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The Competitive Edge

In just a little over a decade the role of a professional website has become a vital element of any online company’s success. While many businesses initially got by with any quality of website if they were online, those days are long gone. There are many reasons the market now requires companies to invest in professional website development.

First and foremost when it comes to website development is the issue of competition. Customers and visitors today quickly evaluate a company based on the initial impression the website makes. In fact, experts have determined individuals browsing the web spend only microseconds on a page if they determine it doesn’t meet their needs or measure up to expectations. You can be assured your main local competitors are now or will be making the investment in professional website development Scarborough consumers expect.

Secondly, effective website development will address your critical objectives. The first of these is including all the elements that are important to effective search engine visibility. In other words, it is not only important how the world sees your website, it is essential the search engines also see the right elements not visible to the visitor. This is especially the case when relying on local search capabilities.

The art and science of SEO continues to evolve rapidly. It has reached a point where it takes a continual investment of time and effort to keep up with everything from meta data to semantic keywords to search algorithms. Our Scarborough website development ensures those issues are properly addressed in the websites we designs.

Another major factor in functional website development is effective design for navigation and content. You work hard to get visitors to your landing page; you want them to easily find exactly what they are looking for once they are there. Again, website visitors are very impatient and it only takes a moment of frustration to lose them.

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From Concept to Profits

The final factor in website development Toronto businesses find effective is the use of local resources. As discussed briefly below, effective website development is a collaborative process. You want the final product to meet your objectives and build your brand. This requires a through process of close communications, from early design to ongoing updates.

Whether you are primarily a local business or your business services customers globally, you want them to know quickly what makes your business stand out from your competitors. To achieve this with a website development project involves many activities, all within three basic elements of the website development efforts at Ad Army Group Marketing Services. These include:

  • Clear and precise design that captures your message and mission
  • Development that delivers the functionality and ease of use you require
  • Effective SEO, SEM and maximized search rankings

Focused on Results

When your website development project is completed successfully, it will:

  • Provide a modern, progressive presentation of your business
  • Ensure easy and fast navigation
  • Achieve maximum SEO and web visibility
  • Allow you to update it easily to keep its content fresh

At Ad Army Group Marketing services we ensure every one of our Scarborough website development projects meets and exceeds these objectives. We provide our customers far more than the basic services of an advertising agency. When you need a marketing expert that understands the importance of your website, you find that and more at our firm. Our team of marketing consultants works hard to fulfill our mission: your success.

More than Concepts

If you understand the importance of having the best possible web design and website, you know you also need more than a marketing consultant. At Ad Army Group Marketing Services we claim the title of marketing expert because of the results we have achieved for our clients. Our promises aren’t abstract concepts; they can be seen at work in the stunningly effective websites of our clients.

When we speak of our Scarborough website development activities, we proudly point to the many websites we have designed, developed and implemented and which are now earning profitable revenue for our clients. We make your success our first priority and consider your return on investment the proof of that success.

We also understand local website development is not just about pretty graphics on your website from an advertising agency. You want visitors clicking through, you want the phone ringing, and you want customers walking through your doors. We’ve accomplished that with numerous clients in providing local Scarborough website development. That isn’t an idle boast – you can view these results yourself on our website. You can also search for these websites and observe the rankings they achieve.

A Website development Portfolio of Success

Certainly, you want a website that does more than provide the world with an electronic brochure. Our goal is to be your marketing expert and ensure your website tells your story, builds your brand, and produces the results you desire.

When we took on the task to develop Darryl Sittler’s website, we understood he needs a website that told an exciting story about his life while fully explaining his current passion of serving as a motivational speaker and hosting various events. When you visit you catch a sense of the pride he brought to the Leafs and their fans. Notice, also, however, the functionality of the website. You can easily find all you want to know about Daryl Sittler’s career, family and business. Additionally, you can easily start the process of booking him for a special event.

Grant Fuhr takes a bit of a different direction, but still achieves all he wants with his fan-friendly website, Whatever you want to know about this hockey star and how to contact him is right there on the landing page.

For another example of effective promotion of a personality and a brand, check out our work for HGTV host Vanessa Romans, Notice how her brand is cleanly presented with full access to her relocation business, her media credentials, and her popular radio program. This is another example of our Scarborough website development that incorporates striking visual presentation with efficient functionality. Not only are you able to access Ms. Romans library of broadcast programs, individual topics are easily found and played. Also, the sign of a true marketing expert, you are given an unobtrusive opportunity to advertise on her program.

