5 Reasons Your Business May Fail

There are scores of articles on the web about marketing tips and how business owners can employ marketing strategies that will help their businesses to thrive. However, as much as it’s important to remember what to do when it comes to marketing, it’s equally important to be mindful of what not to do. Here are five marketing mistakes that will cause your business to fail.

5) Your Focus Isn’t Specific – A great marketing strategy is specific. It’s pinpointed and tailored to specifically suit your demographic. This can run the gamut from creating promotional materials that really appeal to your target demo to creating an online marketing strategy that is location-specific. If you fail to be specific in your marketing strategy, your tactics will have all been for naught. A marketing consultant can help you narrow your strategy to appeal to your specific demographic.

4) Your Strategy is Generic – Too many businesses think that to succeed in their online marketing efforts, all they need to do is just toss up a Facebook and a Twitter page and call it good. This couldn’t be further from the truth. For an effective marketing strategy, it’s crucial that you and your marketing consultant create a strategy that is unique and far from generic.

3) You Don’t Interact With Your Customers – Marketing is a more unique industry than standard advertising because it promotes customer interaction. Toronto-area businesses need to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that a great marketing strategy can afford them to really interact with their customers. Even if it’s as simple as responding to Tweets, customer interaction is truly worthwhile. Your Toronto marketing consultant can help you figure out the best strategy for customer interaction.

2) You Spam and Make False Promises – Spamming customers’ e-mail inboxes or social media pages is just the worst way to try to drive new money to your business. Not only is it incredibly ineffective, but it leaves customers with a sour taste in their mouths concerning your business. While it is useful to reach out to customers, you need to ensure that you never cross the line and enter “spammer” territory. A marketing consultant will help you to identify that line and reach out to customers without being obnoxious. Similarly, it’s key to never make false promises in any of your marketing or promotional materials. If customers find out that your claims are untrue, it can be the kiss of death for your business.

1) Your Strategy is Unprofessional – If you really want a successful marketing strategy, you need the aid of a professional marketing consultant. While many try to do it on their own, there is no substitute for a marketing professional who knows what they’re doing and how to help your business thrive.

Toronto marketing consultant Paul Cookson wants to help your business to thrive and to avoid all of the mistakes above. Contact AdArmyGroup today to discuss how we can create a marketing strategy that will ensure success for you and your business.

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