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Who needs a website designer? Today, any company, professional, public figure, consultant or self-employed freelancer needs an exciting web presence that describes who they are, what they do, and why people should want to be their customer. It is simple to find a website designer happy to build a website for you. How do you know which one to choose? Which one will help grow your business? You need a website designer that will help you stand out from the rest.

First: Go Local

A business-critical website needs to be in the hands of professionals, preferably ones you can reach out and touch to hold accountable. A site that effectively conveys your message is a product of more than one website designer. It’s created by a team working on your behalf: a team that must be accountable to you, who knows your potential customer base, and who is in touch with the vibe of the places you live and work. A local company has that insight into your world and they’re right there with you, a real partner in the community. A remote website designer may be a perfectly good technician, but they don’t have a reputation in the community to uphold. You do. Shouldn’t your website designer, too?

Second: Marketing Matters!

What’s Wrong with a Standard Website?

Nothing, as long as your business is exactly where you want it to be. A boring website by a novice website designer is like a phone book entry: it is useful as a reference for current customers. But that’s not going help your business grow and thrive. A website designer that can really generate new business needs to have skills beyond technical and programming ability to get your phone ringing. There’s a reason that a website designer is taught in the computer science field and a marketing expert is taught in business school. Marketing specialists know how to analyze the potential customer base and create a campaign to garner lots of exposure to that group. A marketing expert working together with a top-flight website designer can make websites that grab a potential customer and don’t let go.

What Can Ad Army Group Do?

Ad Army Group, at adarmygroup.com, is a full-service marketing firm that specializes in website design. Led by marketing guru Paul Cookson, who knows a thing or two about running his own businesses, Ad Army Group Marketing Services analyzes their clients’ needs and develops a plan to market them effectively. For the solo professional, celebrity, or entrepreneur, Ad Army can be a true partner in growth strategy and business opportunities. Once the marketing plan is developed, it’s time to go out and grab customers. That’s where the website designer comes in – after the marketing strategy is in place.

A good website is a linchpin in an overall marketing plan, so Ad Army Group has some of the best website designer talent around. Marketing strategy is important, but that doesn’t minimize the need for an excellent website designer. Nothing drives away a potential customer faster than a broken or poorly functioning website. Working with marketing, graphics, and video specialists, Ad Army’s professional website designer will create vibrant, dynamic websites that fit the customer’s style and desired image. This pairing of technical ability with marketing know-how is unbeatable for generating visibility and new business.

Seeing is Believing

There’s no need to take Ad Army Group’s website design skills on faith. Check them out for yourself. Ad Army Group has worked with many companies and celebrities to create unique and eye-catching internet presences — like these.

Grant Fuhr, Darryl Sittler, and Eric Lindros

Five-time Stanley Cup winning goalie Grant Fuhr needed a website that represented his background, personality, and current endeavours. Ad Army Group’s website designers created Grant’s website to effectively convey that all for fans and prospective employers. Note the clean layout, the vibrant colors, the dynamic displays, the still gallery and an engaging video. It all pulls together in a fascinating view of a great athlete and a great marketing platform for those needing inspirational speakers.

While still in the hockey business, Daryl Sittler’s website, also created by Ad Army Group, has a different look and feel from Grant Fuhr’s, reflecting the differences in their personalities and play styles. Eric Lindros’ official websiteis different yet, though still eye-catching and exciting. It emphasizes the charity fundraising efforts of the famous power forward.

What all these athletes’ websites have in common is that they are more entertainment than advertising. Ad Army Group has captured the excitement of hockey and the personalities of these hard-driving athletes through their combination of marketing expertise and website designer excellence. The websites make it enticing for the visitor to browse through the pages and keep reading, listening and watching. Once a potential customer reaches the ‘Booking’ tab, they want to get to know these athletes better and hear what they have to say in person. The sites reflect their inspiring personalities and beautifully convey why we should want to listen to their message.

Vanessa Roman

Ad Army Group goes far beyond the sporting world! Vanessa consulted with Ad Army Group when her celebrity status was very new. Paul Cookson showed Vanessa how she could leverage her initial fame into a well-rounded career, adding radio and a column to her TV credentials and creating a clean and crisp website to effectively display Roman’s portfolio of products to both fans and new viewers alike, and shows niche fans the other areas of her work. Expertise liek this is what builds long and successful runs for celebrities and businesses alike.

Other Clients

Ad Army Group’s client list is varied and extensive, running the gamut from large corporations (like Toyota) to individuals like the athletes and celebrities above. They have provided website designer services for restaurants, charities, and contractors. No matter whom the client, Ad Army Group’s marketing expertise shines through. Look at the visual impact of Soup It Up’s site. Colorful vegetables form an enticing background to a strong visual image of the serving line, with some mouth-watering close-ups of their products. The major areas of the website are clear and easy to find. This home page catches the eye, lays out a road map to the business, and makes the prospective client hungry for the product.

See Ad Army Group’s full client list under our work. Each can be browsed to see the wide variety of design styles Ad Army Group uses, carefully selected to perfectly represent their client.

Website Designer Services

If your company does not need a full marketing package, Ad Army Group has made it easy to migrate to their website designer services with a quick start guide. Following the simple steps in their online ‘Getting Started’ guide, you can provide written content, links, key words,and visuals that are then turned over to a website designer for implementation. Paul Cookson shares years of web-based marketing experience to help you create a site that will rank high in search engines listings — and first-page displays are key to getting business.

Beyond Websites

Ad Army Group does more than just website design. As part of an overall marketing plan, Ad Army Group Marketing Services can also manage the creation of:

  • Video productions,
  • Business cards,
  • Retail signage,
  • Car wraps,
  • Business incubators,
  • And much more.

Third: Go with the Pros

Ad Army Group is located in Scarborough, Ontario, right in the middle of the thriving Toronto metropolitan area. Halfway between Toronto and Ajax, they are perfectly positioned to serve the website design needs of both large corporations headquartered in the big city, and professionals serving the growing population of residential communities like Ajax. Whether running a professional office in Ajax or freelancing from a home there, Ad Army Group’s website designer expertise can keep you in the forefront of Toronto’s business community.

Easily reached from Ajax, Ad Army Group’s offices are located a convenient 15-minute drive away on 401 West. Take the Port Union Road Exit to find them in East Scarborough, at 116 Island Road, Scarborough, Ontario, M1C 2P8. Call for a no-obligation consultation with marketing expert Paul Cookson at 416-286-2860, or click here to fill out a very short form and receive a quick estimate for the services you need. If you have a business in Ajax, Ontario, Ad Army Group is the first firm you should talk to when seeking a website designer.

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