It’s Not All Glamor & Personalities

Of course, the majority of our clients are not glamorous personalities or famous figures. In fact, one of the real advantages of effective local website development is the ability to create excitement about a seemingly Plain Jane business. We work with you to tell your story in the most engaging manner possible and to create a message that makes customers want to work with you.

Are you excited about snow removal? You will be when you visit Sullivan Lawn and Snow Services at Note how this site is designed to answer all your questions easily and how it is seasonally updated with current offerings. Most importantly, this company enjoys very high search engine rankings for local snow and lawn services.

From retail to corporate to services, we provide website development in Scarborough focused on your success with your website. Visually captivating and functionally powerful, your website can carry your brand to the next level. If you have a Toronto business, we have marketing experts who know how to target your prospects.

For example, take a moment to review our work for soup it Up, Imagine your business presented so attractively and inviting your customers to learn more. Again, this powerful site accomplishes a great deal, from providing the locations to information about franchises and the opportunity to sign up for a newsletter. Are you ready for a cup of soup?

Of course, if your focus is on ecommerce, you don’t have the option to have anything less than a spectacular website. We understand the latest analytics and tools to help you evaluate the source of your traffic and make the most of your marketing spend. We understand you live and die by both your traffic and your site’s ability to generate click through.

Visit the site we produced for It’s The Image,, and you’ll see all the attributes you want and need to have. Note the site map, the ease of navigation, and the ability to highlight specials. Also evaluate the efficiency of the seamless shopping cart that is a part of the site.

Even national brands benefit from the Ad Army Group Marketing Services and our services offering local website development in Scarborough. You can check out our work with Canadian Tire, Loblaws, Toyota and Toshiba and observe how the brand is attractively and effectively promoted.

From a local moving service to a national electronics company, our marketing experts are highly experienced in tailoring your website development project to your specific market needs and objectives.

Don’t delay. Someone is searching for your business 24/7 and you don’t want to miss one day of those searches.

Ad Army Group Marketing Services is located conveniently in East Scarborough at 116 Island Road, Scarborough, Ontario, M1C 2P8. We’ll respond promptly and provide a no cost or obligation Website development consultation with marketing expert Paul Cookson when you call today.

It’s important to have a professionally designed website because a web designer has specialized skills in web design. They can do it faster and better than a novice. An Scarborough East web designer will pay attention to the back-end aspects of the website that people often forget because they are focused on the aesthetic appeal. While the client is worried about meeting their visual goals, a professional can focus on delivering results.

For instance, a professional Scarborough East web designer or marketing consultant will address the need to generate more traffic and convert more sales. They may help you devise a plan for search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and other online marketing strategies. Integrated marketing will enter the conversation to help your company gain more exposure through offline channels and combine efforts with online efforts to sell more products and services.

A Scarborough East web designer, who is associated with a reputable advertising agency, can help to market your products or services to a global market. This will expand your chances of getting sales conversions. Most people do not consider expanding their company to a global market, but why not? It may be what your company needs to become more profitable.

Web development is not just about the aesthetic appeal. Without visibility, your company will fail, and your website will sit in cyber space with no purpose. A professional web designer will use White Hat SEO techniques to help raise their website’s ranking. Websites designed by a professional web designer are scoring high in the search engine results pages of major search engines. This means more traffic to website and potentially, more sales conversions.

A marketing consultant can help you maximize your efforts. They are an essential component of any advertising agency. Contact your Scarborough East web designer by calling 416-271-7994 to learn more about how they can help you improve your chances of becoming a viable company with improved profitability.

Work AdArmyGroup Has Completed for Their Clients

AdArmyGroup has created designs for all types of clients ranging from athletes to business corporations. They specialize in athletes and celebrities, but they will work with all types of clients to keep their ideas fresh and expand their portfolio. Though the focus is on design and style, their main goal is to be the local ad agency that has the skills necessary to make the phone ring and the inquiries that come into the website. They are one of the most comprehensive agencies that focuses on all types of web design completed by a skilled Scarborough East web designer.

A Scarborough East web designer may be aware of responsive web design and mobile web design. Both of which are important in creating a web design that actually produces sales conversions. Your web design is costing you money and effort if you’re not doing everything possible to gain more visibility. You should make every effort to contact a Scarborough East web designer or a marketing consultant about building your website and who will put their best foot forward.

