The Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Expert

Hiring a marketing expert can do many things for a company. First, a marketing expert can help a company find ways to market the company that have not been used or thought of before. Second, marketing experts have years of experience and a lot of skills in marketing that help businesses become successful. Third, a marketing expert can help a company earn higher overall profits. Finally, using an advertising agency, a web design company, or an ad agency with marketing experts helps businesses find their niche in the market. This combination of benefits allows companies the chance to gain a crucial competitive advantage over their competitors.


Get Smart Marketing Tips

There are several marketing tips that a marketing consultant can give to businesses concerning advertising and marketing. These tips may include how to create a video production or a web design that is catchy and fun for viewers. Other marketing tips include how to advertise and where, but there are some special skills needed to do this correctly. Marketing consultants know how to read and understand current trends. This knowledge helps them to consider past successes and future trends to create a unique approach to marketing. This skilled design can help a business launch themselves ahead of the competition.

Marketing consultants and experts have a lot of experience and skills. This constant contact with marketing techniques allows consultants to fine tune tried and true techniques so that it matches what each individual business needs to compete at a high level. Businesses are not always current on trends and individual skills like marketing and advertising; this is where a marketing consultant becomes worth their weight in gold. The knowledge and skill of a successful marketing consultant is a gold mine of information that can be tapped into to help a company catapult ahead of competitors.


Toronto Marketing Consultant

Using a professional Toronto marketing consultant, for example, can help a company gain vital profit gains and offers a substantial return on investment. The experience that a marketing consultant can offer in web page design, video advertising, and company appearance greatly improves the overall look and feel of a business to its’ customers. Customers that know what a business stands for, why they do what they do, and that they care about their customers and employees often stay with a business for many years. They can even become lifetime customers. This continuous income equates to profit increases and residual income.


Find a Niche

Businesses that find a niche in their market are often able to take control of this particular area and generate huge profits. This is because most businesses do not know how to create a blue ocean strategy that develops the niche and makes sure that customers have the products and services that they really want. Calling a professional, like Toronto marketing expert Paul Cookson, is a great way to get busy on new ways to market to customers. His experience and skill in marketing can help companies gain an important advantage against the competition and create more profits with proven marketing techniques.

Want to Hire a Marketing Expert?

One of the biggest mistakes that new, online entrepreneurs make is underestimating the work involved in online marketing. They, like thousands of others, think effective online marketing is a snap… undoubtedly after reading a few marketing tips in an over-hyped marketing e-book or after watching a series of overpriced online marketing DVDs. The truth of the matter is simple: Effective online marketing is a complicated process that requires an expert marketing consultant. Here’s why.

Online Marketing is Intensive and can be Extensive

The concept of online marketing is as vast as offline marketing, and to approach it as though it could be understood or even accomplished from reading a few, smartly written marketing tips is a misguided effort. Online marketing, like offline marketing, addresses unique selling points, target markets, product positioning, competitor analysis, focus groups, product packaging and so much more. Figuring out how to make those things produce results on the Internet takes time and knowledge that only an experienced marketing consultant can provide.

Beginners and/or amateur marketers don’t realize this until they’re only about five percent through a massive task list, and what usually happens is they’ll give up before they’ve really begun. As an expert ad agency, we take proven offline strategies and use today’s online tools to quickly achieve targeted results. We’re able to do that because we’ve already mastered the means that facilitate what marketing newbies are still learning.

Online Marketing is an Ever-Changing Industry

Hardly anything in the field of marketing is stagnant. Each decade lends something new and different. Of course, being online, marketing is even more susceptible to change, and we no longer need to wait ten years to learn what has developed. Consider SEO, for example. In just the year 2013 alone, SEO underwent at least three significant changes that rocked the world of search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Several social media sites opened advertising opportunities where they were previously closed and expanded mobile marketing across multiple devices as a result. And right before the New Year arrived, gamification made a strong appearance online and off.

Marketers who came out on top were the ones who kept abreast of these events and made the necessary adjustments. Those who didn’t keep up lost out on some terrific opportunities to expand an existing market base and increase sales. They may have learned about a new method and tried to use it after a market already became saturated, or they might not have recognized the value of a new development and chose to pass. Whatever the reason is, it demonstrates a clear distinction between the marketing amateur or beginner and the professional advertising agency like us.

Let marketing consultant Ad Army Group Marketing Services show you what working with a professional online marketing company looks like and feels like. We can take any Toronto key word and turn it into a literal customer magnet. Let us put our expert marketing consultant and online marketing strategies to a working Toronto key word action plan and get you up and running with a custom web design, video production or marketing plan. Call 1-888-586-2860 to speak with marketing consultant and marketing expert, Paul Cookson, today.

