Fire Problem Clients – It’s Not Worth It!

Every business, whether it is big or small, has a client that is taxing on the business because of the extra attention that’s needed to babysit them; you don’t need these clients in your life. These “high maintenance” clients will be texting you 30 times a day – say “Goodbye” to them but in a nice way.
Here are some tips to get rid of certain clients that suck the life out of you.

  1. Triple your rates to that client.
  2. Find a new client to replace that monthly billing.
  3. Refer the client to a real hungry firm that has the time and energy for their needs.
  4. Be professional. Don’t tell them they annoy you. Tell them your target customer base is changing.
  5. Give them proper notice so they can find someone else to hire.

When problem clients are too needy, too bossy, too annoying, it can be taxing on you and your staff and in many cases, it’s better to just part ways.

Social Media Marketing

In web marketing, the value of social media can’t be ignored. It is an incredibly powerful tool that connects you and your business to the people that matter the most: your customers. Any ad agency with the right marketing methods will create value for you by developing strategies that integrate digital social components and an informative stand-alone website.

Here are a few common social media platforms that you can utilize for your marketing purposes:

  1. Facebook: The King of all Social Media – if you aren’t using Facebook, you need to start creating a profile right now! Facebook gives you a way to stay in touch with customers you already have, and you can actively participate in the discussion with them in real time.
  2. Twitter: Get the word out quickly and efficiently! When you don’t know what to say, say what you need with as little words as possible! Twitter is based on a real-time social platform that enables social media junkies and marketing gurus to deliver a message with no budget at all.

Working for an Ad Agency

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in an Ad Agency? Amongst all the professions in the world, an advertising or marketing consultant at an ad agency is one of the most coveted. Do you want to work with fun clients? Do you want to work with the most prestigious companies in the world? How about rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous? Or do you enjoy the challenge of brainstorming amazing creative that makes a difference in people’s lives?

The world of advertising is all of the above and more. It is an amazing experience to take a small company with 2 employees and with time and effort building smart branding and marketing strategies, see it grow into a retail giant with 50 employees. It may take months and even years but those long nights and dry eyes are all worth it to be able see the happiness of our clients.

Sometimes you’ll think, “Well, I didn’t study advertising, I can’t do this”. You can if you’re creative (and most of us are). One of the driving principles of working at an ad agency is to constantly brainstorm about ideas and learn about innovation in the advertising sector as well as the sectors you will be working with.

A Marketing Plan Starts with The Customers

Do you listent to your customers? Or do you already know more than they can tell you about your business?

A customer doesn’t necessarily give you verbal solutions, but what they don’t say is made up for in whether or not they purchase your product or service. You can harness this information to draft a marketing strategy that utilizes the most effective advertising methods that you’ve already used.

Any marketing consultant should tell you that your customers can tell you all you need to know about improving your business simply by following the trends of how, when and why they purchase as well as why they didn’t.

Be a Rebel

What do the greatest marketing geniuses of the world have in common? They’re all known for bucking the trend. In today’s marketplace, a cut and paste method of advertising a business no longer results in the boom of the 60s or 70s. Consumers are more knowledgeable and cynical of the ad world in general and are aware of the ways advertisers use media to tell them what to do.

For any large, medium or small business to break through the glitz, they must take a more DIY way to getting noticed. The rise of guerilla marketing as illustrated by Jay Conrad Levinson testifies to the severe drawback of tradition media buying methods of generating attention.

We’ve done it for our marketing consultant business and the amount of publicity our clients have received from guerilla marketing strategies we designed for them created phenomenal results that’ve lasted until this very day.

When All Else Fails, Take Advice!

Is your business taking a downward spiral towards bankruptcy? Does it look like every time you try some new marketing initiative it falls flat?

We all think we are the ones who know best about ourselves and our business since we’ve been successful so many other times, but what happens when everything you do just can’t seem to make a difference? Drastic times like these mean that you can’t always rely on yourself to turn things around, you need a good support system to give you the backbone to bounce back.

One of the things you can do to start turning things around is to survey your customers. Ask them questions like Why do they choose to come back? What enticed them to start in the first place?

How about asking non-customers? That could be a gold mine of opportunity if you’re unsure about why your business isn’t attracting customers like it used to.

Most importantly, ask your friends and family. You never know what kind of people they know that can help you out.

If you still require the help of a professional markerting consultant, call Paul Cookson at 1-888-586-2860 and get started with a 15 minute no obligation marketing consultation.

How Does Design Help in Marketing?

Design goes hand-in-hand with a great marketing strategy. Any marketing consultant can tell you that a good campaign for any modern business will consist of both print and digital media components.

You can build an interactive website that’s user-friendly and informative, but you need design to help create a cohesive atmosphere for your business to appear as a whole in the eyes of the consumer. Many campaigns start with a design or redesign of a logo as a starting point for the new brand that the marketing will be built around. Strong design can mean the difference between the customer perceiving your business as amateur or as a high-end product or service.

The designers at ADARMYGROUP.COM are experienced in creating marketing portfolios that stand out and help your business thrive in the toughest of economies that’s within your budget.

Never be Wasteful About Your Marketing!

Who needs Marketing? Marketing doesn’t need to be a big burden for any company. Just get the right type of ad in the right media spots so that you can maximize the value of your ad to your target demographic. Our ad agency ADARMYGROUP.COM provides in-depth analysis of your business needs and creates a strong marketing portfolio that is tailored to your business’ main audience.

Marketing outside the box!

Marketing your business the right way sends the right message to your customers. For all you small business owners out there using just the basic tools will only produce the most basic results. If your neighbour posts a big banner outside his/her business with a 50% off sale, what do you do! Why not hang your own banner “Main Entrance“. Consult and speak to a Marketing Consultant to take your business to the outside limits and get you to the next level of success.