Public image is important for any company or figure who needs to promote a product or service. Celebrities and athletes must have an impeccable public image to sell products or services. They must appeal to their targeted audiences. When they do, they’ll sell more products and services to their fans and to other people who may love them in their given professions. A Scarborough East web designer will focus on including crisp images and succinct copy to ensure the message is conveyed in a way that’s appealing.

A web designer will help celebrities, athletes, and companies convey their brand image on their websites to help sell themselves, products, or services. Once the public trusts the information presented on the website, they are more likely to invest. A web designer will also focus on these aspects to promote more sales conversions. This is the goal of any professional web design.

Athletes and Other Celebrities AdArmyGroup Has Worked With In the Past

The company can design any kind of website, but they specialize in athletes and celebrities. Some clients that they’ve designed for include Darryl Sittler, Grant Fuhr, Veronica London, and Vanessa Roman. Their web development skills are quite impressive. The company has paid attention to style, design, use of color, organization, usability, and countless other design elements. Here are some aspects of the website design that you might find appealing.

Darryl Sittler works for the NHL and was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1989. As he emerged as a public figure, he began to make more public appearances for signing autographs and to do speaking engagements. He also helped to raise funds for charities. Each aspect of his life is considered in the web design and is presented through copy and photographs. After perusing the website, you get a feel of the type of person he is and whether you’d want to promote him.

His website showcases his entire hockey career through a biography and highlights of his accomplishments. There is also a photo timeline of his accomplishments to let people know why he’s someone who should be chosen for promotional and speaking engagements. The website is intended to sell his image, and it accomplishes this goal easily.

Vanessa Roman’s website for her Reno vs. Relocate series is quite impressive and addresses the needs of her viewers watching her show. The graphics are state-of-the-art, and you get the impression that a professional built the website. Her website is indicative of the type of quality that this company produces. Many people navigate to the website and are impressed and compelled to learn more about what type of work Vanessa Roman does. When they are engaged, they are more likely to view her as an authority in the industry.

The media button on her home page will introduce her to a general audience that may not be aware of her work. This is the type of addition that makes the website more usable and appealing to visitors. A Scarborough East web designer also incorporated impressive icon design to highlight her speaking engagements. This is an important aspect of her career that should be illuminated to impress people.

Need web design in Scarborough East?

A Scarborough East web designer like Ad Army Group Marketing Services will also help small business owners with their Marketing needs. The All Smiles Dental website is one place where people are finding out more information about the dentists in the Newmarket area that can provide the types of services that they need. The site is well-designed with bright and vibrant colors that keep people interested in the content of the website.

The cool blues and whites make the site seem trustworthy. The same colors were used in both online and offline marketing to make the campaign more seamless and professional. An AdArmyGroup web designer was able to help them promote their services in a way that did not appear disingenuous or threatening. From the colors to the design, the website seems inviting and appealing to people of all types.

Dentists who are having a problem branding their practices can call upon Ad Army Group Marketing Services for logo designs. All Smiles solicited a web designer from AdArmyGroup to help with logo design, and it was a huge success. It was simple, but eye-catching. It added a lot more to the design than many people originally thought. When new patients navigate to the website, they’ll be immediately impressed with the services and reputation of the facility.

The company uses its arsenal of tools to help all types of companies. Even non-profits raising money have asked AdArmyGroup to produce a website for them. A Scarborough East web designer helped an organization develop a website for their Walk for Diabetes. It was impressive and effective. If your company wants to raise money for diabetes or another cause, a Scarborough East web designer can help them go from concept to actual product in just a few simple steps. As long as you have an idea of what you want, you can reach your goal in no time.

Each website designer can help you develop the ideal website that you’d like to share with everyone. These are just a few designs that will demonstrate the talent to this Scarborough East website designer. Simply have an idea of what you want, and they can guide you through the web development process. It may seem as though you can do it yourself, but it’s far more useful to have a marketing expert help you devise a website that will be guaranteed to generate results.

Learn More About the Ad Army Group Concept

If you’re in need of a web designer that understand marketing in the East Scarborough Area, now is the time to contact marketing expert Paul Cookson. He has over 20 years of business marketing experience, and he can share his web development expertise with people who need an explanation on a level that’s in layman’s terms. He’s approachable in his consultations. He will help you devise a plan to ensure that your products or services have as much visibility as possible.