The Evolution of Marketing Over the Years

Marketing is and has always been about one thing: finding creative ways to promote products and services to consumers. A marketing consultant has the important job of creating marketing campaigns that speak directly to a businesses’ target audience, and a savvy marketing consultant can easily identify the method that will work best for a specific group of people. Depending on the client, consultants might use strategies that worked hundreds of years ago and are still effective today, or they might use new-age marketing methods that cater to a global audience. Understanding how marketing has evolved over the years and knowing which old-school methods still work today is essential for marketing success.

Word of Mouth is still important

Word-of-mouth marketing is the oldest, cheapest, and arguably the most effective form of marketing. Your marketing consultant and many marketing researchers will likely tell you that this unpaid form of promoting products and services is definitely here to stay. In fact, a Nielsen study conducted in 2013 found that more than 90 percent of individuals rely on the recommendations of friends and family members when it comes to purchasing a product or service. While many forms of marketing is also effective, your ultimate goal should always be to get people talking about your product or service.

Print marketing is another early form of advertising, and like word-of-mouth marketing, it is still around today and still effective. Newspaper advertising began in the early 1700s, and this marketing method is still used by business owners, although it is not as popular as it once was. If your Toronto marketing consultant recommends newspaper advertising, he’s likely trying to reach an older demographic or is promoting a product or service that responds well to this form of advertising. In the early 1900s, radio advertising began, and this form of advertising also still effective. Radio advertisements used to be quite cheap, but today, one radio ad can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Telephone Marketing

Telephone marketing, or telemarketing, also became popular in the early 1900s, and from the early 1900s until around the mid 1970s, this form of advertising was quite effective. Today, you’re unlikely to find a marketing consultant that would highly recommend this form of advertising, although businesses still use it. Television and billboard advertising became popular in the 1930s and both are still used today as well. Billboard advertising can cost thousands of dollars and only reaches a limited number of people. Television commercials have always been costly, but they can reach a much broader audience and bring in a lot of business. Magazine advertising and door-to-door sales were also popular throughout the 1900s and are still around, although neither is as effective as they once were.

Internet marketing is crucial to most companies today

The Internet created a fundamental shift within the marketing community and completely changed the marketing world for good. Before the 1990s, very few people had access to the Internet, and those who did rarely used it for commercial purposes. Today, many consumers go to the Internet first to check the price of items, read product reviews, engage with companies through live chat, and to purchase products. Sites like Google, Bing, Facebook, and Youtube allow businesses to advertise their products for fairly reasonable prices. It is essential for a Toronto marketing consult of today to be savvy to the world of Internet marketing in order to reach a broader audience. If you want to take your business to the next level by getting global Internet exposure, contact Ad Army Group Marketing Services for your web design, video production or marketing needs.

5 Reasons Your Business May Fail

There are scores of articles on the web about marketing tips and how business owners can employ marketing strategies that will help their businesses to thrive. However, as much as it’s important to remember what to do when it comes to marketing, it’s equally important to be mindful of what not to do. Here are five marketing mistakes that will cause your business to fail.

5) Your Focus Isn’t Specific – A great marketing strategy is specific. It’s pinpointed and tailored to specifically suit your demographic. This can run the gamut from creating promotional materials that really appeal to your target demo to creating an online marketing strategy that is location-specific. If you fail to be specific in your marketing strategy, your tactics will have all been for naught. A marketing consultant can help you narrow your strategy to appeal to your specific demographic.

4) Your Strategy is Generic – Too many businesses think that to succeed in their online marketing efforts, all they need to do is just toss up a Facebook and a Twitter page and call it good. This couldn’t be further from the truth. For an effective marketing strategy, it’s crucial that you and your marketing consultant create a strategy that is unique and far from generic.

3) You Don’t Interact With Your Customers – Marketing is a more unique industry than standard advertising because it promotes customer interaction. Toronto-area businesses need to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that a great marketing strategy can afford them to really interact with their customers. Even if it’s as simple as responding to Tweets, customer interaction is truly worthwhile. Your Toronto marketing consultant can help you figure out the best strategy for customer interaction.

2) You Spam and Make False Promises – Spamming customers’ e-mail inboxes or social media pages is just the worst way to try to drive new money to your business. Not only is it incredibly ineffective, but it leaves customers with a sour taste in their mouths concerning your business. While it is useful to reach out to customers, you need to ensure that you never cross the line and enter “spammer” territory. A marketing consultant will help you to identify that line and reach out to customers without being obnoxious. Similarly, it’s key to never make false promises in any of your marketing or promotional materials. If customers find out that your claims are untrue, it can be the kiss of death for your business.

1) Your Strategy is Unprofessional – If you really want a successful marketing strategy, you need the aid of a professional marketing consultant. While many try to do it on their own, there is no substitute for a marketing professional who knows what they’re doing and how to help your business thrive.

Toronto marketing consultant Paul Cookson wants to help your business to thrive and to avoid all of the mistakes above. Contact AdArmyGroup today to discuss how we can create a marketing strategy that will ensure success for you and your business.

