Proper Ad Writing is Important: Hire a Toronto Marketing Consultant

Everyone thinks that they can write effective and engaging advertising copy. This is why small businesses across Canada continue to write and publish marketing copy on a daily basis. While some do have the skill to write effective ads, the truth is that most companies a writing poor ad copy and this is one of the major reasons that they are not seeing the results they anticipated.

The way you write and the content you include in your ads is what will make or break its success. Therefore, it is best to invest in a professional Toronto marketing consultant to ensure your ad copy is written correctly and include the right message for the right target customers. One of the most common assumptions made by business owners is that all ads are the same. However, how a Toronto marketing consultant writes an ad will differ depending on the medium they are using to distribute the message. There are many different types of ads that Toronto marketing consultants can write. They include:

  • Radio ads
  • Newspaper/magazine ads
  • Television ads
  • Classified ads
  • Flyer and brochure advertisements
  • Internet ads
  • SEO and PPC ads such as Google Adwords

Each one of these ad types varies. Toronto marketing consultants have to consider:

  • Who the ad is intended for
  • The size of the ad
  • Where the ad will appear
  • The message they want to communicate
  • How to factor in a call to action
  • How the medium will impact the message of the ad

Writing ads is not the same as writing other content. It takes a certain creative skill and ability that only Toronto marketing consultants have. Ads must be eye catching, immediately get a reader’s attention, and keep them engaged enough to consider acting on the ad. Here are some tips that are recommended by Toronto marketing consultants for ad writing:

  • Always have an engaging headline. Your headline must make readers want to stop what they are doing and read further.
  • Include testimonials in your ads. They are a great way to engage and reassure people of the quality of your products and services.
  • All Toronto marketing consultants will tell you that you have to track your ads. If they are not successful then they need to be changed.
  • Always include credible benefits within the text of your ad.
  • Write in a way that talks to your audience and strikes an emotional cord. Talking at them and telling them what they need to do will not work as effectively.
  • Avoid using clichés in your writing. They are overused and do not engage readers.
  • Add a teaser as part of the content. You want to leave readers wanting to know more about your company.
  • Toronto marketing consultants recommend that you write multiple versions of your ad.
  • Have an upbeat and exciting tone.
  • Always proofread your ad. No one wants embarrassing typos.
  • Always end your ad with a call to action. It can be as simple as “buy now” or “click here” or can be more complex.

Overall, a Toronto marketing consultant is your best option for writing effective ads that will engage your customers and help to grow your business. Call 416-286-2860 to discuss your business situation.

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