When you’re ready to expand your reach into the global community and give your business ample opportunity to survive, you should contact Paul Cookson for a no obligation consultation. The office is located at 116 Island Road, Scarborough, Ontario, M1C 2P8. Whether you are a small business or a professional athlete, this marketing expert is equipped to serve you.

See What Ad Army Group Can Do for You

It’s tempting for entrepreneurs and small business owners to try to cut corners on business expenses for web development, especially in a difficult economy. Trying to get web development on the cheap is one less big expenditure. But the reality is that a cheap website is like a cheap pair of shoes. It may cover you for a while but it won’t look great or perform well, and it will wear out sooner than a well-designed, sustainable website developed and maintained by a local professional who knows how to do it. Using local web development professionals is important because they know the local business climate and can take the time to get to know your business so that your website is an effective reflection of your products, services, and industry.

Effective West Hill web development and a fully operational business website that represents your business well and does what you need it to do is too much work for non-professional web designers. While affordability is a big factor in business, the benefits of professional web development far outweigh any money you might save by having it done by someone who does it on the side after work or school or who is not an experienced professional. When you use a professional website designer who knows web development, you will get professional guidance and results and a high-performance site.

Marketing Expert Paul Cookson in West Hill

Marketing expert Paul Cookson is Ad Army Group’s CEO and creative director. He’s been immersed in marketing since high school, and started his first marketing business while still studying advertising and marketing in college. During his marketing career, Cookson has grown several small advertising companies into multimillion dollar enterprises. His decades of marketing and product development made him the perfect marketing expert to open Ad Army Group and Ad Army Group to provide the professional West Hill web development services. His office is at 116 Island Road, Scarborough, Ontario, M1C 2P8, and you can learn more about him at

What are the Benefits of Professional Web Development?

When you work with a professional website designer, especially a local designer like West Hill web development firm Ad Army Group, you’ll get all the benefits of a professionally-designed website and professional web development. You’ll be able to focus on your core business instead of trying to deal with how to put your website together. The technical expertise of professional web designers enables your site to be found on search engines, produces a professional look and feel, creates easy navigation for visitors, rank high in search engines, and generates traffic to the site and reaches more customer prospective customers. You can’t overestimate the value of professional web development.

Ad Army’s Web Design Work

With Ad Army Group, you get great design and style from a local West Hill web development and ad agency that knows how to produce a visually engaging and effective website that makes the phone ring. We’ve developed websites for athletes, businesses and contractors, charities, models and entertainment, health, food and restaurants, product development, and real estate. Chances are we have designed websites for businesses and industries just like yours.

Darryl Sittler

West Hill web development firm Ad Army Group Marketing Services developed the website for Darryl Sittler, a retired professional hockey player who played for the National Hockey League in the 70s and 80s. Darryl played for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Philadelphia Flyers, and Detroit Red Wings and was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame. He currently works with Maple Leaf Sports in community relations and supports several charities including Special Olympics Canada and makes public appearances. His website needed to reflect his sports performance and history, and give his fans and the public a way to contact him. The result is a crisp, clean, and exciting format that represents Darryl Sittler’s career achievements and connects him to site visitors in a highly engaging way.

Grant Fuhr

Check out what professional web development did for Grant Fuhr, another retired professional hockey player and Hockey Hall of Fame inductee. He started playing hockey with the Victoria Cougars at seventeen, and played for the Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Buffalo Sabers. In retirement, he served as hockey goaltending coach. He currently plays golf, participating in prestigious golf tournaments, as well as supporting charities and making public appearances. His Ad Army Group-designed website reflects his hockey career and current endeavors, links his to fans with social media, and makes him accessible with a booking element.

Vanessa Roman

Vanessa Roman is a licensed real estate agent and radio and TV host on HGTV Canada. She’s also a relocation consultant for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the military. She hosts TV show Reno vs Relate and real estate radio show Property Perspective and writes real estate column Property Perspectives. West Hill web development firm Ad Army Group developed her website with sections to promote her TV show, media, radio show, real estate practice, real estate column, and social media presence. It coordinates her public persona with all avenues in which she works and with her audience. Visitors can listen to her radio show, read her columns and other writings, catch up with her on Twitter and Facebook, watch video from her TV show, and browse her photo gallery, getting to know her through her media.

Soup it Up!

