Why is Blogging Smart?

Blogging is a fancy word for writing. Writing articles that spread facts and information that would be useful to potential customers is smart.

Here’s why:

1) It shows consumers you know your stuff. That alone is reason enough to do it.

2) Blogging on your website, improves your Google ranking. Google rewards websites that have useful written content on them with improved rankings.

3) Helpful information given to your clients and potential clients spreads goodwill.

4) It positions you as an authority in your area of specialty. For example, a dentist could blog about dental prevention tips, how to pick a good dentist, etc.

5) Blogs keep prospects engaged while visiting your website and can lower your bounce rate.

If you aren’t already blogging, you should seriously consider it as part of your marketing strategy.

Good Public Relations Includes Getting “All Hands on Deck”

If you have a crisis in your business like the recent beef recall, you need to get “all hands” on deck from the top down in your organization and communicate quickly with your customers, the media and the public. In your communication, let them know the following:

  1. 1)  What happened?
  2. 2)  Why it happened?
  3. 3)  What steps you did to fix it?
  4. 4)  What steps you took to ensure it never happens again?
  5. 5)  Why your company is a company people should trust to do business with?

In the recent beef scandal, management could have been more vocal as to all of the above. When consumers and the media are left to figure it out for themselves, they may come up with answers you don’t like that can and will hurt your business.