Want to Hire a Marketing Expert?

One of the biggest mistakes that new, online entrepreneurs make is underestimating the work involved in online marketing. They, like thousands of others, think effective online marketing is a snap… undoubtedly after reading a few marketing tips in an over-hyped marketing e-book or after watching a series of overpriced online marketing DVDs. The truth of the matter is simple: Effective online marketing is a complicated process that requires an expert marketing consultant. Here’s why.

Online Marketing is Intensive and can be Extensive

The concept of online marketing is as vast as offline marketing, and to approach it as though it could be understood or even accomplished from reading a few, smartly written marketing tips is a misguided effort. Online marketing, like offline marketing, addresses unique selling points, target markets, product positioning, competitor analysis, focus groups, product packaging and so much more. Figuring out how to make those things produce results on the Internet takes time and knowledge that only an experienced marketing consultant can provide.

Beginners and/or amateur marketers don’t realize this until they’re only about five percent through a massive task list, and what usually happens is they’ll give up before they’ve really begun. As an expert ad agency, we take proven offline strategies and use today’s online tools to quickly achieve targeted results. We’re able to do that because we’ve already mastered the means that facilitate what marketing newbies are still learning.

Online Marketing is an Ever-Changing Industry

Hardly anything in the field of marketing is stagnant. Each decade lends something new and different. Of course, being online, marketing is even more susceptible to change, and we no longer need to wait ten years to learn what has developed. Consider SEO, for example. In just the year 2013 alone, SEO underwent at least three significant changes that rocked the world of search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Several social media sites opened advertising opportunities where they were previously closed and expanded mobile marketing across multiple devices as a result. And right before the New Year arrived, gamification made a strong appearance online and off.

Marketers who came out on top were the ones who kept abreast of these events and made the necessary adjustments. Those who didn’t keep up lost out on some terrific opportunities to expand an existing market base and increase sales. They may have learned about a new method and tried to use it after a market already became saturated, or they might not have recognized the value of a new development and chose to pass. Whatever the reason is, it demonstrates a clear distinction between the marketing amateur or beginner and the professional advertising agency like us.

Let marketing consultant Ad Army Group Marketing Services show you what working with a professional online marketing company looks like and feels like. We can take any Toronto key word and turn it into a literal customer magnet. Let us put our expert marketing consultant and online marketing strategies to a working Toronto key word action plan and get you up and running with a custom web design, video production or marketing plan. Call 1-888-586-2860 to speak with marketing consultant and marketing expert, Paul Cookson, today.

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