Ad Army Group produced the web development that created eye-popping, colorful graphics and appetite-stimulating colors at for the perfect vehicle to tell the story of founders and brothers Ian and Adam Nefsky. Their healthy lunch chain soup it Up, providing freshly made soups and salads, started with one location in Toronto and grew into an impressive chain that now includes a healthy breakfast menu for some stores and hospital locations. The website includes soup it Up’s menu, locations, newsletter, franchising information, and a careers page. Ad Army Group developed an engaging website that tells the company’s story against a compelling background of their main products, fresh fruits and vegetables, to attract customers and prospective employees.

SunnyView Dental website

SunnyView Dental’s website is an excellent example of the type of informational service website Ad Army Group creates for medical and dental practices. An excellent blend of attractive, crisp yet conservative color, photos, and graphics and informative text is an appealing web presence with room to grow. Web development can start simple and add photos and videos as your company grows. SunnyView Dental’s website also includes a careers page, a blog, and a testimonials page to capture client comments and experiences. It has plenty of room to grow as the practice grows and SunnyView’s principals learn more about their client’s needs from their online presence. Maybe they’ll want further web development to add an online appointment booking page, interactive video to demonstrate proper dental self-care, or a photo gallery of common dental problems and how SunnyView’s professionals corrected them.

Tax911Now web design

Toronto accounting firm Tax911Now operates with a team of tax experts and accounting professionals. Their Ad Army Group’s website provides an interactive site for their customers to get the information they need through a variety of content in text and video. Tax911Now’s site demonstrates Ad Army Group’s ability to create conservative yet engaging websites and online presences for the financial, banking, and accounting industries. This is what professional web development can do even for lower-profile businesses.

Jim Westenbrink

Jim Westenbrink is a director of photography and a veteran film industry expert working from Toronto and New York. He’s worked with Hollywood greats on movies and TV including The Incredible Hulk and Cougar Town. Ad Army Group developed his website into a world class marketing machine for the film industry, enabling Jim to expand his business and keep up with the unique demands of his clients and industry. Paul Cookson, Ad Army Group’s marketing expert and CEO, turned Westenbrink’s site into a business generator that showcases his biography, impressive photo gallery of Jim and the celebrities he’s worked with, and demos of his cinematography to present a total picture of his achievements and talents to anyone in the film industry worldwide.

Call the West Hill Web Development Co.

When you need help with marketing and web development for your business, large or small, your personal image, charity, or anything really, you need Paul Cookson and Ad Army Group Marketing Services. Cookson is the veteran creative genius behind countless wildly successful advertising campaigns for products, public personas, and business and industry. He’s worked with celebrities, supermodels, business owners, and major brands to bring their stories online and turn on the marketing machine. His knack for showing off the precise qualities, products, and services of his clients gets them the results they want, whether that’s more business, more recognition, or more connection with their own customers. If those are the kinds of results you want from your website too, see what real marketing expertise can do for you. Contact Ad Army Group Marketing Services today for a no obligation consultation by calling 416-271-7994 or emailing

Are you sick and tired of one website designer after another contacting you to pitch their skills and talents from Vancouver when your business is located in Ontario? Thought so. Chances are, your instinct tells you that sticking close to home when choosing a website designer makes more sense—particularly if you’re located in the Whitby areas and you want to be able to meet face-to-face with the website designer you entrust with the future of your online business.

Our Whitby-based website designer group offers convenience, professionalism and all the personal attention our clients deserve. We think of ourselves as neighbors who understand that distance can add stress to a business relationship and that the benefits of having a website designer comfortable with all facets of web marketing and web advertising are as numerous as Ontario’s scenic wonders.

We pride ourselves on being a small, community-minded creative resource with big ambitions on behalf of clients in need of a web designer team willing to work 24/7 to further a customer’s commercial, consumer and personal ambitions. Because we invest heavily in the business environments of our Whitby clients–as well as those in nearby towns–you can expect high-quality service and superior creative work with a regional flair. Why look outside Ontario for a skilled website designer when an outstanding resource is located this close to home?

Further, you can forget about big promises dished out by geographically diverse website designer firms looking to increase their bottom lines over yours! Our signature services are highly reflective of the community we call home: In Whitby, we avoid amassing more clients than we can comfortably handle, so getting lost in the shuffle isn’t possible.

