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Though the Internet is changing the marketing profession on almost a daily basis, one thing remains true whether the medium is print, electronic, or mobile: Business owners that don’t strongly represent their own business will let someone else do the talking for them, and that talking might not be the kind of conversation they want to have.

Increasingly, the Internet is populated with Yelp reviews and Google+ posts, and search engine results guide Internet users toward relevant local companies that can serve their needs. Restaurant owners who don’t have an engaging website and a strong online presence will soon find that the competition has drowned them out, and that their restaurant is missing out on a key opportunity to market, advertise, and draw in a new generation of diners.

That’s where Ad Army Group Marketing Services comes in, we work with restaurant owners to help them create an engaging restaurant web design for their brick-and-mortar location. Thanks to our work, more restaurant owners than ever have a strong online presence, a top-ranked Google search result, and an engaging restaurant web design. Our services provide an entirely new way to communicate with local customers who might be more willing to give the restaurant’s food a try if they could just learn about online before they schedule a reservation. For those who might still be on the fence about the merits of taking a traditional restaurant online for the first time, or those who are simply looking to redesign their existing online presence, consider a few of the key benefits of great restaurant web design.

  1. Restaurant Web Design Communicates a Mission and MessageEvery restaurant has a unique identity, and that identity usually comes out in the establishment’s service, food, decor, and operating hours. In the 21st century, however, restaurant web design is another key way for the restaurant to show the public what it’s all about. Innovative restaurant web design techniques can turn the restaurant’s decor into engaging graphical elements, creating an online “kitsch” approach that really resonates with both existing customers and those who might be considering trying the restaurant for the first time. With smart designers at the help, business owners can commission a restaurant web design that not only speaks about their mission, but also shows it in every element of the user experience.
  2. Online Menus in Restaurant Web Design Make Things Easier for CustomersRestaurant web design isn’t all about turning a restaurant’s physical location into a universal online experience. While that’s certainly part of the process, restaurant web design is also concerned chiefly with bringing the restaurant’s menu and specials to the world of electronic communication. That’s why we feel that a great restaurant web design features the establishment’s menu, a list of daily specials, and a list of all available prices. This gives potential diners a great way to research whether they enjoy the cuisine, can find something that appeals to their own tastes, and can afford what the restaurant has to offer. In effect, the online availability of menus through a great restaurant web design ensures a higher standard and level of customer service after launch.
  3. Restaurant Web Design Allows Control of the MessageIf restaurant owners don’t speak up on the Internet, someone else will do it for them. That’s typically not a good scenario: Without a great restaurant web design and an informative website, the competition will find it far easier to win over local customers and steal business from their Internet-disconnected rivals. In an economy where businesses fight for every last dollar and every last opportunity to turn a healthy profit, taking things online and marketing consistently to local customers is no longer an option. A good restaurant web design allows the restaurant to speak out about its merits, answering the competition’s claims and giving customers more reason to stop by for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks.
  4. Search Engine Relevance Can Drive Up Foot TrafficIn an earlier era, it was possible to win over new customers simply by word of mouth. Satisfied patrons talked to their friends about how much they enjoyed their meal, how friendly the service was, and that they were excited to go back to a new restaurant that they recent tried for the first time. Today, those types of referrals are less likely. In their place, the Internet has become perhaps the chief way that people learn more about both new and established local businesses. When a company’s website places at or near the top of Google’s search results, driven by a great restaurant web design that leverages the best practices in online marketing, customers take it as a sign of the restaurant’s overall reputation and quality. They’re simply more likely to check out a restaurant that ranks highly on Google, with a great restaurant web design, than they are to take a chance on a local restaurant with virtually no online presence.
  5. Websites Are Central to a Modern Marketing PlanIn an era of instantly available information, websites are considered the centerpiece of modern marketing and customer outreach. A great restaurant web design serves as a launching pad, guiding customers not only toward menus but to the company’s social media presence on Twitter and Facebook, its review entry on Yelp or Google+, and its reservation portal at Open Table. This nerve center of restaurant marketing operations brings everything together, and it makes sure that customers keep coming back. Furthermore, it ensures that customers have a one-click way to post a glowing Yelp review, substituting for word-of-mouth recommendations and driving more of the Internet’s daily users toward a restaurant’s specials and traditional menu choices.

Ad Army Group’s Restaurant Web Design Experience is Second to None

Restaurant owners in the market for an engaging new restaurant web design have perhaps no better choice than AdArmyGroup. For years, we’ve been helping restaurant owners throughout Canada create excellent online portals for new and existing customers. Much of our work has resulted in better marketing, and higher levels of overall customer traffic, than restaurants were receiving before we either overhauled their website or put one online for the first time. Consider some of our most recent successes in this area:

Harper’s Landing Bar and Grill

Harper’s Landing needed a website that would communicate not only its menu, but also its philosophy in the industry and its reason for standing out among the crowd. This was a challenge that we were excited to take on, and the result was dramatic for the restaurant. The website now showcases photos of people enjoying their time at the restaurant, alongside pictures of popular dishes and weekly specials. Harper’s Landing Bar and Grill now shows its menu online, making it easier for customers to learn about the cuisine and how each dish is prepared.

IN addition to key information about the restaurant, we were sure to include prominent links to Harper’s Landing’s Facebook and Twitter profiles. This allows customers to be more engaged, and it makes the company even more strongly positioned in Google’s search results for targeted keywords.

2 Cats Restaurant

We went beyond merely offering an exciting new web design in our work for 2Cats Restaurant. In addition to an exiting new online presence, 2Cats Restaurant worked with us as we developed an entirely new brand reputation and image. We even worked on video production to help the restaurant sell itself as the best local option for customers in the area. As with Harper’s Landing, this effort radically transformed the restaurant’s foot traffic and overall reach. With a stronger restaurant web design, a larger online reach, and offline tools for continued success, 2Cats now enjoys an entirely new brand, reputation, and approach to the restaurant industry as a whole.

Soup it Up Restaurant Chain

Our goal with Soup it Up was to create a mouth-watering restaurant web design for the ages. The result is a website with large visuals that really showcase the food, paired with engaging and offbeat text that adds intrigue to the website. Customers are guided toward three key opportunities: A store locator, a page about the restaurant’s history, and a page dedicated to the freshness of all ingredients. A link to the menu is also placed prominently. With a bolder and more innovative method of online outreach, things are looking good for Soup it Up.

Driven By Years of High-Level Marketing Success

Behind every overhauled restaurant web design, and every new online presence, is AdArmyGroup’s exceeding amount of experience in the marketing profession. Led by CEO Paul Cookson, our company has worked with some of the largest brands in Canada and some of the biggest companies in Toronto. Our work has extended to professional athletes and charitable organizations as well, with a uniform commitment to real marketing prowess and an incomparable online experience.

Restaurant owners in search of a better restaurant web design, and a more significant online presence, should consider our services for all of their needs. With extensive experience in Toronto-based marketing, design, video production and more, we can add real value and staying power to any online or offline presence.

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