Hiring models Tips by a Toronto Marketing Consultant

Above are some incredible shots of models that I hired to create an exciting and polished image for the outdoor lifestyle company called Muskoka  Equipment Company.  These ladies are stunning, did an incredible job and the whole experience was quite economical but yielded dramatic results. Depending what type of business you have, In most case you will benefit from hiring a male or female  model to enhance the look of your advertising, website and other marketing materials. Using models can really take your marketing to the next level and can differentiate you from your competitors.

If you have a low marketing budget and can’t afford expensive high priced models or you have a big budget but you’d rather spend it on media, a great way to find models and photographers is to create an account on istudio.com which is a model/photographer website. Once you have an account, you can post modelling  job offers on the site and/or do a search for models in your geographic area and send models messages in regards to what you’re looking for, your budget etc.

We found all the above incredible models this way and we’re actually able to have the ladies use photographers of their choice and bundle the modelling and photography into one cost to us. A professional image for your business is critical to its success, it’s sales and ultimately its profits.

Paul Cookson

Marketing  Consultant