Since our Whitby-based website designer crew adheres to a personal philosophy that encompasses all facets of client care, once you articulate your needs to a member of our website designer staff, we listen to every single one of your ideas (even the crazy ones!) and then show you how to save money while getting the results you seek.

As your partner, we strive to deliver exactly what you need and when you need it. Our goal–offering you a higher profile than you imagined without plundering the website designer, web marketing and web advertising line items in your budget—never waivers. We make it a point to prioritize frank discussions about our fees so you never suffer from sticker shock resulting from hidden costs or inflated charges.

There’s more. Whitby website designers are encouraged to think outside cyberspace, so your job receives all of the polish offered by pricey, high-profile, big-city website designer firms. We know the lay of the land–geographically and psychologically–because we’re not just graphics nerds. We’re also marketing experts. Our creatives possess a bounty of design and marketing credentials, so your finished site boasts everything from eye appeal to powerful messaging.

We go the extra mile to help you attract your neighbors and build your reputation. In sum, our website designer crew makes you a member of our Whitby family from the get-go. All this and a website that knocks the socks off people? Change your business future one hit at a time by calling us now to see what we can do for your reputation and your brand!

Speaking of Family Ties

If you believe in the old adage—that people are known by the company they keep—you’ll want to know about the close relationships that exist between our Whitby web designer company and folks at our Ad Army Group’s ( East Scarborough headquarters. Our original web development agency is home to superlative marketing and advertising campaigns, so you might say that at our Whitby facility, we like a little competition and strive to surpass the award-winning marketing campaigns undertaken by our main headquarters staff where website designer work is elevated to an art.

It’s easy to see why Ad Army Group decided to establish a Whitby website designer group: We took time to assess the area and realized that we needed to put our money where our philosophy is: businesses and individuals in the Whitby area need their own local crew of website designer professionals looking out for them. This outreach combines the best of the best: a local presence with a prestigious home office.

Braggadocio? Not when you crunch the numbers: Ad Army Group staffers bring to the table over 94 years of collective experience in a vast array of creative endeavors. Website designer? Of course. Marketing? Check. Advertising? You bet. Design, analytics, statistics, strategists—check, check, check and check. The East Scarborough gang (our affectionate nickname) serves as our highly-skilled backup, advisers and friends.

Here’s another reason is gaining a reputation throughout Ontario for professionalism and expertise when it comes to web designer expertise: The Ad Army Group is an equal opportunity firm, so even a small Whitby-based business start-up is going to get exactly the same amount of attention and creativity from a website designer as do’s heavy hitters, like Darryl Sittler (, Grant Fuhr (, Eric Lindros and other sports giants. Heck, check out the new Toronto Blue Ice Jets site we’ve just finished!

We’re just as excited about developing an online presence for Whitby-area doctors, dentists, realtors and tattoo shops as we were the day HGTV host Vanessa Romans turned to an Ad Army Group website designer to create her site. Don’t believe us? Check out all the endorsements running throughout our website and you’ll become a believer.

The Ad Army Group is a force of nature staffed by men and women who know how to wield advertising power, create unique campaigns that never leave clients on the battlefield of obscurity and we can attest to the fact that every web designer approaches each challenge with equal enthusiasm. There’s a good chance you’ll find that the process of working with a web designer is downright fun. That’s what happens when partnering with the right web development group!

Who’s in Charge?

Every army needs a general and one of the reasons Ad Army Group is so efficiently organized has to do with the guy running the show: Paul Cookson. They call him the quintessential website development guru, but to the troops at Ad Army Group, he’s simply the genius behind the brand. Cookson doesn’t know the meaning of losing market share wars and he’s brilliant at unearthing client needs. He’s the man who encourages clients to think global and act local.

Overachiever? The word doesn’t begin to describe the former high school student council vice president who successfully skirted mundane assignments by making himself indispensable to the school’s principal and school office staff. Not content to do nothing but major in advertising at university, Cookson worked for the Toronto Star Newspapers at the same time, climbing the corporate ladder from foot soldier to management. He might have owned the newspaper had he stuck around longer, but Cookson was also busy running a tour bus company.

These days, when he sits down (rarely) with his web designer staff, Paul Cookson uses his formidable intuition, journalism, marketing and advertising skills to jump from success to success on behalf of his growing list of clients. Because he broke into the burgeoning web designer industry before everyone else got on the bandwagon, he’s no neophyte when it comes to driving business on the web, so if you’re seeking innovation, inspiration and a unique knack for meshing traditional marketing and advertising strategies with contemporary innovation, your search ends with Paul Cookson and his band of website designer geniuses.

