small or big. Regardless of the product or the service that a business may have, if they do not know how to market their business in a way that will bring in customers, they are bound to fail. Quite often a business may think that if they just do the basics in marketing that their product or service will sell itself. That is not the case. The idea that a good product will sell itself is just simply not true. In order for a product to sell it must be well marketed.

Since marketing a business is so important, hiring a marketing consultant can really be the best thing for any type of business.

A marketing consultant is a person that has much experience in marketing, and they know what to do to get a business to where it needs to be. Marketing can involve many different aspects. All businesses need to have a great web site. A website allows clients to not only see the products that are available, but it can also allow them to order the products and get in contact with customer service and things of the like.

A marketing consultant can help put together not only a great website that is just right for a business, but they can also include Search Engine Optimization, which will allow potential clients to see the business website first when certain services or products are being searched for on the internet.

A good Toronto marketing consultant can also steer a business owner in the right direction as far as commercials, ad agencies, and other online marketing strategies. Since they are so knowledgeable about the different ways of advertising that are available they can help a business owner find marketing strategies that they may have never even thought of before.

Adarmygroup is a very well known marketing agency in Toronto and around the world, and through the great advice from marketing expert Paul Cookson many businesses both small and large have been able not only to get their business name marketed, but they have also been able to get the clientele that they want and need to run a successful business.

Marketing is a very big part of owning a business and many businesses do not hire a professional marketing consultant and they end up suffering the consequences. Since it is imperative to have good marketing strategies it is worth the time to investigate Adarmygroup. With just one easy phone call a business can get the advice that they need to make their business a success.

5 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Expert

Business owners, small or large, have various goals they want their perspective company to reach. Some are focused on increasing market share or their niche markets, while others are just trying to maintain footing in this brutal economy. One commonality everyone has is their desire to grow, adapt, and sustain their business in the ever changing business environment.

Whether you are a small or large business – hiring a marketing consultant should never be at the bottom of your list in efforts to produce the results you are looking for in your bottom line. Below are five reasons hiring a marketing consultant can help you achieve your organizations goals.

  1. Fresh Perspective
    Though your employees should be the first place to look when it comes to gathering new ideas and perspectives at the office, having an outside perspective will permit solid return on investments. Being wired with a different creative genes, marketing and advertising agencies are full of market wisdom and creative thinking energies that will bring company executives back outside the box to a whole new world of thinking and ideas in areas such as product innovation, market analysis, web analytics (such as search engine optimization and social networking), branding, and product positioning.
  2.  Knowledge is Power
    As a marketing consultant, Ad Army Group understands that knowledge is power in the marketing and advertising industry. The pace of change in marketing is extremely rapid, which is why implementing different solutions in web-based applications, print media, and video applications is vital to the success of Ad Army Group. For business owners, keeping up with the pace of change can be a tiresome challenge and by hiring a marketing consultant, you can tap into different avenues of communication while focusing on your business operations. 
  3. Focus
    A good marketing and advertising agency understands the value of focus – they thrive on it! Branding is a form of focus that capitalizes on such things as your logo, taglines, slogans, or maybe even a mascot! Marketing consultants are experts at creating a supporting campaign that adjust, tweaks, and utilizes these branding metrics to promote the success of a business.
  4. An Expert in Campaigning
    Is your company seasonal? Perhaps you own a small retail outlet – are you preparing an incredible marketing campaign for the upcoming Christmas rush by plotting and planning your online marketing through social media? Are you preparing your coupon advertising for local print media? Have you launched your new e-commerce website that will give a fresh new look for the upcoming holiday festivities? If not, you’re not alone. Marketing professionals have a unique ability to see the future desired result and develop effective campaigns that will improve the rate of return for every aspect of customer communication.

    Timing is critical in a campaign as well. Implementing a campaign at the wrong time can prove costly in the bank account, but it can also mean you experienced a missed opportunity in the future. Marketing consultants do their research for the most effective planning of a campaign – giving you not only the best solution for the campaign situation, but also the best time for growth based on seasonal and product cycle circumstances.

  5. Time
    Time and company resources need to function properly for effective leadership and productivity. Being bogged down with deadlines, financials, and customer satisfaction takes time and company assets to maintain. Trusting a marketing consultant to permit a higher rate of return in your upcoming marketing campaign could be that extra boost you need – all while keeping at what your company does best.

Paul Cookson and his team of Toronto marketing professionals will demonstrate that you can have an army working in your corner to drive your profitability. Knowing the key elements to effective marketing will permit Ad Army Group to make your next marketing campaign a success.