Four Ways A Marketing Consultant Can Help You

In this contemporary era, more and more Toronto business owners are recognizing the fact that marketing can play an integral role in helping them attain the continual growth and expansion they want. If you have been thinking about hiring a Toronto marketing consultant, you should understand that they can offer you a plethora of services that will help your business become successful. Here are four:

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

One of the most effective services that a Toronto marketing consultant can offer you is the ability to use SEO strategies in a way that helps your website earn great visibility in the search engine results pages of major domains like Google and Bing. Marketing consultants accomplish this goal through the implementation of a plethora of SEO strategies. Some of them include the creation of great content, backlinking, internal linking, external linking, and keyword analysis. When you consult with a marketing consultant in your local Toronto area, they will devise a strategic plan that incorporates use of SEO tactics that will help your website gain prominent placement in the search engine results pages.

2. SMO (Social Media Optimization)

In addition to implementing great SEO strategies, marketing consultants will employ great SMO techniques to help their clients attain the success they want. As many social media marketing experts know, channels such as Twitter and Facebook have become excellent mediums through which businesses can advertise the goods and services they offer. Your Toronto marketing consultant can incorporate a plethora of strategies to help you have success on these platforms. For example, the consultant might systematically tweet links to your product pages via Twitter or hold free contests with promotional prizes on Facebook.

3. Online Reputation Management

In addition to employing helpful SMO strategies, your marketing consultant will help your business become successful through the use of online reputation management practices. These days, disgruntled customers can leave negative reviews about services and products they didn’t like. And in many cases, they can publicize information about businesses that are flawed and damaging to their reputations. In recognizing this reality, great marketing consultants work with their clients to devise strategies that help their businesses maintain a positive image in the public eye.

4. Branding Strategies

As many marketing experts know, branding is one of the most important aspects of a marketing campaign. Although defined broadly, branding is basically a creative process that involves coming up with unique images and names for products that will stick in the consumer’s mind. The efficacy of branding results from the fact that it helps business owners create a unique, differentiated market presence that can subtly influence consumers to purchase products and services by cultivating a sense of familiarity with them. To facilitate this process, your Toronto marketing consultant will devise a great branding strategy that can include things like distributing promotional products that feature the icon, motto, or wording associated with your business.


If you are thinking about hiring a marketing consultant to help your business experience the growth and expansion you want, you should know that doing so can be very beneficial. When you’re ready to get started, pick up the phone and call adarmygroup for a consultation with marketing expert Paul Cookson. To help your business shine, Cookson will implement excellent web design and video production strategies that help your goods and services gain the visibility you want. Don’t delay-let’s get started today. Pick up the phone and call us at 416-286-2860.

Why Hire a Marketing Expert?

Marketing is the backbone of a successful business. Having the perfect product or service is of little use if no one knows about it, yet marketing is one of the most dreaded aspects of business management for many business owners. There is so much to do in the daily management of a business and so precious little time to accomplish it all. For that reason, savvy businesses are opting to hire a marketing consultant whose expertise can help get the word out, building a stronger and more widely known name.


What is a Marketing Consultant?

A marketing consultant is an expert in the field of business marketing. They live and breathe all aspects of spreading the word about your business. They follow current trends, the latest technology and marketing best practices to ensure your business gets to the top and stays there. Most marketing consultants are passionate about their work, just as you are passionate about your business, and this passion clearly shows in the work they perform.


What Can a Marketing Consultant Do for My Business?

From social media marketing on top sites like Facebook and Twitter to optimizing your website for search engines, spreading the word through video production and providing you with web design to streamline your efforts, a marketing consultant focuses on tried and true steps to launch your brand, spread the word and encourage positive word of mouth advertising.


Why Should I Hire a Marketing Consultant?

A successful business owner knows they must delegate tasks in order to have time to accomplish all of the things that must be done. At tax time, for example, you probably turn to the services of a professional accountant. Hiring an expert ensures your business will get the results it needs while freeing up your time to focus on doing what you do best – growing your business.


Can I Afford to Hire a Marketing Expert?

As more and more businesses start up, competition is increasing, making it even more difficult to be found among the masses. One thing you might notice about the most successful brands is this: everyone seems to have heard of them. In light of that, perhaps the better question is, “Can you afford not to hire a marketing expert?”


What Should I Look for in a Marketing Consultant?

You know your business better than anyone. Look for a consultant who is willing to work hard to understand yourbusiness and work closely with you to achieve the results you need. Seek out a consultant who can turn your vision into a reality by understanding what you are looking for and having the ability to turn that understanding into a concrete plan.

Most importantly, look for results. Your marketing consultant should provide you with a portfolio of expert work so you can judge for yourself how their services can help your business grow.

Successful marketing can mean the difference between a business that sells and a business that fails. Choose success with marketing expert Paul Cookson at Ad Army Group Marketing Services by contacting us today for a consultation. Your business will thank you.