We’d Love to Meet You in whitby or at our office

Whether you have a website in need of triage or you’ve yet to dip your foot into cyberspace, turn to Paul Cookson and his Whitby or East Scarborough website designer army with confidence. He’s the man with the unbeatable advertising, marketing, promotional and website development record, after all.

Not convinced? Check out the Ad Army Group family of clients and you will be by clicking here. It’s almost impossible to leave this colorful menu of individually-designed websites without being mightily impressed by the work of each creative on our web designer staff. Besides, if you haven’t been pitched by Paul Cookson, you could miss out on the opportunity to experience one of Canada’s most creative minds in action.

You already know that trends come and go, but location reigns supreme. Put your business on the wrong street corner and kiss your investment goodbye. Place your faith in an inexperienced or new web developer or web designer and you may as well head for the CN Tower and throw your bucks out. Avoid all this drama with the right web design firm.

At Ad Army Group, we’re approachable and conveniently located at 116 Island Road, Scarborough, Ontario, M1C 2P8—just a quick 20-minute drive from Ajax on the 401 West to the Port Union Road exit. Do yourself a favor: Ask Paul what Ad Army Group can bring to your party in the way of marketing, advertising and website promotion. He doesn’t charge for initial consultations, so you can leave your checkbook behind when you meet up after booking an appointment at the agency: 416-271-7994.

You Risk Nothing

Dare we repeat that it won’t cost you a cent to meet with the boss or a website designer to discuss your needs, wants and ambitions? Whether you require web development, advertising help, marketing expertise or a consultation covering long-range online planning, we’re all about dreams that result in a dynamic presence on the Internet.

Still skeptical? Take another look at the array of clients we support and see if you don’t find a niche just right for your business: click here. Once you finish browsing, call 416-271-7994 or send us an e-mail if you already spend too much time on the phone:

Don’t you deserve a website designer Army on your side? Victory is sweet. We guarantee it.

Every business is different and a marketing campaign is a unique strategy for each company. Your target audience will be looking for certain products or services. Marketing ideas are important to gather in order to plan the best methods of reaching your ready to buy customers. A web designer can help to bring in the ready patrons and active buyers. Web design strategies can be integrated into your successful online business.

Pickering Web Designer Strategies for Your Online Business

Pickering web designer strategies include several web development and web design characteristics that are a part of a successful Internet web design. An advertising agency like Pickering web designer Ad Army Group can include the basic features of any successful website. Ad Army Group Pickering is a web designer and marketing expert with a number of years of successful experience as a marketing professional. Ad Army Group Pickering has an experienced CEO and marketing expert Paul Cookson who has worked as a marketing consultant for several successful athletes, television hosts and modern business owners.

Our Work Websites and Pickering Web Designer Projects

We have several work websites that have been successful for athletes, television hosts and numerous business owners. The following are our website samples:

  • We developed a successful website for NHL hockey hall of fame inductee Darryl Sittler. We included his many accomplishments while in the National Hockey League and provide the general public with contact information for his motivational speaking engagements.
  • A second website for a Hockey Hall of Fame inductee was created for five time Stanley Cup winner Grant Fuhr. His website includes contact information for his appearance bookings.
  • A professional website was developed for Vanessa Roman. Her website includes contact information and relocation services that she offers. Her business website includes housing market trends for the Halifax area.

Each of these projects started with a free and no obligation consultation with Ad Army Group Marketing Services and include many of the standard and strategic features that a professional web designer includes on a successful website. A professional Pickering web designer like Ad Army Group is a local company and within a short distance from Pickering. We are a local company who knows the exact market for your business. Business prospects can visit your website and your local store to purchase what they are looking for. A local web designer knows what a local market is buying and selling as well. Ad Army Group is a local web designer who has created successful web designer projects for the local community. A local web designer can understand the styles and promotional projects that can make a local phone ring with new business customers.

Web Designer Pickering and Your Local Market

Web designer Pickering strategies can provide a local business with ready to buy customers who call immediately after reading a dynamic website promotional. A dynamic web designer will understand what type of business promotional information will create immediate responses from a local buying audience. The following are several critical features that are included with a website designed by a professional web designer:

  • A Pickering web designer creates a locally attractive and Internet web presence for your business.
  • A successful website for your Pickering business will need to have a successful number of website visitors interested in your product or service.
  • Bringing traffic to your online website business will need to be sizable enough.
  • Your local demographics will need to be successfully targeted.
  • A large website that no one knows about can not be successful. Driving traffic to your local business and to your online advertising campaign is critical for success.

Ad Army Group and Pickering Web Designs

We specialize in creating dynamic websites and we bring in the traffic to your website as well. Dynamic web designs include your local business information and how you will follow up with any business services needed, for example. Your website will need additional and professional features that a web designer offers and these additional features include the following:

  • A professional website needs to have certain on page qualities.
  • A successful web page needs to be readable by a search engine robot system.
  • A good on page feature will directly complete a consumer search and provide the correct information to a consumer.
  • Each new website page is read by a search engine robot system that will rank each position on a page as being good or readable.
  • A website page that is readable will be linked to a search engine and put in a higher rank for an online shopper.
  • Your website with our web designer will be ranked high on a list of search engine results.
  • Our web pages are constructed in order to satisfy any web crawler and ranking system.

Web Designer Pages and High Search Engine Rankings

Our web designer pages are constructed in order to rank high on any Internet search engine system. This can mean that your Internet business is ranking high or on the first page of a search engine list. We construct our websites to fit the most advanced search engine optimization requirements. Our Internet businesses have additional factors that help a ready to buy audience find your particular niche product. The following factors are included in your local Pickering and Internet website marketing plan:

  • A buying audience needs to find your website online and keywords are critical for any website designer to focus on.
  • We make sure that the keywords that are bringing in the most business for your niche market are included on your web pages.
  • Your URL and your title information are strategically chosen as well.
  • Certain title information will bring in a ready to buy market to your website and may direct traffic to your brick and mortar business.
  • Title information is carefully chosen and placed with your website information.
  • Your URL or website location is strategically selected for you.

Your Pickering Web Designer Internet Business

We will design a website for your business and ensure that it is search engine friendly. There are many aspects to building and modifying pages to prepare your pages for search engines’ visitors. The following are several additional aspects that can be added to your Internet business:

  • A web page can have index capable content.
  • The most significant content should be created as HTML, for example.
  • Images and other content need to be picked up by search engine crawlers and this can be accomplished by placing your information as textual content on a page.
  • Information display can be picked up faster by search engine spiders.
  • Images and photos can be tagged with alt attributes within your HTML.
  • This HTML tag provides search engines with a written description of your image. This is a type of transcript inclusion.
  • Search boxes in addition to menu navigation and with crawl capable links as well.
  • Crawl capable links are critical and these structures allow search engines to reach all pages in a website.
  • A search engine can see all links and can direct crawl capable links that point to certain pages.

Pickering Web Designer Features for Your Web Pages

Web pages that are designed by Ad Army Group Marketing Services will have certain off page successful features as well. Off page advertising includes those strategies that are outside the normal control of a website. Off page factors can help to promote a web page by directing inbound links to the site from other websites, for example. This style of off page marketing includes guest blogs that are posted with links to your web pages. Guest blogs are similar to popularity contests in that search engine factors will notate how many other websites have visited your site.

Avoiding Certain Negative Off Page Factors

There are certain negative off page factors to avoid. Links need to be verified and spamming is not allowed on the Internet. Excessive cross linking of your own websites usually does not bring in any additional traffic or ready to buy visitors.

Basic Marketing Ideas for Your Successful Business Online

Your business online can be developed by using certain tried and true marketing ideas. These marketing plans often include a branding of your product or service. Your business name is frequently your brand or branding can be created with a company image. Branding is important because this marketing technique allows a buyer to return to you each time a certain product or service is needed. Branding creates a standard return on investment and differentiates your online business from any other similar company. A competitor analysis is frequently used as an important first step for any new company. Certain businesses may have been in a local area for some time. Modern trends can break through a long time pattern of buying, however. A good product strategy will need to be developed by a professional marketing expert for your Pickering area. A professional online website presence can provide any niche buyers with an alternative choice, for example.


Contact Ad Army Group Marketing Services for a no obligation consultation about your Internet website development. We are located near Pickering at 116 Island Road, Scarborough, Ontario M1C 2P8. Call or stop by to begin your successful Internet advertising campaign with a website created by a professional web designer.

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